Yamaha Kodiak - Grizzly - Bruin Reverse Limiter Override-Bypass Mod

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Big Daddy Longhorn: spit it out jr!!!

Jarrett Morris: Do you know if this will work on 2016 kodiak?

neese landon: Can you not just unhook it

Ryan Medley: will this work on the 2004 660 grizzly?

Benerman2006: go to grizz hopper .com the link is in my scription. they have the mod there

Benerman2006: no. read the description please before commenting

Benerman2006: Glad to help. It seems that this vid has helped alot of people. Good stuff man and have fun out riding.

declan o grady: Thanks for this video, my kodiak 450 had started doing the popping thing in every gear, done this and now it's Perfict.

Benerman2006: It went around 48, 48 mph im pretty sure. Def faster than 30mph. In one on ym last videos of the kodiak it showed my speed I think. Check my other vids out

Lucas Simmons: When you had your Kodiak how fast was it???.mine is the same as urs was an it will only go 30mph???

Benerman2006: Thanks for the comment. I am glad that my video helped you. Thats why I post vids up on here, to help and inform others of the tricks and tips I find out from just trial and error. Well good luck the bike. those older grizzlys are beasts. Have fun out there!!

chrisej1si: i bought a 1998 grizzly 600 .. it would start and not rev up it would just bog out .. soons i hooked this wire up to the reverse rev limiter wire the bike worked great ! thx for the video

Benerman2006: @TheGreasejunky No problem. Yes the reverse light does not work with this mod, but imo its worth the lose. And if u wanna sell it, cut the ground wire and the light will work again and no one will know the difference. I sold my as is and rode it and Never had any problems

TheGreasejunky: Thank for sharing, just did it to mine and worked perfect. The only thing is the reverse light don't work with this mod.

kx85kid12: can a bruin 350 plow like new jersey snow? will it strugle?

3DMachines: i got the same pipe and tire and yamaha. best fourwheelers

Benerman2006: @SkyThunder1 dont got the quad any longer, do it and ull see

Benerman2006: @bignate2101 thanks for the info man, keep riding hard

Benerman2006: no prob, im gunna make a vid of my brute soon on about what im talking about. Very simple unplug it and no more reverse limiter

Benerman2006: Ok i know looked at an 05 bruin 350 2x4 and found the wire that needs to be unpluged on the same side as my bike is. It is a wire that plugs into the rear on ur engine case, that is covered with a red protective sleeve. There should be 3 plugs on the top rear of or engine case, like right behind my oil filter in this vid. All you need to do is unplug it and zip tie it out of the way. This is the same wire are the one in the vid, but urs is even easyer to do andyoucould justplug back in whenever.

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Yamaha Kodiak - Grizzly - Bruin Reverse Limiter Override-Bypass Mod 5 out of 5

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