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ramdasi19771: outstading melody song & video too

vaibhavk212: nice one

Daljit sethi: nice

Daljit sethi: good work

ramdasi19771: the most melodius song i have seen

choudharyaloke: Just as Ganga Maiya is immortal , the beauty of this song will never die. This song will be forever touching our hearts and quenching our thirst.

ruchi20010: too good

riteshkadam1: outstanding music, keep it up

acpl55: what a nice video song

priyanka17121996: melodious song thanks for sharng

ruchi20010: awesome song

Jitendra Attra: too dam good man

amrit pal Singh: nice!

anilp293: ss

vaibhavk212: like it

vaibhavk212: Beautiful

choudharyaloke: one of my favourite song

acpl55: the song mostly i like to watch

originalmelodymusic: Thanks

priyanka17121996: its one of my favourate song

ruchi20010: love the song

Mahmoud Medhat: freak this video no go but allah

choudharyaloke: Jai Ganga Maiya

amusicianschoice: outstanding

ramdasi19771: outstanding music

amusicianschoice: awesome

ramdasi19771: beautiful

deepalisingh55: jai jai shiv shankar

FangzLette114: this is amazing. Not even gonna lie. I love it.

tikinja sobrino: the most unlucky men are whom they will die ignorant and be burnt their bodies who will never bow their head in front of their real God Allah how they will avoid hell

ramdasi19771: the entire story is very good the concept is also nice

acpl55: brilliant piece of music

originalmelodymusic: @aartisingh1 thanks

ramdasi19771: nice video & music too

vaibhavk212: melodious

vaibhavk212: superb

originalmelodymusic: Thank You! Like our Facebook page

amusicianschoice: interesting

ramdasi19771: very nice video

ruchi20010: its really nice to watch i couldn't forget it

acpl55: outstanding music

originalmelodymusic: @FangzLette114 thanks plz check my other songs and provide your feedback

acpl55: mindblowing music

ramdasi19771: outstanding video

originalmelodymusic: Thanks

ramdasi19771: coool

Jitendra Attra: awesome i like it very much

deepalisingh55: very very good

Daljit sethi: nice song & video too

bollywood songs 2014 hindi hd full hits top 10 latest music best youtube new playlists indian 3.1 out of 5

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