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VDM: link are deleted

gvegito0: Very Nice Found Ristar Thnx For Uploading ! Love ya!

rubenator85: This game would be perfect for xbox live arcade

1998dragonball: Recorder ????

PinkzHearts: @DavidOAnal No, but the one thats going to come out soon has online

brian v.z zaragoza: eres el mejor

Johnty Simon: song?

Giovanni123456789101: Amazing man!^^ Another great mugen man!^^ I love this goku his really aweosme!^^

Diego Darius: awesome

DaniBlueFox: ...Gotrunk ? Sprites are awesome anyway, but I'm bored of all these Mugen games !

ristarex87: @UltimateGoten5 OF COURSE IT IS! Search for SLOW DOWNLOAD in order to download it for free

ThatCrazyMonkey: @K66famous I, sadly have to agree with you. It's only sad because I'm a die-hard DBZ fan, but some of the DBZ games are a MAJOR embarrassment to the series. If they made a DBZ game like MUGEN, or at least like "Earth Special Forces" on a console with better graphics, then people would actually like DBZ games more.

Om3gaGoku: Haha did anyone see krillin doing the woo-tang in the background of the fight?

andre batista: @ristarex87 i see i file called patch that contains a new char what is buu but i can´t add him cAN YOU HELP ME?

Lance Endaya: can you tell what are the controls?

awesome24712: Never liked Dragon Ball Z either. Guess I never watched much f any it though, so I don't really know why. (Not an anime person)

torresluisalt: dragon foi mal

ReatedJesus: No sirvern los links no abren la descarga!!!...

AgeOfPwn: this is completely unrealistic...Goku didn't use kamehameha... but its good, cuz people were getting sick of that

Dj Wolf: where is the link ?

dan jake: it says 'This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed due to infringement of copyright'

Angelos Procopos: If I fusion into Super saiyan 4 Gogeta.

Dominique Lyner: nice game

DavidOAnal: Does this go online?

ristarex87: @Nassif9000 Yea, I also saw it a long time ago. To bad he's not finished xD

Tio Uchiha: maluco vc faz uma sequencia muito loca

ristarex87: @definitelyji they work. please try again

I3urnzrange: is there SSJ4? and 3?

ristar87: @kent0149 Not all of them... but they are all converted from low-res to hi-res

afrikque3: I cant use either can u tell me how to extract?

Lance Endaya: ok cause mine is not functioning well

de12331: u guys are assholes! one of your ads have a fbi virus! screw u!

Jake Tadifa: where is it?

kent0149: are those all choujin characters?

THEJamgun: Meh, i suggest getting a new upload/download software. :/

torresluisalt: não prefiro dragões ball tenkaichi 1 para xBox 360

sipotful: thnx u!!!You really helped

ristarex87: @cva1234567890 I don't know what's the problem... Please try again

dan jake: its not there dude

ristarex87: @1998dragonball I used Camtasia Studio 6

ristarex87: @holyshiet787 New HipFile download link is added !!!

cristian salas: wow

Nassif9000: mugengenerations (dot) foroactivo (Dot) info (slash) t1999-goku-armor-ssj a cool goku wit armour, dunno if theres a down link now cuz i saved it a long time ago and didnt check it out

ristarex87: @llXxXHalofreakXxXll Try re-downloading both parts and then use WinRar to extract the part 1 and you will get the whole game (part 2 will extract automatically). I'm sure it will work

ristarex87: Try arrow keys and A,S,D,Q,W,E buttons

edson estrada: can yo tell me how to be supersaiyans 4

GeminiCloud: Wow Donwloads 5 Hours No Way I'm Waiting that...

ristarex87: @ckwong95 Yes and Yes. Download both files (click SLOW for free) and then use WinRar to extract the part 1 and you will get the whole game (part 2 will extract automatically)

Inezinho Sacramento: word of warning though un amigo un when you put download link on google or youtube its siti check the link fonciona

TheZypherous: Hello one question is all the characters same like picolo and goku? i mean those 2 characters look good is the others the same

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Dragon Ball Z Budokai HR (pc game)
Dragon Ball Z Budokai HR (pc game)

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