2001 Cavalier Gauge Problem

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Arthur Kawa: you might have a ground issue

sean ralston: my cavalier was doing the same thing you need to ground the battery to the frame of car and no more problems quick simple fix

Chris Ralph: my headlights suddenly went out and all my gauges froze the entire inside quit to lights so no headlights and inside lights what could cause this

Greg Peterson Sr: yes mine did this last night

Sable Swan: Perfect advice in my case. I just used another battery cable attached to the battery and ground it to the car. Tuning perfectly! thanks guys.

Thomas Moore: Just run a wire from battery negative to the body fixed

Witold Duda: Need to replace ground strap which connects battery and engine https://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=81901&cc=1261279

calibermoon: 3 weeks ago I bought a 2005 Chevy Cavalier. It looks great, low mileage, everything works. Sporty, fast, and great MPG, Its was a win win for the price.

2 weeks ago, the speedometer started displaying incorrectly. I would be driving 35 mph, but the speedometer was displaying 110 mph. My GPS tells me how fast I'm traveling, so it wasn't a huge concern at that time.

Last week, I took it to my mechanic to have it repaired. He replaced the speedometer sender with no luck. He said that my instrument cluster was bad, He said it would be over $400+ to correctly repair. I was thinking, "I guess my GPS is going to be my speedometer for awhile".

After a few days, it was driving me crazy. The speedometer limit is 120 mph, but now the peg is pointing straight down like I'm doing 150 mph. At any speed:(

I've done some research, and it looks like GM had major problems with instrument clusters from 1999-2006. The problem is enough that many people are calling for a recall. GM's current position is that its the owners responsibility to fix this.

Google 'GM Instrument Cluster'.

I found I place that will fix this cheap, but I would not be able to use my car for a few weeks. I would have to remove the cluster myself, ship it to Utah. Wait for the fix, and have it shipped back.

I still love my car, and intend to keep it. But there must be a cheaper solution.


Paul Wrenfeld: Planned  Obsolescence !!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua Pratt: Here's the 3 steps to do: 1. Pay the neighborhood daredevil to siphon that full tank. 2. Sell the cavalier for scrap. 3. Buy a MK3 VW Jetta

Jeff S:  
Definitely a bad ground. I tried every other thing on my mother's 2001 Cavalier. Nothing fixed it. Then I attached a grounding strap from the engine block to the firewall. That cured all the problems. Make sure your battery-to-engine block ground is clean and tight. Sand down to bare metal on the firewall if you attach a grounding strap or wire.
The problems began after getting a new heater core. There must be a ground wire somewhere in or on the heater core box that got broken or was never re-attached.
Also, the radio is keyed to the BCM. I had to re-install the original BCM to get the radio back.

Alicia Tulcus: Have your automobile engine code checked. If it says no communication with the body control module. There is some ground connection around the battery. That is were I found it. And check your voltage and ground ecm and boc you will usually find a bad ground..

UrbanRetreatYT: Sounds like you have a bad ground. I had the same issue when I bought my 99 z24 and had to make a makeshift ground wire and it fixed everything except my gas gauge which no longer works after I fixed the ground issue.

All2skitzd: I've had the same thing happen, the first time it was a blown fuse because I shorted out the trunk light. The second time it was a issue with the aftermarket radio retain power acc. and chime box.

steven baker: This would be the body control module.... sir

Dash 1421: ok sounds like you got a bad speedometer head.. we had this problem happen to us.. so we replaced it and that fixed it.. you can sometimes find a used one at a salvage yard in which case we did that .. was cheaper than having to buy  a new speedometer cluster set

Mathieu Caron: same here

2012GreenGhost420: HAHA Welcome to owning a 2001 Cavalier!! Mine does this crap too

04holmes1: I mean did not post this @04holmes1

04holmes1: Sorry I did boot post this earlier, but to solve the problem I replaced the body control module (bcm). I got a new one cheap on Amazon and had the dealership flash the code for my key fob. In total it was a 10 min replacement and about $125.

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2001 Cavalier Gauge Problem 5 out of 5

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