Saturn Retrograde In Birth Chart (Astrology)

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pri dev: pls tell about when saturn debilitation as well as retrogate in a horoscope

tinkerbell716: I have Saturn in Pisces, which I originally thought wasn't a very good thing from watching your video since my imagination and spirituality was delayed. I found it weird because I am a creative, imaginative and spiritual person who enjoys isolation. Then, I found out that my saturn was in retrograde and I'm like YES! Also, my saturn is in the 3rd house :3 that's why I am soooo detail-oriented.

Alex Ramos: "Make sure you subscribe.. otherwise I'm going to have to make your Saturn go direct." I liked for that comment.

Rohit Sharma: You mean the things that are delayed with saturn now come fast?? You mean if say if the ascendent is Aquarius then and SaR one will be more active , martian type then Slow & Steady,, Will that be So?? :)

dennis guzman: I have saturn retrograde in 8th house

Ervira Rosiana: My saturn & mercury retrograde. (‾ʃƪ‾)

minya1277: Kapiel, you started to say where saturn retrograde is negative and then went off on major tangent. Major climactic let down :(

vikas agrawal: what about retrograde and combust mercury in 3rd house??

RAMAKRISHNA LAKSMAN Iyer: Dear Kapial ! I am really thrilled by your video. For years whenever I approach any astrologer in India, they give be a dirty look as I have Retro Sarun in 6th hosue and I was warned that my Saturn Mahadasa, which started in Jan '13 is going to be tough one. You have given me the hope that I am too lucky to have Retro Saturn standalone in 6th house, Retro Mercury in 9th .

Ujas Thakar: what heppen when saturn gets retrograde in sixth house?

drjasmin13: What happens of Saturn in retrograded but it its sitting in enemy house. Suppose retrograded Satrun is sitting in 2nd house in Libra ascendent?

MsAhaOho: My saturn is retrograde in saggitarius sign in 4th house.......Can you please tell me effects And like you said we look into ourselves and feel burdened ,,,,,,,,,and i do feel its good for me .............but isnt it good only when it yeilds some results. Im not getting any results Please sir i want to have a consultation with you ,,,,,please lee me know

Author Kapiel Raaj: #saturn #retrograde #horoscope Saturn Retrograde In Birth Chart (Astrology) 

nadjyoti: What if SAturn is Retrograde in the 12th house with mars...? Does this mean what you tell about Saturn in the 12th house will be opposite?

Meghali Gupta: saturn retrograde with rahu in 1st house ..what does that mean?

boulevard001: Role reverses seriously? I dont think so man..not in all the cases. Vakra , Anuvakra...all are different... Just my opinion though...Loved your lecture...:)

TRUTHBETOLD10: Im pretty self reflective, and i i dolike to build stuff when given the creative space...and i do see the hard work aspect, i mean pitting your dreams and goals against the realization of NWO illuminati satanists is ALOooooooot of work. But i makes me wanna work harder because there trying to spread all this darkness... But can really get u down sumtimes. More hard work.

jhonnq31: what about Saturn retrograde in 5th house of scorpio

fenlynn: Very true. I have Sat(R) in 3rd and I graduated on time!!

Charlyene Hoang: My Saturn is retrograding in the 7th house of Aries at 03 degrees. by itself. What does this mean??

KRSchannel: they are always retrograde, haven't you watched my video on "Rahu and Ketu" titled on Youtube?

MsJeesus: I have saturn retrograde in 3rd house. I think this was spot on.

TRUTHBETOLD10: I have it in the second in virgo. but finishing projects mercury in pisces and moon opposite MC chiron in the 10th. Dont really help

Keri West: yay its in my tenth with rahu

PsytranceMan777: My Saturn's retrograde in Pisces in the Third House also! No wonder I had so much stress over all of that extra homework in school! I wanted to daydream and think about things during class all day. :P

mimARkitekt: I have saturn retrogate and I am an archıtect ! :) And also true about the 'details'...

kwanjin1: Saturn and Neptuen both retrograde and conjunct in 12th house. Am self reflective and multi-talented artist, a fountain of ideas and creativity. Saturn rules 3rd house and Neptune rules the 5th.

Deepak Tripathy: Finally !!! 8.35 minutes of some real positive talk on Saturn retrograde otherwise after having read some 30 odd articles on retrogression especially Saturn, I was cursing my horoscope and my past karmas !! It is so true that my retrogrades have made me focus and introspect a lot more inwards which makes me feel different from others but also help me guard my actions all the time !! Thanks Kapiel !! Cheers :)

memmix: so what would saturn do in 6th house sag? ihave both uranus and saturn both retrograde in the 6th

jane thibideau: hi i saw mine and its retro sat n retro mars in second. should i be worried? also i saw your website. thanks for being direct

fenlynn: sagittarius

Gagan Parihar: sir what if saturn is retrograde in fifth house in aquaris in its baby planrtary strength 00:43 degree??

ItsxVanessa: I have saturn retrograde with ketu in the 9th house in the sign of aries what does this mean?

Sadixa Mndr: THANK YOU :)

exas4791: What if one has Saturn retrograde in Gemini in house 12?

rk10101: Excellent talk. Keep it up.

losingitrush: Rahu and Ketu are always in retrograde.

ankitnk gupta: i have saturn in 1st house sagittarius ascendant saturn 25 and ascendant 29 degree

Ashani Chand: I have saturn retrograde in the 8th house in the birth chart, Jupiter sitting with moon in the 6th house, ketu in the 5th house, rahu in the 11th in vishaka and mars with mercury in the 2nd house..... Does this mean, I am literally drowning in a soup of misery ? I am currently going through a Rahu dasha and it ends in july of 2013, so far i have had BAD LUCK in terms of work, relationship, home location, money etc. Jupiter is my lagnesh but I am all confused ?? Any comments??

Hrishikesh Joshi: I think this is very good explanation. Also one point to add, one need to be careful regarding health when Saturn is retrograde 8th house. One question I have, how would conjunction of Rahu and retrograde Saturn in Libra work for different moon-signs? Ex : Sagittarius where it is in 11th house

tharsicavignesh: thank you!

Ra Pa: amitabh bachhan has retrograde saturn

sulizhenmowan: Hey, I have a Saturn (R) and Sun in parivartana!!! My Saturn (R) is conjunct Rahu in Leo (7H) while Sun is conjunct Mars & Ketu in the ascendant Aquarius! Yes, I have too studied at a very reputed institution, but have been struggling with work and even otherwise!

toneyrahulsharma: SO TRUE i myself is an example and it fits WORD TO WORD

Dheedhify: Wonderful ..... loads of applauds for you .... seriously you are WOW at your analysis ! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Edward Kelly: I have one of the worst natal astrology charts I've ever seen. Am I singing the blues? YES. Saturn-Pieces to the second house opposition Pluto,Uranus & Mars. Saturn went retrograde in my horrary when in the 12 house. I lost everything but my family. All most lost my life to cancer, aortic aneurysm & two blood disorders. I was an jerk in my past life, so. I ask Saturn; Why am I still alive? I'm a broken man. wisdom dosnt pay the rent. I wait for my death and as I wait,the world falls apart.

sprinkleOFkawaii: ....u didn't mention this but i really want to know what if sat is retrograde in the 8th house in its own house? i think theres a big difference if there's an exalted ret sat in the 8th and a debilitated ret saturn.....then what? ..........

Nayanka Springer: Great stuff man! You gave a good breakdown of a little talked about astrological occurence. Thank you!

Lakshmi Krishnaswamy: my saturn is retrograde in the 12th house (the house of losses), my lagna is capricorn and the astakvarga points on my 12th house is less than my 11th.. is that a cause for problems?

peacock427: If Saturn opposed Mars in the 12th and 6th houses, you'd be dead. Be grateful for spirit.

Saturn Retrograde In Birth Chart (Astrology) 4.8 out of 5

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