How To Make A Rainbow Loom Ring

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Danielle Dcruz: any way tnx

AwsomeMagnet: nice team work

Danielle Dcruz: u guys were soo confused

shanzytunes: thanks!! This tutorial was awesome!! :-)

Brendan Connors: Screw you ! You made my sister cry SOO many times 

flor san martin: Need to stop moving the camera :(

Craig Duster: u dont have to skip the first one. make a cap band. do u kno how to make a capband right?

Craft Time: I failed the first time but the second time was great to me

Blaine Anderson: Thank you 

kydog0307: If u EVER EVER talk to halmander like that again u WILL be sorry! She is a sweet little girl who enjoys rainbow loom and is just trying to help people out! Did u ever think maybe she's not trying to copy ur video and is just thinking ur video was really good and wanted a little help on her first rainbow loom video!!!! Also who cares if u have more views then her! U r just bragging! Ur right she might not have as many views as u but she is a WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better person than u WILL EVVVVVVVER be!!!! She is one of my best friends even tho she is 2 yrs younger then me but I still treat her with resect and care! U should be ashamed being older then her and being so mean! I am unsubing and telling all my friends to un sub too!

EpicDarkCelebi94: Mine turned out great on my first try

summer coco: to messy I couldn't see the rainbow bands

elyse fox: Thought it was horrible 

Drew LaBlanc: U guys suck at describing and video taping 

luke wolfe: :( 

bobby iscute: OMG I KEEP FAILING!!!

Evan Brooks: Good video ,but the camera needs to stop moving so much.

Erferno_FTW: :D 

luke wolfe: i have to make 4 rings 

Zoe Lee: Thank you

Kristen Cornell: please aim the camera at the loom!!! it was at nothing or at the wrong part of the ring.

AEA Tennish: Thanks so much for subscribing! we really appreciate it.

Michelle Berger: Mine came out really good! Thanks, guys!

Cheyenne Coston: Cool video

Emilia passanisi: you guys are great although you could hold it the a little longer before you take it off and one of you hold the camera and one of you do the loom

Shelby O'Donnell: ikr i wish i knew :**(***

aliciakariuki4: Too fast hated it

mustacheforever68: Bloopers are funny.

AEA Tennish: Run out you can buy more for 2.99

Datia Rosenberg: its good help

dancinglife1123: Terrible

Pandabearmonnie: I don't like the colors but it is still a good video

David Sampedro: thanks!! I made it!!!

Nabila Concepcion: Thanks it helped a lot and the bloopers are price less

ravenzfan52: The video was so helpful:)

Jessica Manes: do you know how to make a mini handbag with one loom ANYONE! please help me

Sudhakar Bh: I like it

AEA Tennish: Laurie c hi it's AEA and it's entertaining to all ages and when you buy the kit it's 14.99 and it comes with a free pack of rubber bands but when youn

talytube8: Did not work!

Alexzandria Rosser: Thanks so much me and my sis made it... You helped so much

Laurie C: I really enjoyed your tutorial. I like how you both work together to explain the process. I had never heard of this rainbow loom. I have a step daughter who is 10 who lives in Canada and likes to do some crafts. Actually, how I found your video was from trying to look up a knitting loom kit that she has that just makes a long knitted tube. Do you think this rainbow loom kit would be entertaining for a 10 year old? Does it come with lots of rubber bands, or do I need to buy extras?

Rihanna Justice: i like this vidoe

zecrazycookie: @Ryan Fatig shut up this video is probably way better than anything you could do :F

Cameron Davison: And u moving to fast slow down

Michele Ehlerman-Lee: Thanks so much

Alex Rodriguez: omg I finally made a wring my friend is going to be so jelous

Yvette Diaz: I am the mother of a 9 year old girl. I have sat here trying to make this ring 3 times. First, you are way to fast. Secondly, not only is the video blurry but the camera doesn't STOP moving! It's extremely frustrating...You might want to try using a tripod or ask your parents for help. Thanks anyways.

bakerbaby800: I think you guys are great at explaining! You rock!

Shadow&Paige232: Guys, stop leaving comments like that. It's really mean.

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How to make a rainbow loom ring 3.6 out of 5

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{OLD & FAST TUTORIAL} Bow Ring Rainbow Loom Tutorial
How to make a rainbow loom ring
How to make a rainbow loom ring
How to make a Rainbow Loom Bow Ring
How to make a Rainbow Loom Bow Ring
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Anyone can make this Cool Rainbow Loom starburst ring !!!!!!! real easy
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