Building The RV

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mrjcdc241: WARNING TO THOSE WEARING HEADPHONES!!! The intro will scare you TO DEATH!!!!

Girom Christian Calica: I now know why they're kinda expensive.

Miguel Barriga: What do you guys work in? 

Chris Abraham: How awesome is this? What a family! They built it all together. It takes an extended family to build a super-RV. And then they traveled Europe for a year and home-schooled. Living the dream!

Jon Slagill: This thing will last forever plus you spent lots of TIME with your kids. Good dad you r.

shachagra: @RushToFall I think that worked- all goes well, on the southern coast of Turkey after 6 months of travel. The truck has become home and the only reason we don't keep going is I'm ready to get on with the next project.

shachagra: Wood/Epoxy with fiberglass (or carbon fiber) is significantly stronger than tubular aluminum which has a skeleton, and then a separate skin. This truck is built like a multi-hull sailboat, structure and skin are one, making it very strong. I've been in a Gale sailing a 44 foot sailboats built like Shachagra and it took a pounding that no truck is ever going to give it, made me very confident in that method of construction.

shachagra: @crackin2000 Thanks

MrRoberoni117: Reminds me of the RV from 'Stripes.'

oregonmeds: Who are you to judge me for judging him? How many africans died because he didn't send just 50 cents a day each to keep them alive all this time? How many people has he killed? Yet you judge me?

Jonny Killick: Nice pic of mont saint michel at the end, one of my favourite places!Fantastic job on the RV.

shachagra: Yes it is. We saved many years for her. It was scary actually spending the money we had saved on something that might have been a complete flop.

oregonmeds: I do wish I had the kind of finances to just jump in and do whatever I want regardless of cost or possible loss though to be honest, and wish I could be on my project already rather than just stuck researching and planning but can't, so there's the frustration. Sorry that's all you got from me was frustration and jealousy leaking through, I need to work on that. In the meantime I live vicariously through those of you who can do what I wish I could, then mock them.

shachagra: Thanks- it was great seeing the operation of the ship, almost like being back onboard a carrier again. Thanks for your service- and for the chat, its always nice to talk with someone who understands the service.

Joey Tee: Very nice job on the RV and the video too! Looks like the whole family got into it. I could talk your ear off with questions (I've always wanted to do something like this), but I'll settle for one- do you have to have a special license to drive it? A CDL or something? Again- wonderful job- you should be proud!

duh33311: lol i know the song but it had words in it and it mentioned beer alot

oregonmeds: Yes obviously it wasn't an investment, I had already figured that out on my own too thanks. Ok, hey it was your choice, you enjoyed it good for you. I am one of those folks who's gone cheap in his old age due to being tired of working so hard and not having the best health for it either but I sure wish someone had kicked some sense into me about being smarter with my money while I was earning a lot of it. Lets hope you never see a drastic decline in your wealth and look back with regret of waste

wadetingley: Go to YouTube and do a search for "e8fT2LJeJjk". :)

oregonmeds: I started my comment with the words "That's awesome". You earn enough to be smart enough to understand that's a compliment right? Your work and skill etc was what I referred to there, and the only negative thing I spoke of was the insanity involved in sinking that kind of money into a rig like that. How is that even possible, 171k really? REALLY? Dollars not pesos? I watch all these video's BEFORE taking on my project for a reason, to get ideas and to learn what to expect and what not to do also

DIY Slave: 1/2:Shachagra, do not let his sarcastic, self pity attitude stop you and your family from enjoying what you have created, and what you do with it. On the subject of "dying Africans".. If you teach a man to fish, and think for himself, you have done great. If you give him a fish, you make a lazy, worthless, not thinking air parasite.. Is it not funny, how people continue to "give" to Africa, and what have you seen for all that GIVING over the years?

crackin2000: just saw you on the travel channel great stuff man

bigbosssario: That is great- You built it like a boat. Awsome technique.

DIY Slave: 2/3: More corruption, famine, murder, and unwillingness to care for themselves, plan for the future, and taking ownership for the future. It is NOT your responsibility to care for Africa, and its' pathetic attitude towards its' own future. If you are too stupid to do that, die. (and so by the way, I was born here, and live here. There is thousands of us who wish the world will open its' eyes, and see how "wasted" it is / was after all this years...

duh33311: just look up beer song

shachagra: @mramadabla Yes- 10 Oz glass over marine grade plywood. The bottom 4 feet (the part we turned over) is 3/4 inch and the upper part is 1/4' plywood- 2' insulation panel- 1/4" plywood. Thanks for the comment.

shachagra: It wasn't an investment, if I wanted an investment I would have bought gold. We didn't want to stay at the best hotels in Europe, we wanted to stay in villages and on the beach in Turkey and Bulgaria. The hotels would have cost more than the truck, with nothing to show for it in the end.

oregonmeds: Anyway sorry about the attitude, you get where I'm coming from, it's my own issues... Oh if I only had a portion of money I'd wasted in the past... oh well. I get the value in what you did beyond money, just understand that is life changing amounts of money for some people and they will look and that and think that could buy a lot more than what you ended up with. I could retire on that the way I live now and have no worries ever again but instead... Well, life's a bitch sometimes.

Traveling On The Outskirts: @shachagra Are you in the Jax area now? Whenever we're passing through we'd love to stop by and have a look at this rig in person! So freakin' cool!

ZaphodsPlanet: Cool project. But I'd be nervous about building something like that with wood. I'd fear structural issues and fire hazard in the case of an accident. Did you ever investigate building it with aluminum? Slick work you all did there though.

shachagra: @vennibergs Thanks, Maybe we'll explore Iceland on the next overseas adventure, I hear Reykjavik is a blast. I am planning to make a wrap-up video of the trip and will post some stuff on expedition portal over the next few weeks. Next project is a live aboard riverboat, in a year or so!

StavEllis: Hi man, I met you yesterday on the integrity as you were storing the RV the ex forces lad, you told me to take a look at the videos so here I am. Absolutely amazing mate, showed people here and theyre all a bit jealous haha lovely to meet you, hope you and the family had a great time in europe. Take care from one ex forces guy to another

tritty84: Nice, would have looked better on a kenworth

Coolride17: Great Job ! People though my wife and I were crazy building our own house . We did it working threw the night with lights, and a generator. I camp also , and pull a 5th wheel with a diesel truck. That's one heavy duty chassis, it'll last forever, great choice for your build. Good luck to you, and enjoy life, that's what it's all about!

Joel May: So awesome and inspiring. Is the smooth exterior a fiberglass over wood? Thanks for sharing the vid.

Ford's RV Training & Service: Very nice!!

shachagra: @RushToFall I've tried responding before, maybe this will work. You don't need a CDL if it is registered as a Motorhome. The chassis came registered as a truck so I couldn't drive it until retitled.

shachagra: @msredneck001 Sure I sell plans, one Bud next time you are in the Jacksonville Fl area. I can send you what I have but most of the details are scribbled in two notebooks and look like Chinese even to me now. Send me your E-mail and I'll send you some excel files that have most of my stuff.

Mackey McLelland: I would love to know more about the design phase. For instance how long did this take you from start to finish? Also floorplans, diagrams etc?

RdRash22: Love it! Its bigger than some European countries :p

waldfrauke: where ist your wonderful truck now? did you sell it?

Brothersjo: What was the cost of the the build. Truck and rest seperate. Beautiful. I LOVE how the kids bedrooms are Under the whole think. Brilliant idea!

john wayne: Bloody brilliant.

shachagra: Awesome-(I made it so am a bit Biased)

DIY Slave: 3/3:Enjoy your deserved trip. You worked for it. (If the sarcastic commentator wants to save Africa, then let him do it. You show me just ONE successful "EUROPIAN"-standards African country, with all its' richness. Idiot.)

shachagra: I put a link in the description, to a forum where I discuss the design and build. I am writing a book, but have found that to be harder than building the RV. We built her road worthy in 4 months, and then had some jobs to complete on the road.

peter clark: Hotels have bed bugs,colds and you lose stuff a self contained motorhome is the best.Youve only got yourself to blame and can still stay in a hotel if you like its pool.

shachagra: @CampColombo Thanks- The arches were an easy way to add amazing structure to the roof and some storage space as well. We have lived in her for 16 months now and will move back into our house next month. I'd prefer to stay in the RV!


venni bergs: I am speechless, your RV is awesome. Looking at your videos makes me wanna think big ;o) I have had that dream to build an RV and your truck gives me allot of ideas, I really like how you solved your kids room's. hopefully we will see more of your truck. I cant help to wonder what your next project is ;o) take care you all. regards from Iceland, Venni.

Григорий Курманов: молодцы! красиво!

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Building the RV 4.9 out of 5

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