Granny RSO Cure!! Rick Simpson Oil Cancer Medical Marijuana

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dabb1up: i make rso in california. And i also help cancer patients in california.

Sue Mitchel-Runow: How was the cancer found?

Mark Phelps: RSO is not good. Cannabis Paste is the way to go.

Rhonda Byrne: Thank you so much your video is perfect to share with a friend I know RSO works your video is heart felt. May Gods light and love be with you always

M akis: Well, obviously... for the first time in a month you would be able to do those things (walk, talk, think clearly) because that's what medical marijuana does. Other than that, the rest is bullcrap. Not that i expected any better.

peter germain: congratulations

Joe Swanson: Id love to see an update to see how your doing now glad to hear that it helped you so much.

Tanner Howells: Granny you remind me of my mother, she was my step mom for a decade, she was the woman that raised. She died a year ago from a brain tumor. I wished I would of known about the oil then. Thank you for spreading the word.

Dave Witchr: Well done angel hope u get straight , great testimony

EssiacHempLaetrile: DOCTORS FUSS ABOUT LUPUS "It (Rick Simpson Oil) really works, it cured my girlfriend's Lupus, just got the blood work report today, Lupus free. They told her their is no cure but we can treat it. Well, I'm here to tell you, with a little help from Me, the POT OIL cured her." Evern Sawyer

1Solarcloud: Awesome news...Stop listening to negativity...All we know is the Gov's have been hiding information (all kinds) from the people for years... Watch "Run from the cure" @ triple w phoenixtears dot ca and purchase the book, Google any questions you have...Also check out Shona Banda and LinZy maggantz videos on You tube on how to make daily doses safely with a vaporisor...Take your health back...Educate yourself... "Free the Plants Free the people Free the World"

Charlotte: Amazing story. Thank you for posting.

fenixikkiaries: I live in California. I am desperate to get this medecine. My grandfather has prostate cancer and now it has spread to other parts of his body. His pain doesn't go away now even with morphine, etc. I have researched how to make the oil but I don't know where to get the bud and what type of strain should I use? I myself am an alcoholic and want to give up the booze and I think MJ can help me. I want to get a recommendation from my doctor for medical marijuana so I can purchase it legally.

granny sweet: hello granny's caretaker here, [lease stop pickin on queenie here. this is life and death stuff for many. queenies heart is clearly in the right place and we dont know what anyone is up against. lack of safe access continues to kill many. granny says lets be a little more loving to each other, please.

granny sweet: hello grannys caretaker here. granny wanted me to add that ms,parkinsons is also worth looking at rso / rick simpson oil /mmj oil. we're getting great life renewing results!! hep c, kidney failure, migraines.~~ck. it out. if it sounds too good to be true, remember the down side~~the feds dont care if your state does care, they hate us to death literally. update: granny has rebuilt enough bone mass to no longer require braces on her ribs and leg, continues to struggle with safe access.

granny sweet: queenie,if you think it has nothing to do with her cancer STOP TALKING, YOUR TOO STUPID!! when using natural medicine you take into consideration ALL that the body is up against. because of her lupus, fibro, etc. we almost lost her!! she needed more oil and at one point in a lupus flare was eating 10 or more grams a day!! she only agreed to share this truth because it saved her. The National Fibromyalgia Association estimates that 25 percent of lupus patients will develop fibromyalgia

granny sweet: granny sweetpete can be found at

granny sweet: because im not a computer person. lol i'm just someone who got sick and lived thu it. posting is beyond me and thank you to all who had a hand in this.

granny sweet: i'm sorry you haven't done your research.

Coconut Monster: Why dose your tags not have (rick) (Simpson) ( don't get to carried away with calling it (RSO) most of the world doesnt no the term (rick Simpson 98% cure all hemp oil as yet) please let people no RSO stands for rick simpson it's miss leading at this time

Granny RSO Cure!! rick simpson oil cancer medical marijuana 5 out of 5

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