Candy Crush Saga Level 265

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Nicole: His level had no bombs,but he had more different candies and so it's difficult to create special candies ;-)

B B: so difficult level I beat this level in my first try
because I have so many bombs luck I guess ;)

Nancy Reese: Well this isnt like the level I played it starts off without candies in jellies and bombs go off in less than few seconds not long like the above ty.

Nageen Nanji: I agree fully with Mate Istvan......where are your bombs in this level ???

Mate Istvan: My level 265 is also different perhaps they made an update....with bombs is more difficult, what you have here is damn simple

Maricel A: my level 265 has bombs

Craveiro66: My level 265 is diferent.

alebrownfield2: my 265 level is different from this!!

Roberto Salvatierra: que nivel hijo de mil puta,no lo puedo pasar!!!!!!!

Pam Stewart: For me, the trick to this level was making as many striped and "bubble" combinations in the middle section without activating any bombs. Then try to get a 5 colour combination to release with a striped candy. You don't have to focus on the bombs as much after that, just destroy the remaining jellies. Did it in under 20 moves :)


Pj Heckman: yeah, bombs!

Justicefor Damian: Mine has BOMBS under the gumball machines.....WTF???

roooose16: You are so lucky! This level is the devil.

marcnut1996: they have apparently changed the level by adding meringues over the jelly. somehow i passed the new version with 1 try and 3 stars. I used to lose lives trying to pass the level in the old version

NellyAndy70: Spent days on this level! Watched this video, played it once, and passed!

bananpeng: im stuck here

David GL: And here, in this level, is when I say: game over!!! I'm sick of waiting always for luck!!

Gastón Calfinier: Esta muy complicado este nivel!

Amanda Colen: imposible level ! help me

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Candy Crush Saga Level 265 5 out of 5

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Candy Crush Saga Level 265 NEW
Candy Crush Saga Level 265 NEW
Candy crush saga level 265
Candy crush saga level 265
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Candy Crush Saga 265 266
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Pet Rescue Saga Level 265
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Homescapes level 265

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