How To Adjust Time On A G-shock.

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Robert Rios: Thanks just changed mines

Jonathan Nocheherly: Horrible video. That didn't help me change time at all. But I did waste time watching it and now commenting. Pointless

The Weasel: Video sucks

Amando Jr. Dimarucot: Thanks. I adjusted my GShock following your instructions faster!

Todd Green: Helpful. Thank you. 

Dylan gunter: Thanks man really helpful

geigerjkbd: Thanks. So much easier than trying to understand the Casio instructions.

kiddslick1439: Thank you

Justin Watson: seriously just made a headache go away! LIFE SAVER

al pada: nice! thank you.

Skyline vx: Thanks so much man, I shut cause I live in aus and it had no direct aus but thank god you said it that way, I thought I wasted 200$

Justin Watson: thanks man!

kiddslick1439: How you set the hands??

Ras Putin: Tanks mate

Names Jhayna: its not working :( when i click adjust the light jus comes on

Charles Miller: go home watch you're drunk

Brandon Frye: Not going to lie, every time the time changes I have to go back to YouTube to figure out how to fix my time...

pauly nooby: mine too, we have the same watch, i dont know what to do...

shapoopietemo: ThAnks!

Kartik Sood: same happens with me

alanone2011: Thank you!

ed1476: I am in Iraq, how do I change the time to this place?

Nasty Hydro: Thank you so much the manual didn't help me for crap lol

klaas zozo: Thank you you saved my life

ahmad jabarkhil: thanks a lot lol was one hour behind. good vid , easy , simple

GwillE100: Thanks for vid! Just what I needed

Al Red: keep the forward button pressed

Mauricio de souza: still, I cannot change the time, it has a mind of its own...

TheBadguy2012: How do you save it? Mine goes back to the original when i exit

Gustavo Iniguez: I live in california and I dont know city time zone i should switch to

Alex Del Real: Thanks homie!

badr MAMI: the same with me what to do ..? how to adjust ??

How to adjust time on a g-shock. 4.3 out of 5

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