Saturn Retrograde In Birth Chart (Astrology)

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Gol Mash: Retrograde+Fall=Exalted

Apurba Raichoudhury: Mine's Saturn is in Sagitarrius, 6th house(retrograde) from my ascendant.

sakett kumar: What does retrograde Saturn in 6th house means

pavani vedala: @KRSchannel: Sir, what happens when retrograded saturns is in conjunction with moon?

Christian Florescordova: Saturn retrograde gives you a lot of work and a workaholic approach but little in return.

Christian Florescordova: IFSaturn rules conservative realistic matters, how does it also rule the Taboo or secrets??? Is that not the arena of Pluto

Alena Muhamedović: What about Saturn retrograde in the 2nd house in Aquarius?

10 pc mcnugget neck ass: my saturn is retrograde with ketu in the 2nd house scary cause idk the exact effects

roger andy: i'm tooooo happyyyyy

Carolee Kelly: This is true in my chart with Saturn retrograde in my 10th house. . Even though I am highly educated and always worked hard, it did not produce the results I wanted. I am in my 50s now, so I don't know how much more I can do as far as that is concerned. I like how you stay positive with everything though.

Himadri Bhatt: my rising sign is acquarius, my Saturn is in 12th house in Capricorn sign,Mars and Venus in 7th house,so would it be possible to get married late in life or is it Saturn called vakri in the horoscope plz lemme know

Kakes: How does Saturn Rx show up in the 1st house? Mines Conjunct Pluto Rx. Please do a Pluto Rx video! This one was super helpful, but the Saturn Rx info in this video, I'm not finding elsewhere on the internet, so still doing lots and lots of research trying to figure it out. Would love also a follow up Saturn Rx video with more info since this seems to be the one source I've found, and through the houses would be awesome.

I don't feel/see the non-retro Saturn in the first house definition holding true for me. I'm having great Saturn luck, I believe, but yeah there's still a general saturn vibe. For example, I love structure. I have a million alarms that go off on my phone telling me what time to eat dinner, and go to bed, and I'm an adult! lol. I've found that I need this to get ahead, I've got lots of goals. But I'm not a natural at structure persay (there's other elements in my chart that make me a weird space cadet), I just genuinely need it, so I give it to myself as a way of feeling self-partnered, held, safe, and supported enough to let loose and not feel lost.

michael mcclure: i have SaturnR 19degrees in Pisces in the Fourth house. I'v always been interested in design and craftsmanship.. especially visual art.
Its true that I'm very reflective, been intersted in finding truth and the big questions in life since i was a teenager. So there are these two things going on.

LetThereBeLight: I have Saturn R (6th House Leo), Mercury R (11th House Capricorn, with Sun &Mars direct in the same house), Jupiter R (2nd House Taurus). I'm a Capricorn asc. Piesces. Can anyone tell me what is that mean, please?

PunjabiKudiUK: What if Saturn is retrograde and exalted?


Noori Seddiqi: I am an Aquarian with Saturn Retrograde in the 10th house. I am an Architect and have excellent skills in Design. Thanks for this uplifting video. I was wondering if you could talk about strengthening the Saturn planet for getting good results. You suggested Fenugreek for some debilitated planets, please do the same for Saturn.

Dhruti Vyas: omg! i feel so sad for me! saturn in the 3rd house. yep i think i experienced this.

FOO_YARA: in 6th house in aries means what really?

Amer Ruru: Thank you

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