Building The RV

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geno mccgeno: Beautiful

Dexter Madingledorf: This is the greatest Super C ever !!....Could you build me a smaller one on a Freightliner M2-106 chassis ?

kevin voss: why make the loft above the cab so pointy and small? and why have a truck soo big thats probably capable of 20000 pounds or more...when the camper probably weighs around five or six thousand pounds?

Timur Bayram: hi! what is its weight?

nozmoking1: Good looking build - but it looks like it weighs 50 tons with the fiberglass over plywood construction, Definitely weather tight and comfortable though.

The Deprey's: i will take one lol

Wicked Techkid: The state of Maine would be a good place for you to start a boatbuilding/RV business.
RV manufacture is a natural outgrowth of boatbuilding because recreational vehicles have a lot in common with boats. Besides the use of similar materials, the need to minimize weight, optimize space, and conserve energy means that many products made for boats are also desirable for campers. Also, Maine's maritime industries workers enjoy a worldwide reputation for excellence in quality and craftsmanship.
For many RV owners, an RV is a substitute for, and/or a stepping stone to, a yacht. Since you have already applied your naval architecture education to the design and construction of your custom RV, why not build on that experience and make it your new career making yachts that travel on land? A boatbuilder in Virginia has already expanded into RV conversion.
Also, an RV industry would be a much needed boon to both coastal and interior residents of a state that has habitually 'missed the boat' (pun intended) on prosperity. Building on Maine's maritime heritage to make a product with wide appeal would benefit a wide array of people, both in Maine and elsewhere.

Morgan Burki: Amazing...

Vitaliy Chumak: Could you please make a detailed video of your awesome RV. I am very interested in how all the rooms look like on the inside. I find this build truly amazing.

andrew hoffman: You folks are doing life right, and as hard as humanly possible. Thanks for setting a bar.

Vivian Dantche: awesome...

Peter Sab: If I send you my email details, could you supply me with instruction details as to the wood/epoxy build? Thanks

Mads Sørensen: @shachagra is it expensive to ship it from US to Europe? I have been wondering about this for some time as I live in europe and could maybe do it the other way around.

VK7001.P: i love it this is what i did with my M35a2 but its full time 6x6 and will do 70 mph flat out but 55 nicely and will run on almost anything you put in the tank as long as it burns i hope to see more of this

mrjcdc241: WARNING TO THOSE WEARING HEADPHONES!!!  The intro will scare you TO DEATH!!!!

Girom Christian Calica: I now know why they're kinda expensive.

shachagra: Yes it is. We saved many years for her. It was scary actually spending the money we had saved on something that might have been a complete flop.

shachagra: No we will keep her. Right now she is our house on some property we are clearing and developing into (hopefully) a riverfront boat building workshop. I spend a night a week in her and we live in her all summer traveling the States.

waldfrauke: where ist your wonderful truck now? did you sell it?

john wayne: Bloody brilliant.

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Building the RV 5 out of 5

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