Hubi - Android App Review

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Selwyn Leon: Nexus 7 2013 it works great,thank u

David Ritchie: Works perfectly on BlackBerry Z10, just sideloaded it, better than navi x but I still prefer videomix, thanks all the same :) 

axecles ko: Where find the link please I don't find a good website 

irontown: Ok thanks I understand now cheers

axecles ko: I made a mistake excuse me A goo website for the movies link but its okay thanks

irontown: Ok! So how do you get the link into the box? This guide seems to miss the obvious. Please help

quarvo23: This DOES NOT work for Kindle Fire HD. Its not a supported device. Thanks for lying and wasting an hour of my time trying to find it.

hassansyed101: Nice Vid

The Otaku Technology Nerd: It is called "Sakura Falling Live Wallpaper".

Josh Meyer: When i click on a link it does not give me option to open with hubi please help me

Frances Jean Villaluz: It always says "invalid hosts"

BlazingImpressions: Mx player isnt opening the movies

Kunal Kumar: does it work on Kindle fire HD and on google nexus 7??

The Otaku Technology Nerd: SuperNexus, actually. :3

The Otaku Technology Nerd: If you click the Play Store link in the description, you will find a list of all supported hosts.

The Otaku Technology Nerd: Any Android device.

The Otaku Technology Nerd: Which video host are you attempting to use?

Chuy062100: Why does it say I have to use my internet connection? IT won't allow me to.use my Wi-Fi connection

Karuta Roromiya: Congratulations on Partnership!

hassansyed101: First!

safa12334: This is the perfect app i love youu!!!!!!!!

Westy: Cyanogenmod 10?

amazingdany: Yeah, it used to work. Now it's broken. It was the best.

annie16832: i love the live wallpaper on your phone. what is it called?

The Otaku Technology Nerd: No.

bottlecase1: Isnt put locker a permium only?

The Otaku Technology Nerd: I have just tried the most recent version of the application here and there is no problem with it. The problem is on your end. There are no extra steps required beyond what is demonstrated in this video.

The Otaku Technology Nerd: Allow me to summarize the situation for you. You have just come to my video to complain that you can not get an application to work on a device which you had to side-load it to because said device is not intended to run it. Go away.

The Otaku Technology Nerd: In that case, so long as you have a suitable video player installed and you are attempting to open a valid link, you should not be having a problem. What Android device and version are you using?

Suspenders Stetson: I shall like just because of your profile icon!

alcubierrecarmen: No se entiende quiero ESPAÑA

The Otaku Technology Nerd: Thank you! :3

Jimmie Swaggarz: Note II. Latest jelly

The Otaku Technology Nerd: [Continued] Regarding the Nexus 7, I recently ordered one and should have an unboxing and review of it uploaded later in the week. :3

shamps pal: It say invailed host when I copy nd past it on putlocker. I tryed all the site listed on hubi aswell

LeAwesome Shiz: it keeps saying invalid host -.-

Jimmie Swaggarz: Invalid host. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something? Do I root? Add on? I need step by step like a 6 year old!

The Otaku Technology Nerd: This application works perfectly; I just tested it.

Mamoon Sufian: How do I use a different video player like dice player

The Otaku Technology Nerd: Yes.

Ion Vortexx: Thanks anyway

JPremier1992: I have a fast internet and its been playing choppy/laggy recently. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

amazingdany: Yay, it now works on my tablet! If using Putlocker or Sockshare links (again the best links for tv shows or movies), REMOVE THE /mobile/ in said links. I don't know if it will for other users but it worked for me personally. FINALLY, holy crap!

winterlastsforever: Ugh, the film I want to watch on veehd doesn't work when I put the link in :/ help?

Jimmie Swaggarz: Putlocker

Westy: Jelly Bean?

amc623: Is there a video player you recommend using over others? Do the videos need to buffer like they would on a PC? I got a video link to play using Hubi and MX Player, but it is choppy and pausing so I'm assuming it needs to buffer? I paused to let it do so. If I pause the video and go to the device home screen, how do I then go back to the video where I left off? If I click on Hubi it just shows the link in the bar. If I go to MX Player it says "no video selected."

MatijaxD: El psy congoro

Raffhell Hadden: did you try to find the *.apk on google then manually install it?

The Otaku Technology Nerd: I can certainly relate to that. I am still using the early 2009 8-core Mac Pro and have yet to see any significant updates to the line. Even the motherboard has remained identical, with only a firmware update to distinguish it. In my opinion the best options available in the Android tablet market at the moment are the Transformer Infinity and the ASUS Nexus 7. They are both excellent devices, but they cater to very different needs. I suggest looking around to find out which is right for you.

Hubi - Android App Review 4.7 out of 5

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Hubi - Android App Review
Hubi - Android App Review
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