AR-15: How To Install Single Point Sling Adapter

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Salbiah Samat: That’s a nice AR you got there :)

AnotherGunLoving Texan: It is actually 40 foot pounds. The inch was an error in the military manual.

TheFabledWolf: You've got a friend in PA.

richard hammer: Great video,but remember this ,you maybe have done it out of ignorance,but many have gave it all for that flag and what it stands for,specifically the freedom to even show this video

Blake Edmondson: Great Video. Slaves are most definitely unarmed.

Todd Barlow: Good job

Dee W: Thanks for posting this.

Rocky Kisner: Great video Brother

Dustin Halbrooks: It may sound trivial, but I'd stake the castle nut...

ToddB987: Good Instruction.. I might do something else with that flag.

lloydtlaw32: Its too dark to see the important details on installing

artie3258: Is it possible to over tighten the buffer tube past the buffer tube pin or does it stop on its own?

Tom Tardif: Nice vid... It was very simple :-)

Jamal A.: Got it first run.... Thanks.

Dr. Benjamin Bennett Th.D.: Yep,
I'm not doing this job today. I've just received my single point sling and the asap for it but I've got a fore end, pistol grip and hand stop coming in from Magpul early next week so I believe that after the mirror finished bluing job I just completed on a small EDC, this will wait for a good day's work next week.
Great instructional video though, much appreciated Sir.

rickyshif: Nicely done! Sling attached.

James Carroll: I hope that isn't a flag at the end of your workbench.

Robt VC: Informative. Good video but don't use the American Flag to cover crap up in your work shop.

Gorgi9999: An excellent demonstration. THANK YOU!!!!

appalachian knight: Very good video! God bless.

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AR-15: How to install single point sling adapter 5 out of 5

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