Hatsan Escort MP Shotgun Review

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RangerCaptain11A: zero your sights for birdshot. to shoot slugs line the frontsight with the top of the rear sight.

InfiniteWisdom: Anyone got any information on a 2 round extension tube on this gun?

BRENDAJASON1: Got one was wondering what other ajustable pistal grips would work on this shotgun

tiamat1296: Do you know if the xrail will attach to the MP?

Brandon Demiter: I bought one yesterday Bro at pickle's Sporting Goods $369.99 total $392.45 & I Love it...!
Purchased one for protect my family & On the News just found out Here in Dearborn Michigan there is Terrorist cell somewhere in Dearborn nobody knows where at..!
I live in Canton Michigan not to Far from Dearborn..!
So do you have any tips on MP Shotgun...? & cool video...!

tootsierollx2011: Is it good for clay pigeon shooting?

Tommy Chong: 200 rounds?!?! That's nothing, please let me know how it operates after 1,000 rounds threw it please. I am very interested in this shotgun. Everything sounds good but the price is my question. Where is the catch. I see them going for 450 where I live. A defense shotgun like this at this price is really good.

1111111111202: reliability?

whocare9999: i got this from academy for 497.$ after tax u got lucky lol......But yes it is a great and beautiful gun.

Tony I: Hatsan makes a mag extension specifically for this shotgun. It should be available from any hatsan retailer.

aaron042671: Adjust the front with Allen key

RJtoon1: @MrEslender I love the flash supressor it makes it look like the cannon it is at the range. You won'T find chokes on these fighting shotguns as they are made with slugs and buckshot in mind. Check the newer review vid for something interesting that happened (the Barska Red Dot one)

MrEslender: Just got this shotty this friday! IT's my first gun. Can't wait to fire it. Only 2 minuses for me are the muzzle brake was too much for me so i removed it and put the simple ring...and the fixed choke is the other thing.....but eh no big deal.

RJtoon1: same thing as far as I know Talha. I am not sure but I think Optima is for Canada and Escorts seem to be moreso in the USA

John Conroy: I got the same gun and had the same problem with slugs hitting low. The screw for the rear is an M3 so I picked up a longer one at the hardware store. Now that I know the front sight is adjustable I'll try that to keep the stock rear screw. Also ordered a Pachmayr pad to make it shoot even smoother!

RJtoon1: hmm ok. I want to really lower the front sight because I had to raise e rear ghost ring so much

Roland G: Screw it down for up.

RJtoon1: oh man, I wish I knew that before! Thanks I'll give it a try

Roland G: You can raise the front sight up or down there is a Allen key Adjustment Second screw from the front.

RJtoon1: I did experience 2 shots where the shell "swelled" after firing and it was hell to get them out. I couldn't even rack the pump back, so the barrel had to come off. Bad shells I assume

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Hatsan Escort MP Shotgun Review 5 out of 5

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