Saturn Retrograde In Birth Chart (Astrology)

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La Kayo: You say Saturn Retrograde reverses Saturn's role. Lada, your friend, says Saturn Retrograde intensifies Saturn's effects because the energy towards earth is direct, so everything becomes even harder than having normal Saturn. I'm confused, because I usually watch and trust both of you, but now I don't know who is right because you say one thing, she says another thing. I do see some common points referred by both of you in terms of a person's success, but not about the time it usually takes to achieve it. Btw: I have Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius in the 7th house, with Sun in Leo in the 1st house.

Elizabeth Elias: I have Saturn in Aries and it's in retrograde And then Aries is also my rising sign and I have Mars in Virgo ¯\*(ツ)*/¯

Honeylette Chan: Nothing fascinates me more about my birth chart than my Saturn retrograde 29 degrees in my 12th house Aquarius. I feel like Saturn is the wise man which pushes me , and me being aware of it, towards the right direction 

Girish Dahal: I was born on August 1988. My saturn is in retrograde motion in Sagittarius. But shouldn't saturn be in Scorpio on my birth chart since it is in retrograde motion.

Dusi shivram: your are very true .

Rayschall1: Great interpretation! Hardly any astrologers would interpret in your way that's why I always thought something was wrong with other astrologers because they are often negative about Sat. retrograde. You are so right, I know some who are outrageously outgoing with no limitation. They have Saturn retrograde! And they are successful in life, business basically. They can be ruthless and stick to their own projects, never gives up as if they had no restrictions.

Apple Piesaregood: "you know what some people wish they had that." lolol. that's true.i was complaining about having to drag my butt into work on a holiday, and it was a typical 8 hour work day even while working 56 hours and weekends. then someone said, "at least you're getting paid." made me realize how bad it was for me to complain about that. people are probably looking on thinking about how lucky i am or how grown up i've become when i was wishing i could have just stayed in bed. but it's a privilege to do the work i'm doing, so i'm glad. good video.

Dazzling Pink: Plz make video on saturn nd mars together in 10th house 

Oscar Gutierrez: Hey kapiel, i really find your videos a great source of interpretation and information. I have Saturn retrograde at 27 degrees in the sixth house in Sagittarius and I still feel the very "Slow and Lazy" effect of it rather than the quicker retrograde that you described. In fact i think i feel extra slower. just my observation. Could it be its old age?

AaNkIt YaAdAv: ........

Andrea Smith: hey Krs in Lada Ducheva video she says that Saturn Retrograde is very difficult... she says it slows things down even more explain please

Glamournesz: subscribed to u

rohit dhawan: how does exalted Satrun retrograde gives result any help

Irene Kim: I keep telling my man that relationships is part of work. It's some times hard for us when he doesn't like hard and likes to take the easy way out. When I tell him that's not how life works. If you are not happy it's because you are not seeing it realistically. You can go to another woman and say the same thing. Life doesn't work like that reality is if you want a relationship to work you gotta put in the effort to do so. I feel a lot of pressure on me as it is and some times I need him to understand where I am coming from and know with a lot on my mind I need him to be a bit more sensitive to me dealing with my own family issues. It will benefit us a lot instead of arguing with me when I don't need it right now. He has a saturn retrograde in the 9th house. My saturn is in the 10th without a retrograde. I am a planner, the organizer and "manager" I hate messes but knowing I am sick today... Yeah gotta postpone all that and get well first (darn stomach flu). Some times I tend to be the manager instead of the girlfriend because things need to get done. Being sick... I can barely get up without the room spinning. I would like him to not argue with me and just do it so I have one less stress to deal with. Love him a lot and I know I need to Change and let things go instead of forcing down his neck to make those changes, I need to change and let go and let things be most of the time. I am not all that lazy. I joke around some times that I am but in reality I like to get things done and on time without excuses. 

amit mamgain: Dear Kapil I have Saturn retrograde and debilitated in 5th house in Aries in Sagittarius Lagna (Ascendant). Mercury and Sun in 1st house, Jupiter in 12th House in Scorpio, Mars and Venus in 11 in Libra. Some people tell tell me Saturn is not good in my birth chart some say it is good. Please clarify. Thanks. 

Vasanth Natarajan: Cancer Ascendant, Saturn Retrograde in 12th house. Dasa started in 2013. You are absolutely correct on your views. Good job.

naresh chhetri: saturn is on my tenth and its retro...KRS you the man..

James Majdali: Yr hot is your ascendant in a fire sign? Haha Anyway thanks for the video, very insightful. Wonder what this year's saturn retrograde will mean for me

Rohit: Saturn retrogade in 3rd house. Mercury and Venus retrogade in 7th house.

Alex Ramos: "Make sure you subscribe.. otherwise I'm going to have to make your Saturn go direct." I liked for that comment.

pri dev: pls tell about when saturn debilitation as well as retrogate in a horoscope

tinkerbell716: I have Saturn in Pisces, which I originally thought wasn't a very good thing from watching your video since my imagination and spirituality was delayed. I found it weird because I am a creative, imaginative and spiritual person who enjoys isolation. Then, I found out that my saturn was in retrograde and I'm like YES! Also, my saturn is in the 3rd house :3 that's why I am soooo detail-oriented.

Shalini Sarkar: Jupiter aspecting a retro Saturn?

RAMAKRISHNA LAKSMAN Iyer: Dear Kapial ! I am really thrilled by your video. For years whenever I approach any astrologer in India, they give be a dirty look as I have Retro Sarun in 6th hosue and I was warned that my Saturn Mahadasa, which started in Jan '13 is going to be tough one. You have given me the hope that I am too lucky to have Retro Saturn standalone in 6th house, Retro Mercury in 9th .


vikas agrawal: what about retrograde and combust mercury in 3rd house??

Rohit Sharma: You mean the things that are delayed with saturn now come fast?? You mean if say if the ascendent is Aquarius then and SaR one will be more active , martian type then Slow & Steady,, Will that be So?? :)

Ujas Thakar: what heppen when saturn gets retrograde in sixth house?

drjasmin13: What happens of Saturn in retrograded but it its sitting in enemy house. Suppose retrograded Satrun is sitting in 2nd house in Libra ascendent?

Ervira Rosiana: My saturn & mercury retrograde. (‾ʃƪ‾)

minya1277: Kapiel, you started to say where saturn retrograde is negative and then went off on major tangent. Major climactic let down :(

dennis guzman: I have saturn retrograde in 8th house

MsAhaOho: My saturn is retrograde in saggitarius sign in 4th house.......Can you please tell me effects And like you said we look into ourselves and feel burdened ,,,,,,,,,and i do feel its good for me .............but isnt it good only when it yeilds some results. Im not getting any results Please sir i want to have a consultation with you ,,,,,please lee me know

nadjyoti: What if SAturn is Retrograde in the 12th house with mars...? Does this mean what you tell about Saturn in the 12th house will be opposite?

Meghali Gupta: saturn retrograde with rahu in 1st house ..what does that mean?

boulevard001: Role reverses seriously? I dont think so man..not in all the cases. Vakra , Anuvakra...all are different... Just my opinion though...Loved your lecture...:)

TRUTHBETOLD10: Im pretty self reflective, and i i dolike to build stuff when given the creative space...and i do see the hard work aspect, i mean pitting your dreams and goals against the realization of NWO illuminati satanists is ALOooooooot of work. But i makes me wanna work harder because there trying to spread all this darkness... But can really get u down sumtimes. More hard work.

jhonnq31: what about Saturn retrograde in 5th house of scorpio

fenlynn: Very true. I have Sat(R) in 3rd and I graduated on time!!

Charlyene Hoang: My Saturn is retrograding in the 7th house of Aries at 03 degrees. by itself. What does this mean??

KRSchannel: they are always retrograde, haven't you watched my video on "Rahu and Ketu" titled on Youtube?

MsJeesus: I have saturn retrograde in 3rd house. I think this was spot on.

TRUTHBETOLD10: I have it in the second in virgo. but finishing projects mercury in pisces and moon opposite MC chiron in the 10th. Dont really help

Keri West: yay its in my tenth with rahu

PsytranceMan777: My Saturn's retrograde in Pisces in the Third House also! No wonder I had so much stress over all of that extra homework in school! I wanted to daydream and think about things during class all day. :P

mimARkitekt: I have saturn retrogate and I am an archıtect ! :) And also true about the 'details'...

kwanjin1: Saturn and Neptuen both retrograde and conjunct in 12th house. Am self reflective and multi-talented artist, a fountain of ideas and creativity. Saturn rules 3rd house and Neptune rules the 5th.

Deepak Tripathy: Finally !!! 8.35 minutes of some real positive talk on Saturn retrograde otherwise after having read some 30 odd articles on retrogression especially Saturn, I was cursing my horoscope and my past karmas !! It is so true that my retrogrades have made me focus and introspect a lot more inwards which makes me feel different from others but also help me guard my actions all the time !! Thanks Kapiel !! Cheers :)

memmix: so what would saturn do in 6th house sag? ihave both uranus and saturn both retrograde in the 6th

jane thibideau: hi i saw mine and its retro sat n retro mars in second. should i be worried? also i saw your website. thanks for being direct

Saturn Retrograde In Birth Chart (Astrology) 4.8 out of 5

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