AR-15: How To Install Single Point Sling Adapter

What do you think about this video?

lloydtlaw32: Its too dark to see the important details on installing

artie3258: Is it possible to over tighten the buffer tube past the buffer tube pin or does it stop on its own?

Tom: Nice vid... It was very simple :-)

Jamal A.: Got it first run.... Thanks.

Rifles First: Little square insert for the ASAP = welcome to hell

I don't know how you got yours in so easily.

And the torque value is in foot pounds. 40 inch pounds would be massively undertorqued.

Dr. Benjamin Bennett Th.D.: Yep,
I'm not doing this job today. I've just received my single point sling and the asap for it but I've got a fore end, pistol grip and hand stop coming in from Magpul early next week so I believe that after the mirror finished bluing job I just completed on a small EDC, this will wait for a good day's work next week.
Great instructional video though, much appreciated Sir.

rickyshif: Nicely done! Sling attached.

James Carroll: I hope that isn't a flag at the end of your workbench.

Robt VC: Informative. Good video but don't use the American Flag to cover crap up in your work shop.

Gorgi9999: An excellent demonstration. THANK YOU!!!!

appalachian knight: Very good video! God bless.

PEDRO JUAN TORRES: thank you i need this good video

Ethan Richards: for those crying and whining about this being hard or a pain, get use to it. if you can't take down and reassemble your battle rifle, you need to learn and learn it well!

Edward Rios: Awesome video, very helpful thanks.

Atlantic Chiropractic and Wellness Center: I have a similar AR set up, what type of scope are you using here? Also, any insight for a DPMS Sportical side rail mounted flashlight?

William Robertson: screw up your threads

Jeremy Mann: Best video I've found. I used the Magpul QD sling mount, but still this video helped me tremendously. I've been hunting and shooting all my life but new to the AR platform. Once I watched this video I was finished with this in no time. Thanks for the video!

CTROCK: some of the videos I see u only need to take out the stock butt to install the single adapter why are u talking out so many parts?

The Last Second Save: Awesome tutorial. Thx!

MrJugg101: the American Flag laying down and dirty and then you see his shirt at the end.. interesting!

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AR-15: How to install single point sling adapter 5 out of 5

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