Hyundai I45 & Suzuki Kizashi Comparison Car Review

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Mansoor Habib: Finally, purchased a 2012 Hyundai i45 Premium and blown away by it.

風林火山元 Andoyo Mark: thank 4 ur reply, :-) cuz the hyundai owns Kia, they reached from 8th spot up to 4th spot, i'm aware about the price that offers by hyundai was too critical (however they of display their vehicles where offered in the Philippines, offer their full feature, but shockingly, that features was not a total price package they often pay additional cost!!! in the other hand, the Sister com Kia offers a car 12months pay but they hide their actual price slightly expensive! than their japanese counterpart!

kishan harripersad: WHEN WILL SUZUKI EVER GO BAKRUPT.....LOL

The NRMA: hi there the suzuki brand is more conservative than their Korean counterparts and i think they prefer to compete on their own terms by offering the public a solid vehicle at a realistic price. Styling wise they are also pretty conservative too

風林火山元 Andoyo Mark: sonata or i45 is slightly expensive than of their rival (cuz it's enough to compensate their elaborated style of their interior and so that's why how Hyundai works well! (but all of a sudden i saw their new rival, the Kizashi that was made by Suzuki that they cannot able to compete at high price cuz of their underdog in highly-competitive automobile market today :-) i think it's more reasonable for Suzuki rather than to fast-growing rival, Hyundai (thanks for vid)

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ltdesign: bu saatten sonra suzuki bu tiple bir tane araba satarsa kendini şanslı saysın.çirkin tasarımı sonata nın yanında daha bir belli olmuş

ltdesign: Hyundai is always the best.

John Josh: Kizashi wins by miles away

Yung Ha Jin: way to go bitch, comparing a japanese product to a korean one is going to start another international war.

BDavyTBS: I have tested both cars and my impressions are as follows. The Kizashi is a better drive, there is no denying that, but the i45 seems put together better and has heaps more interior space, which was a clincher for me. I am 6'4" and am coming out of a BA Falcon. My son is growing very quickly and the Kizashi won't have enough rear seat legroom. The interior is nicer in the i45. It feels far more up market than the Kizashi and finally, the i45 is cheaper and better equipped. Its i45 for me

MEGA Baby Toys Review Show: @REPOMAN24722 Not really Suzuki have a bad reputation when it comes to reliability.

vs641988: @rahulgosh1 yes but like I said both have pros n cons. Suzuki has better handling and their petrol engines are better. I45 has better interiors and looks n the gdi diesel engine is very powerful. The i45 is safer too according to ncap crash test. But the i45 hasn't yet been launched so can't tell anything now.

rahulgosh1: @vishal6783 - i will nt cringe abt a power window switch ... nd i hve sat in the kizashi ... much better ... neday ... interiors hve tht heftness tht asian car makers lack ... i45 may look good ... bt no way am buyin tht

vs641988: @rahulgosh1 in india the quaity of kizashis interior is poor. the power window buttons and few other parts are directly taken from swift. if ur in india then buy the i45

hb4fun22: @zuber2002 My experience has been that the Kizashi handles rough roads better than Sonata. They both drive nicely, but the Sonata tends to get unsettled on rough patches of road, where as the Kizashi doesn't have that issue. Sonata does have a bigger trunk (boot) though.

zuber2002: @racers115 merc c-class is very quite n if the kizashi is even quiter, then it surely wins dat. as of what i meant by ride quality is the plushness of the ride...the ability to soakup all the road imperfections. the suspensions on the camry, accord or the civic or the corolla,cruze are all same in us n i think the sonata n kizashi will be same too...

racers115: @zuber2002 Kizashi as actually quieter than even Mercedes C-Class so I would have to guess the Kizashi would win that. As far as ride quality, that depends on what you mean. Handling is a big part of ride quality, you can't really seperate it like that. I have test driven both cars, and on average bumpy northwest U.S. roads the Kizashi was noticibly better at covering up road imperfections than the Sonata. I don't know if either car will get different suspension for India though.

zuber2002: nice comparo very informative. but i have question, wich one of the 2 have the best ride quality(not looking for handling) n most quietest interior/cabin???

Palit Weboonlit: Wow Australian read Hyundai as Ha-undai

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Hyundai i45 & Suzuki Kizashi Comparison Car Review 5 out of 5

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Hyundai i45 & Suzuki Kizashi Comparison Car Review
Hyundai i45 & Suzuki Kizashi Comparison Car Review
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