How To Adjust Motorcycle Carburetor Floats.

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Wise Turtle Gainz: Would 14mm be the same for the 88 fzr 1000 i cant find the float height for the 87-88. the 89-95 is 12-14 mm

jeff silvia: plastic piece on the main needle is loose on the main needle

Hikkaduwa Lagoon Safari: can you please let me know how to correct floating level of Honda Magna VT250 carburetor

Jeffrey Benoit: Have a 1971 Honda 175 that has been sitting for a few years, when i turn the petrooster to on gas runs out of the overflow tube on the right carb. Any ideas how to correct this? Thank you.

Alec Schaffer: thanks for sharing your wisdom man I just Got a bike finally got it started but of course something else has to happen and now I'm leaking gas like a sumbitch

Yoyosten99: Bought a bike, the carbs had a slow leak, took them apart cleaned, adjusted floats with a bike master tool. Measured to oem specs. Hooked back up to an auxiliary tank to tune and they just dump fuel now. what gives?

Kendric Smith: Trying to hold it with three hands wait wat

Charles Roberts: I have a 1984 kawasaki ltd 700 and would like to know what the float level is supposed to be on the carbs. Do you have any idea what they should be set at?

Derrick Bowermeister: +mrmax....coming from bottom left...but i cannot see the top of the carbs due to the tank sitting on top. im going to take off the air box and lift the tank and see if its comin from top.....but its leaking from the same exact place before i rebuilt the carbs

Derrick Bowermeister: mrmax.....i watched your gas leak carb video..mine was leaking the same....i put new o rings ...carb gaskets and new float needles in all 4 carbs and i have the same leak still....any suggestions from here out ? i didnt see any cracks in the float housing /cover. i rode it all summer and just started leaking. only leaking from left side carb . not the other three...any suggestions

Lee Skinner: I have a 1977 yamaha xs4 175cc enduro is it a two stroke or four stroke engine ?

Ryan Bell: Hi, just wondering if you would know anything about my bikes problem. It tipped over one day and ever since it hasn't been running properly it runs fine in first gear but the second i change out of first it start spluttering and losing power as if its not getting enough fuel or too much fuel. Do u think this could be because the float heights are knocked off when it was on its side?

Rusty Nails: I opened up the carbs before installing them and they were nice and clean. I removed the air box on my bike with the old carbs and put pods on and the pipes have holes drilled in the baffles for a throatier sound. It ran great with the stock carbs after being synced this way.
 I opened up the fuel screws to 3 full turns on this set and it runs good after it warms up a bit, but until then it idles low. At times it seems to get stuck at a higher idle and then I let off the clutch a bit and it drops back down to where it should. I'm not a mechanic but I've done all I know to do except using a sync machine which I don't personally have.

Rusty Nails: I ended up replacing the carburetors with a better set of used ones and they have an idle issue as well and can only think they need to be jetted/synced with a vacuum sync machine. Other than that the bike runs well and starts up just fine. Could what I mention be the problem/solution?

communicate17: Good explanation

Rusty Nails: Could a stuck float and needle cause idle problems? I've cleaned the carbs thoroughly and used float needle, gasket, etc rebuild kits and noticed one of the floats occasionally sticks. I thought I fixed it and re-installed the carbs but my idle goes from 1100 rpm to a stuck 3000 and I don't know what else it could be.

Ed Kastellon: Hi Master..

Watching this video.. and need some advise and guide from you..

My honda rebel 250 1986, is running rich according to the spark plugs.. carb has been complete cleaned with chem dip and sonic cleaner by a friend.. compression test.. done... and the last thing i've heard is to check for my float.. as i see in your video.. so.. just want to confirm with you.. could this be the source of my problem..??? any extra advice to solve a running rich condition..???

I'll truly appreciate your comments..


john miller: about the needle, while adjusting my float height i noticed that there is approx. 1/16" to 2/16"th of a gap between the tang on the float and the wire on the needle valve that slips over the tang.  When the float travels its full distance, closed to opened, it appears that the spring loaded needle valve opens/closes just fine, however the needle doesnt move within the needle seat.  I would expect the needle to move slightly from closed to open!?  The wire that slips over the float tang is actually 2 independant wires that meet in the middle over the top of the tang on the float.  Im guessing that these wires are out of adjustment.  Im inclined to bend down the 2 wires that slip over the tang on the float, to close the gap and allow the needle to open/close within the needle seat.  I am riding a 1998 Suzuki VZ800.
Also, in your experience could the tang on the float become bent and out of adjustment due to a crash?  I recently learned the lesson of cold tires on a cold road, lost rear traction when i gave it a little throttle and went down like a load of bricks at about 30-35mph.
Thanks bro!!

Brad Wilde: Nice Video. Easy solution to what looked like a daunting task.

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How to adjust motorcycle carburetor floats. 5 out of 5

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04 How to inspect and adjust float level on a carburetor. BONUS: RICH LEAN Fuel Settings explained!
04 How to inspect and adjust float level on a carburetor. BONUS: RICH LEAN Fuel Settings explained!
How to adjust motorcycle carburetor floats.
How to adjust motorcycle carburetor floats.
how to repair and adjust carburetor fuel floats
how to repair and adjust carburetor fuel floats
How to adjust carburetor float level Keihin - No tools required - KTM250/300 2 stroke
How to adjust carburetor float level Keihin - No tools required - KTM250/300 2 stroke

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