How To Uninstall TuneUp Utilities 2012

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CINDY fenstermacher: type in tune up utilties remover tool in google it'll pop up pick the date of your version and run it restart and vola fixed

Tech Meti'I: ThenkS For Very Much 1000000% Working ^_^

Famizen: The links are broken, please help.

CINDY fenstermacher: Make sure you dont delete the Wow6432note I did this and almost lost everything on my computer I fixed it by doing a startup repair Idk how I got there but, I did somehow just use the tuneup utilites remover tool alot safer!

Aidos Zhangeldy: Thank you!

紅魔氏: How to remove the residual sdshelex-x64.dll and DseShExt-x64.dll ?

Deluxe24: oh sorry i have been deleted it all thx for it

Mark Nikolay: I don't know what to google... please help............

Svemoguci Dejvid: Thank you very much :)

bastiaan0741: I am 99% sure I got it whilst installing pazera, a free audio tool.

avinay rama: i just used revo uninstaller this program lets u install and force uninstall programs Revo-Uninstaller-Pro-v2-5-9-Including-Crack type this in and download the torrent i have this one (torrent) no password comes with crack please like if it helped

Luca Meusburger: thanks a lot man:D wtfreaking programm!!!

roseanne f: hi i tried to remove it from the hard disk but it tells me to remove it as administrator how can i do this?

Livermorium294: Thank you very much <3

sanj2456: thank you so much this worked for me thank you ive been pissed with tuneup for agesthank you

Ivyi Slyis: *your siriously if you say my grammer is bad, at least try to get it right xD

Lean Eleanor: My Wow6432 has no TuneUp folder inside it

Blaz Taeko: it doesnt work i already tryed it it just starts again although i have removed tuneup thanks to this vid :)

Ruben Olivares: lol I remember how I got it, I downloaded Cheat Engine and my friend said I didn't even look in the costum downloads thing where it came with it. Its like they try to trick you

TheSchlumpfstrumpf: are you kidding? just follow his instructions

erikoh08: my google chrome. was infected also by Uninstall TuneUp Utilities what im gonna do then? Pls . help me.

Donte Ceolin: I installed a screen recorder and it also installed tuneup utilities a free trial now it keeps alerting me that I have a passed the trial limit and i turned off alerts and notifications please help!!

khaqan ahmad: i hate tuneup!!!

InfinityGamesOn: Hes not... It is a virus, i got it (god knows how) and i cant delete it or end it with anything :/ freaking program!

Only Use Me Belly: thanks

Achamad Rizal Firamanasyaeh: thanks

MPJ: Thanks this helped me a lot!!!! Thumps up !

LevelTopGamer: after step 6 just delete it from control panel you dont need to do the rest you dont even have to download what he says but still thanks

asdasasefasd: Windows Installer Cleanup Utilities was discontinued, and is not up to download anymore. What now?

Titas B: I tried to delete it in local_machine, then it started to really making me nervous :D you really helped me :) sorry for my bad english THANK YOU BRO!!!

Mazdy Soraya: i lost 6 hours of my weekend to uninstall it..they suck

KonvictedGaming: thank you my brothaa... god bless yo

Ghost™: Thanks and freak Tuneup..

kamf12: Thank you a lot, and I hope all the worst for the creators of this crap

paulins2012: You didn't uninstall some small important files with the windows uninstall. It leaves some files behind. Right now trying to do a complete cleanup so I can get rid of the license which got disabled because of it being "counterfeit".

Jamaica Fay: this crap is a virus not a program!!!!

drhoobad: For anyone else who wants to do it an even faster way, after deleting the system registries, locate the folder of TuneupUtilities on your computer. Then select all the items within the folder and delete them: four files will be refused, so "skip" their deletion. While earlier I tried renaming the folder to no avail, these remaining four files are not protected from renaming. Thus, renaming them will cease the function of the program. Ctrl+alt+del and end process will not result in its returning.

Derpy Hooves: You cannot delete the folder cause the process is still running. Go to your TuneUp folder and mark it. Now open the Windows Task Manager. Go to processes and find TuneUpUtillities.exe. Stop it and (You need to do it fast) now delete the Folder before the process can restart itself. That worked for me and i hope i could help you.

hansniclas: That program pissed me off so much...

bastiaan0741: Reboot in safe mode (hold f8) and try again.

Jeremiah Hannah: it sort of slow your computer down a little bit because its running exe on your processes but don't worry its not a virus of any kind and its possible to remove but a cluster freak of confusing crap to remove. if you have a backup hard device on your computer then i would use that to put it back at normal default your system then trying fix the problem or system restore to a early . relax i hope this tip help a lot and had stuck for 1month my computer was running little bit slower normal

bluebe11a: do a System Restore people - it's the only thing to get rid of this peice of crap program!

Tim .C: Amen.

Martynas Anužis: I hate that freaking son of a bitch.

TheNejplayer: Thank You ! :)

O. Oja: I did everything as you said until the downloading and installation, i decided just to go add/remove programs and unistall it from there and it worked. After that i wrote "Tuneup" to windows search and deleted everything what were part of that program. Finally this program is gone, but i have a question, how the fack it came to my computer, i didnt give any permissions to downlaod it and even not to install it.

jandegrote1: They just instal it random when you go online they dont ask or care for permissions oh and dont even try to contact them about this crap becous in no way u get it

Мистер Не-всезнайка: This program its just doing the stuff that Windows can.

Johnnie Harvey: WHEW!!! you're grammar is horrible!!! DAMN

MRcharliei57: tuneup utilities is a virus

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How to Uninstall TuneUp Utilities 2012 4.7 out of 5

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