Home Made Car Lift.

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Patrick Perry: If you are worried about sag in the ceiling above, you could always add an additional joist to what is there.

Chevy King: That's f'ing awesome dude.

SolderFlows: Hi! Are You still alive? ;)

watahyahknow: might be a good idea to make some ratchet type safey on the lift boom to hold the car up should a hydraulic line break
i think you could make it out of thick steel and use a plasmacutter to make the shape
thats he part you mount to ste side of the boom the springloaded moving part mounted to the forks will slide over it
look at the way those jackstands work , thats the type of ratchedsystem i'm talking about

Edwin Henry Blachford: very good. Thankyou. The idea of attaching the lifting members to the roof structure I have adopted. This imposes a minimal lateral load to the roof structure but increased the stability of the lifting section many fold. Good work and very practical.. 

mikefromspace: Looks like that leg would get in the way of a transmission jack.

MendingThings: Thanks

rpeek: That's cool!   Good job!

Chadd Chevrolet: I wouldn't work under it. It'd need more safety devices for my well being. I like the thought and what you did with what you had. Cool idea, but if you'd just put a lil bit away and save you can get a nice two pole lift from bendpak for like two grand and not have to worry about jack stands or anything placed under the wheels as you lift like you were raising a house. Cool how you made it work tho.

chita jing: Very interesting project. Have you considered building wooden jack stand type units? A few stacked 4x4s are STRONG. Bolting them into smaller, stackable units and moving them under the car as you lift it - might that be a viable solution to problems with the lift? If you continually put higher towers of wood under four lift points, they could hold it up if anything happened, couldn't they?

ty holmes: B-o-l-t. Bolt...

MendingThings: I will try to get a new video updated.

Daniel Crane: You've inspired me, sir. I will make my own. Can you upload a video with it being used?

nflfreak4341: very cool.. but me personally i wouldnt get under that.. but its still cool to see what people can make.. it does look sturdy...

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Home made car lift. 5 out of 5

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home made 1 post car lift.
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