The Squatty Potty - Toilet Stool

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J.R. Zippie: Oh for cripes sake....two freekin metal coffee cans (easily movable with plastic lid up)....π™˜π™€π™¨π™©--- 𝙁𝙍𝙀𝙀 ! time or materials wasted....ya think??

A.Nego7 v.: One can only imagine why toilets are designed high so that rats don't come closer to you while going number two, the name toilet points to French and it is built so, as rats were simply taken out of equation during the bubonic plague...

fagnergsferreira: cagao ! adora arregacar seu cusao gostoso

unc9339: Why did they not take the chance to call this thing the 'stool stool' ????

dawa kercova: ooouuul..this is metodologi of muslims..they are praktising befor 1400 yer..befor..check read ask muslims..ISLAMIC metodologu..

AdemirICedillos: You could do that. They just want you to buy their product.

Richard Bohačík: I recommend you checking out some videos from Elliott Hulse where he´s talking why deep squatting is important and how it affects our column function. Peace!

The Grommet: Hello - GREAT question! No, gravity works internally to aid in the removal of waste. Organs and the weight of the body put pressure on the intestines & colon to help expel. When we bend over the center of gravity is thrown out of balance and it's not as effective. The optimal position is with the torso upright and the hips flexed with the knees upright as well. The Squatty Potty simulates this natural squat posture and gives you the health benefits with the convenience of a modern toilet.

smartunnel: I'm just wondering, would it have same effect if we bend our body lower instead of lifting the knees higher?

ayemaya75: I appreciate that someone was willing and able to make this important product to improve our health. The only thing "tragic" is your attitude.

The Grommet: Thanks for your input, we have found that many people have been very happy with this product.

JakeFromStateFarmGames: So glad to hear how desperate people are to get money these days..........tragic

The Grommet: So glad to hear it, thanks so much for the comment.

The Grommet: Thanks so much for the comment. You still sit on your toilet seat normally with the Squatty Potty. Your feet and legs are elevated by the stool, which is better posture for your colon. And yes it is always important to watch where your urine is going.

Merna Marshall: Sounds like a good idea, but not so good for women. We can't direct our urin into the toilet like men can so, unfortunately, you take the chance of squirting through the toilet seat and onto your clothing or floor. Oops! Unless you are sure you don't have to pee at the same time, be aware!

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The Squatty Potty - Toilet Stool 5 out of 5

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