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random dude: You can run em a little higher than the voltage recommendation of you rebuild it with a micro coil.

Giovanni Botta: i keep getting a burnt taste cant get rid of it i dont know why.

KingBoro: should i remove a wick for 100% vg?

Вячеслав Лебедев: Where can i buy a battery like yours?

Karim Sadeq: ive gotten that tire taste too, i was told when it starts to run out of power, to charge it full. seems to taste good again, for a while

Corey Kelleher: thanks, but that wouldnt make it air tight. i figured out the problem. one of the heads was a different head and wasnt the right model head for the protank. they other head workd.

Joshua: Make sure you didn't put the e-liquid in the airhole.

lazylac0812: I seriously thought he had 3 hands when the video first started. Cool shirt man.

VapinGreek: try leaving it on does it work better?

mark biddle: great review. quick comment. I am seeking a thicker hit and i run 60/40 and i removed the top wick of my new kanger tech protank as you did and the unit appears to be flooding after a couple hits. any suggestions on that monster hit im seeking?

Corey Kelleher: I just got the protank 1 today.. and its not working.. maybe someone can help. i am using the ego c upgrade battery. it seems to be air tight, to the point where i cant suck.. i have to lossen it.. which doesnt make sense. big issue. please help

burrito rustler: you & pbusardo really do have the best reviews of vaping gear I have seen on all of youtube, and considering there are over 100 people doing reviews on here, that is quite a compliment, - but dang you need a better camera! - I could hardly make out the small coil cartridge you were showing us!

koottsta koopr: Merhaba! Benim Yunan dostum.

Clewds: Yeah I love my protank.

TheCloudyGuy: there marked at the bottom of the atty! I pull both of the wicks out but I run 70 VG if not 95% but sometimes they leak do you have that problem?

TheCloudyGuy: get a spinner something like 24 bucks from VaporAlley! I have an EgoC and I've blown out fatter hits than that!

Biosystem Studios: damn i wish my e-cig would give me that kind of vapes. I have the kanger pro tank with an Ego-C upgrade battery

Shawn Hayden: As a former chain smoker I want power and a large tank of juice. The Kanger Pro and eVic give me this but tweaks are needed... such is the nature of this hobby. One size does not fit all. I will come back and report a follow up. Keep vapin :-)

Shawn Hayden: The build quality of the Kanger Protank is fantastic. I will try to fashion some kind of gasket on the device to restrict the air flow. The eVic and all it's electronic functions are useless. Bells and whistles. The software does not function well and is very glitchy regardless of the version or rev. The eVic is sturdy and battery power is very good. The adjustable voltage and ohms reader are handy.

Shawn Hayden: I have recently upgraded to a Kanger Protank and a Joyetech eVic. The control head on the eVic has notched openings to allow air flow. The Kanger Protank has notched openings for air flow. Together, the two in 'stock' condition are just too free on air flow. The flavor is greatly reduced and the sensation of sucking on a fag is not happening. ALSO, the metal tip on the Kanger is a flavor changer. The Protank needs an optional tip/mouth-piece and a way to adjust the air flow.

Protank from KangerTech 5 out of 5

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