Tikka T3 Lite Stainless .223 Review

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dreadjavapirate: Nice video and great choice for a rifle.

Ray Hansen: py 44-12X LEUPOLD ON MINE 8 inch twist,loves 60 gr. bulleys.

Eric Williams: Best rifle ever made. Match quality trigger out the box, light weight, sub moa with right projectile. I love mine!

blixtkrig: i have a new one now same caliber and 8 twist barrel.where did u buy the shellpocket?

Ray Hansen: Nice SCOPE REVIEW........

Zach Conant: Are you from Australia or New Zealand, i can't tell lol. Either way it sucks that that was over $1,000. Here in America (i am not trying to boast, our country sucks right now cuz of obama and the liberals) i can find one for under $700 easy, and the ones without a stainless barrel around $550. Good luck, and enjoy the shooting!

boonster666: Cracking video keep it up ,,,but a few less erm! erm! erm! but very good ,,,,,,

jdfog2: Hi,

Nice review. So I didn't see in any comments/questions/answers I looked at below. Do you use those quick disconnect mounts with your new scope? Do they hold zero if you remove and then put it back on the rifle? Thanks

muddog1able: Wow you hunt deer with that rifle caliber I know people here uses 222 rem for whitetail deer but head shots the smallest I use 243win and using the right bullet Remington Core lokt 100gr

muddog1able: I like the video good review

muddog1able: What type of scope you using and whats the best ammo for this gun . Do you hunt or target only .

Bunnyshooter 223: Looks like a long action for a .223.
This is why I like Sako better, and what I like about the CZ 527. They have a properly sized action for the .223 cartridge.
I'm looking around for a .223 and the Sako is on my list for the right price. I held one the other day--smooth action for sure. I had a Ruger M77 Hawkeye action... pos imo it would almost lock up on me.

Alex Zhao: Is the trigger plastic?

tarakai2: Of course stainless rusts, doesn't matter if it's 316, 304, duplex or whatever, given the right conditions (atmospheric and chemical) it can still rust, cleaning after a shoot is important.

Danny Herbert: stainless steel doesn't rust

kiwiwoolf: They are very plastic.... if you don't like plastic i suggest you get it in timber. Wild dog stocks do a really nice custom stock for the tikka if you want to keep the weight down but don't want the original stock.

Sputnik: Hey bud could you tell me what the stocks are like on these things? are they very plasticy or do they have a rubber feel like the howa stocks?

AstronautSpaceCake: i would prefer a 1 in 10 twist or better for a 0.223 for better accuracy

Thor Hamm: nice rifle.

TexasFire: Sweet, I assumed they all were, just couldn't find any literature behind it. Thanks guys

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Tikka T3 Lite Stainless .223 review 5 out of 5

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