Magic Jack Free Call Forwarding

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Kam Smith: get to the point

Paul Alvarez: I need to know how to forward to a mexican cell phone.. is that possible with a magic jack go?

silicon212: All good, except you got your central and west valley area codes backward (i.e. 602 is central Phoenix, 623 is west Phoenix / valley and 480 is east Phoenix / valley).

SuperCaptainKid 101: I need to ask you something,how do you make another phone call a MagicJack phone?

Kevin Cooper: Is the Magic Jack useful in the United Kingdom, as I too want to try this system out. Kevin Cooper

Binks M: It's gone for good. All the rest is hype.

Jason Mailley: False. Call forwarding is not available anymore. Magicjack keeps on promising it as "future" feature.

admllr: Can you call forward to m/j?

Luna: Currently Magic jack plus Call forwarding is not available for a feature even tho the package says this buyer beware

Leon Goldis: I'm not renewing unless MJ cf is back.

darkman042: Paul, I had to experiment a bunch to get that last post off, so I'm sorry if you got notified a zillion times that I posted a response. :) I'd bet that YouTube would let you post that link in your description if you so desired. ;)

rfcrain: Paul, Magicjack No Longer Has "Call Forwarding" I just upgrated to "magicjack Plus" and it's no longer an option! I'm like you was using it for my business same way you are.

Door To Door Mastery: From the last time my cousin talked to Magic jack they said they were going to bring it back, this was around a month ago, Check with them first before you jump and attempt to port forward. Thanks for the Comments everyone

Inflatable Kingdom Kidz Zone: I just found this out today! This is going to make me port my number today. I am really upset because they did not have the professionalism to make customers aware of this huge change.

Melvin Ballard: This is no longer true. MJ had discontinued call forwarding for NEW accounts. It still works for my two older magic jacks. Looks like I'm going to have to port my numbers to another service. MJ is going to lose a lot of business because of this.

trentavente: Just found out that MJ does not have call forwarding any more. Hm. That's new. Anyone have any idea how to get this service via VOIP for free?

Jason Mailley: MagicJack disabled their call forwarding on my phone without telling me before. Now, when it rings, the stupid app starts on my iphone and although by the time I enter my phone passwords and the app starts, the callers hangs up. Totally useless crap.

HAR H: I just bough a MJ plus I am returning it because IT DOES NOT HAVE CALL FORWARDING. I tried from the MJ install, I talk with the MJ people and they told me flat out "at this time MJ does not offer call forwarding.

Sam Jameson: As of Today, there is no call forwarding for any new purchases, however if you currently have your line forwarded it will stay that way. Once you turn it off via Live Help Only its gone for good. I was on live help and spoke with Tara; after 30 minutes and a ton of vague responses I was told that there is no ETA on Call Forwarding...DO NOT BUY THEIR CRAPPY devices!!!!

PerVideo: useless video, there is no "Call Forwarding" feature in MagicJack

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Magic Jack Free Call Forwarding 5 out of 5

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Magicjack: How To FREE Call Forwarding
Magicjack: How To FREE Call Forwarding
Magic Jack Free Call Forwarding
Magic Jack Free Call Forwarding
magicJack Call Forwarding is no longer free
magicJack Call Forwarding is no longer free
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MagicJack Review and Usage Tutorial - Free Phone Service. Like Free Beer?
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Magic Jack Go Review

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