How To Change Transmission Fluid : How To Refill Transmission Fluid

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Cindy Nieves: Thank you so much you have helped so much with a frustration that I've been dealing for about a week now

Zachary Miller: how high is this guy?

trenchcoatbandit: wish i could see where he is puting the fluid in

DillonOnTheGo: can low transmission fluid cause stalling??

Linda Owen: Thank you so much, Nathan!

feralcatofthenorth: So far two of your videos have sufficiently answered two questions I had. Thanks bunches! But what do I do now that I have already put the same amount of oil in that I drained out, should I try running the car anyway or drain half (down to 3 quarts) and then run it...then re add?

Laurie Berrios: 05 chevy equinox how do you fill it after draining it no dipstick

I DOUBLE J KICKS: I have a Chevy Camaro z28 v6 . what transmission fluid should I use ??

Richard Yap: hi, just wondering why the car must be idling to take txm fluid level. what different does it make if engine is cold. sound stupid but i am curious.

Rukheim: Where would you find the tranny dipstick for a 1988 ford thunderbird turbo coupe?

Gregory Edelkind: Very helpful, thanks.

erica poynter: Blehhhhh

jimmy jk332: Need your help as a 2008 Jeep JK afternoon to do the transmission oil and filter the Jeep will not go into gear to move in reverse very little freaking out now any tips or help will be great thank you

Andrea Franquez: I am confused

Charles Randolph: Got a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 and recently lost reverse. I've been hearing a lot about it possibly being due to low on transmission fluid. If so, how would I know how much to add to the pan? All the gears work but reverse

Pop Sugar Country Girl: Help, help, help!  I don't know how/where to refill the transmission fluid in my old Chrysler LeBaron 1988 convertible.  I can't find any opening or receptacle for it, even though I do see the dipstick on the lower right side of the engine.  Do I do it through the dipstick?  The second and third gears are sticky but the transmission is fairly new, so I think it might be the fluid or filter?  But I am a girl and have no clue about mechanics.  I can't find it online anywhere.  Is it the same as this video?  Does anyone know?  Thanks so much.  Nice videos.

Ken Mitchell: I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier, 2x2, automatic with 76,000 miles on it. I just dropped the transmission pan. I then put the same amount of fluid back in that I took out. When I check the dipstick after driving around my neighborhood for 5 minutes the dipstick is so low that no fluid is on it. I let it sit over night and now the fluid is passed the hot full mark. I would say I need to add some more fluid but I heard damage can occur if it’s over filled. I just think it’s weird that the transmission is so low when warm and way high when the transmission is cold. Thanks for any advice. The auto shop keeps giving me the wrong gasket so I just reused the old one. Is that common practice or should I remove the pan in 30,000 miles or sooner if it leaks and replace the gasket? Should the filter/strainer be replaced? Some mechanics say it’s permanent and some say replace it. I rather hear it from here; someone that is not trying to just take my money. Thanks for any help buddy.

chris munoz: is this the same way you fill it for a 96 prelude h22 (BB1)

Jesse R: How do I add on a 2001 Oldsmobile alero 4cyl automatic transmission

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How to Change Transmission Fluid : How to Refill Transmission Fluid 5 out of 5

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