New Savage Model 42 22 LR / 410 Shotshell Combination Gun -

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The .22 Marksman: Looks like a cheap piece of crap with a heavy price tag

money down on one!! I wonder if you could shoot.45 Colt through it like some pistols??? Thanks much for sharing and blessings πŸ˜‡πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Julio Gomez: Santa's priorities have changed so much.

casualobserver77: I like your reviews man keep up the good work

Xavier Girard: Holy freaking crap thats a long ass beard

LeRoy Winnie: The wood original is nice, this new version sucks!

Laine Folden: Would it shoot 22 magnums

mike dutdut: looks like too much trouble switching from 22 to 410
the old models would automatically switch to the 410 after 22 was fired
this made it fast and easy to fire a 22 into a bush then use the 410 to shoot what comes out

LeRoy Winnie: I do not like the plastic version . The walnut stock was the best one out there. Bring back the oldie but goodie, I see people on line have them and hold on to them and never let go!

Diet Water: id like to see a .900 1.5 gauge over under

Troy Ortega: I always wanted an original 24 in 30-30 or 308 (yes, they made a few) over 12 ga, or 20 ga if i had to settle for that. 233 would also be acceptable. They are hatd to find. The Baikal combo guns werw supposed to be good, but there's not much coming from Russia anymore. On this new 42, the stock looked terrible. I saw,what apoeated to be air bubbles on the surface. I am glad they changed from the top lever to the finger lever by the trigger guard. Seems more ergonomic. They should make it in 22 Hornet over 410, like the USAF survival rifles. Or even 223. That would give u more options for larger small game in a survival/foraging situation. But i still say 30-30. That would enable u to take down a deer or a modest size pig, which would be your most likely options in that type of situation.

Trey Biller: Nice video man, I ended up purchasing a model after seeing the great reviews

Kennett Manion: I have an older model I bought at a resell shop for $150.00

TRS-80 Fanclub: the new one breaks down for backpack, I just picked it up, expensive though

Ryan Purvis: the original Savage 24 shot 22 magnum

Jimmy Bob: Can you shoot a 45LC round in the 410 barrel ?

iwantyourcookiesnow: It should have auto eject. It should have a picatinny rail. It should have a fiber-optic sight.

iwantyourcookiesnow: will it shoot .45 colt?

Bullseye Dixon: thanks thought original too heavy enjoy all your info videos sir

Daniel W: Yeah Jeff !! that looks like a keeper.When I was 11 or 12 that 410 could be a little pricey,but the Remington 22's were 50 cents for shorts 55 cents for long and 65 cents for long rifle.Guess they wanted you to buy longs.I guess i'm dating my self.

New Savage Model 42 22 LR / 410 Shotshell Combination Gun - 5 out of 5

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