Itunes 11 Tutorial - How To Sync Apps To Your IPhone, IPad Or IPod

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Donna Matthews: My list of apps does not show up on the left side ?????

Nestor Labrador: i cannot see any app on the other side :( please help

Youtubers Video: Why sync games it dissapered in my ios device?

Mushromus: it is just sating installing and i dont know how to fix it

Mushromus: how do i know that it is installing?

Kamuran Akkok: PLEASE HELP! I can't see any of my apps... what should I do?

isabelcoutinho18: HELP ME when I drag the app to the left (my phone) so I can install it, the colorful bar under everything says that I'll have only 1 app. Will I loose everything? Why? Plz answer me!

Hayate Goto: it didnt sync even though i clicked it

Tricky Eaglebreak: Can u plz tell me way to sync online games on Facebook in android?

hong taingdy: Hi! I need your help ... why my dictionary app is going to be black after I sync? 

DonRSR: lol i cant see my apps

YOUTUBEDrake: Does it save your app if it has progress please reply

lαиα єѕт.2013: Do you need Internet access to sync your phone with your computer?

HOUforLIFE: Doesn't work ;(

Chris Banez: Help!! I can't sync an app to my iPhone 4s ios 7.1.2. When I try to, click INSTALL beside the app, it appears on my phone in the right pane, but when I try to click APPLY at the bottom right, the sync will be finished but the app will disappear. This iTunes is confusing!!!

Saida Spanta: But how can you update your games in Itunes?

Meyvia Duarte: can u heal me ..every time I want to install apps from itunes on ny ma/Computer to my Ipad can not. and the show me ( The Ipad User coult not be Synced becouse this computer is not longer authorized for purchased items that are on this ipad - to authorize this computer for items purchased from the itunes Store, Choose Store , Authorize this Computer.....)

Please help me.

xoCOVERGIRLxo: Thanks

shristi lama: can't we appear downloaded apps to itunes library to sync ?
Is it necessary that the apps should be purchased on app store?

[420] MapleBoy: I wish someone would do this on WINDOWS itunes is waayy diffrent on windows..... D: So i cant have ma game :/ :/ :/

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Itunes 11 Tutorial - How To Sync Apps To Your iPhone, iPad or iPod 5 out of 5

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