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PyroMagnum: I feel kinda bad because 1 of my christmas presents I asked for is from Ultrasabers. But after watching this, I think I'd rather stick with TCSS from now on. Some of the pictures people took of the insides of their saber actually made me feel sick. I know my Dark Initiate V3 looks professionally built on the inside since I already looked but now I'm worried about my Dominix that's coming in. Probably the last time I deal with Ultrasabers just to play it safe. And TCSS stuff is at nicer prices!

kevin thumann: lol wow I leave the forums for 3 months and chaos breaks out

TSEpictures: I plan on getting an Aeon V3 soon. I will have to chronicle my experience.

Akemi Ito: I've received sabers now from Ultra Sabres (Ordering The Malice this Friday), never a problem, the product always exceeded my expectations in every way and shipping times are always real short. I've used two other companies, but for price, workmanship, durability they can't be beat. And for full contact sparring they are the only blade that I've purchased that can stand up to the abuse we throw at them.

Jarrod Rottau: That's weird, because I've purchased around a dozen or so Ultrasabers and never had a problem with any of them. They range from early PVC hilts (which still work) to custom jobs by Ultra. I guess every company puts out a bad product here or there, but IMO they're legit enough.

apocalypssurvivor: I recently ordered a saber from them, i can say my e-mails with the company have been ansewered promptly and profesionally. my saber has not arrived as of yet, but i do plan on looking at it closley. i will do a video review of it and post online,with the good or bad for all to see. I can speak of certain ebay sellers though,who will sell knockoff's of all kinds of products, you have to be carefull when you buy from an ebay seller. the hot glue LED modules may be from eraly sabers IDK.

Ultramasterjedi: Just would like to put this out. So what if their insides are made rough? the reason they probably broke is because they were using them to hard. Plus they Make thousands of Sabers a year, there are bound to be several that dont work. if you want a dueling saber, get one with a higher quality blade, and one not made for fancy looks. if they are broke on arrival, I'm sure they have warranties

Joshua Garcia: I have 4 stunts and NO problems at all. I've had my CG Liberator for like 2 years now and still works like on day 1, then a Dominix V2 LE in BR for a year, still works good. Then I got 2 Grab bags, had them for maybe a month now and still works good. Getting tired of people saying Ultra Sabers has bad products when in fact they don't. I'm going to be buying my first Obsidian saber soon too. Overlord in VA. ;o

Christopher Contreras: im buying 12 lol

darthgreivous: I used to have a video up on my channel about the whole situation with them and Novastar, but I took it down when one of the members told me that if the other head member saw this he would want to file a lawsuit on me.

hadomaru1121: I've got a Dark SI, no problems here. The blade is bright, the components fit perfectly (except for the battery pack, but that's a 2 seconds fix) and the hilt is durable and stylish. Best of all: they're affordable.

takanuva588: I have never had a problem with customer service. i once broke the soundboard on my dominix V3 and i sent it in and they fixed it and everything and they were very pleasent about it.

Randy Moore: I bought an ultrasaber once and it's not given me any trouble ever.

Polaris543: JQ sabers Uk please....

B3nny56: Good points. But Im still buying 4 next month and I cant wait :)

gargar75: I purchased about 10 sabers from Ultrasabers. Only had a small problem with 1 of them, and they took care of it. My experiences with ultrasabers has been good. I have purchased many sabers on ebay, and literally about half of the people i purchased a saber from on ebay were very dishonest. From my personal experience, ultrasabers is one of only a few places that i purchased a saber from that did not rip me off. I have had a total of thousands of dollars taken from me by dishonest ebay sellers.

Marc Miller: I spent 300 on a saber, pretty much got the nicest they had with obsidian and lighted switch. The board fried on me and it stopped working. They fixed it and sent it back to me and it fried again this time with tons of smoke. The customer service was horrible, accusatory, and arrogant. They acted like mine burning up is unheard of, but a simple Internet search showed others with the same story. The saber also was scratched up inside and outside, obviously used and not new. They just ignored tha

MrAndstuff: i agree with what you saying one thing i dident hear about on hear was them never responding when you ask a question and the other thing is the saber smiths out there over price there sabers $1000 to $2000 dollers for 1 saber is insane and i cant build a saber so this really puts me in a stuggel i really dont know were to turn can some one tell me were to go and what to do cuz im stuck

James Gates: I notice most of the pics seem to be from early models and most companies tend to start out one way, and make improvements as they grow. They only make their LED modules one way now and that is very well. they have a diffuser lens and reflector inside an all aluminum housing that acts as a giant heat-sync. Also what most refer to as hot glue, is actually a silicon thermal adhesive. It is not well applied in these pictures, granted, but it is an appropriate material for thermal protection.

doodlewop: Great Vid. had the same issue with my Overlord with US 2.5. My switch was an empty AV switch with a tactile glued in where the AV switch should be, and my board was wrapped in heatshrink and left loose in the hilt.

micahmatt: @ShepherdNeo I have had LOTS of problems with them. The blade on one broke on the first use. The reflective material in the blade was crumpled up, and one of the lightsabers shorted out.

Wes Collins: @bjalovick I would actually build my own lightsaber... If I knew how to make them. I haven't been in any shop class of any kind since the 9th grade so I would literally need someone right beside me the whole way with all the programming cutting etc. I have yet to buy an ultrasaber, but I seem to be getting a mixed bag about as much as I get a mixed bag on people's like/dislike of the Star Wars prequels

Novastar (SaberCombat): @darthgreivous I've heard this from other people as well. They simply want to frighten you (and others) into doing their bidding. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do--but don't give into the fear. You have the right to express your opinion about products and situations. People do it all the time... and others attempt to SUPPRESS those people's opinions all the time, too.

SteveSabbai: ...whats the music?...

SteveSabbai: ...i bought the Raven Saber from US but after watching this video i dont think i will buy from them again...

HonestSaberReviews: I have disallowed many people agreeing with the video, because they call ultrasabers names and use less than professional language in the comment. Doing these things is nonproductive and does not help ones position. If you would like to leave a comment saying why you disagree, in a polite and respectful manner, I would be happy to allow it.

Leif Drace: ive got 3 of em and they all work just fine the only problem that i had was that the batteries would sometimes become lose and the light would turn off its a really easy fix though... just taped em in

Loathomar: My girlfriend and I got two UltraSabers light-sabers for Halloween this year and we both agreed they are great. I also fight the information in some of the comments doubtful, as the guy that spend $1000 on 2 Arbiter with Sound seems to have spent a full $600 over the current retail price for those, so that seems very questionable as a review. Really, I can only speak to my one deallings for sure, and I personally really like my UltraSabers light-sabers. Look great and are fun to flight with.

MrBREEBAH: music sounds a bit Mass Effect-y (Y)

HonestSaberReviews: Some of you have expressed curiosity as to why comments are Moderated. In order to maintain professionallism on this channel, it is necessary. Here are the criteria a comment must meet: 1. No personal attacks, name calling, or questioning of intentions. 2. Respectfully presenting why one disagrees or agrees with the video. No personal attacks or name calling of the people in the video. 3. Communicating your thoughts in a polite and constructive manner.

Christopher Ellis: did you have any problems with them?

itsweskerbitch: I like them but almost every saber is a near clone of other sabers that have been used by the main characters. It is very true that they are unoriginal.

Wes Collins: I recently purchase a Bellicose from them and thus far, all seems to be going fairly well except that a. instead of a black blade holder, I got a silver one. Minor complaint, I let it slide. But what I do not is the fact that they sent it and UPS gipped me majorly not only cause of shipping fees, but Ultrasabers tried to illegally get it across the border, then when I called them out on this, Emory, the guy who does the videos, was rude as all hell and mean. I shall wait for further developments

tranceadentialreviva: it will take longer, but you will learn something out of it, and its funner anywho... just build your own sabers... blades and everything... the custom saber shop has real quality parts. the only thing i liked about ultra sabers were the hilts (empty) and the ultra edge blades.

Christian Terry: My dark initiate fell apart on me. I know its bound to happen because Ultrasabers mass produces them to make it cheaper and I bought a really cheap one but just letting you know. Thats the only problem I have had with them though. Otherwise they do it pretty good.

maslad: I dont see any point here... I have 4 Us sabers (V2, consular) with and without sound, for 2 years now. They all work perfect. People seem to forget, if u make gazilion sabers a month, some will be faulty. And if you sell to gazilion customers, some will be unhappy. In my expiriance, they have the best customer suport EVER so im confused here. All this talk about quality, rofl what do you expect from a 70 US saber ? And a saber that is best u can buy for your money, duel-able and bright.

kenobiplaysthebanjo: Yeah...I don't know about you but if I had a company and someone was posting bad reviews of my products on my own website, I sure as hell would be deleting them. Welcome to business 101.

K1LLMihalis11: hey if u read on the website forum (...Space is tight in some of these sabers and with the way we mount the soundboard for the Li-Ion setup, you are guaranteed to have access to the port regardless of the saber. The same cannot be guaranteed for Standard 4 AAA setup. Those battery packs are big and take up a lot of space and we might have to use some serious cram-fu to get everything to fit, which means access to the USB port is not guaranteed with the Standard setup...)

Falconsway261: HI dude, I have been hearing stuff like this for a while now about them, sometimes they will not even get back to a customer wishing to buy from them or as you have stated, will send the wrong parts to the customer. It is my understanding the best defence is to learn from mistakes made and keep the customerrs happy by LISTENING to them and make the appropite ajustments needed to do good work for the clientel who give them the Republic Credits in good fath for the work they need done.

simontheewok: I have dropped mine and smacked it on the hardest of surfaces which left it in the same condition I bought it in... Perfect. They make the most durable lightsabers I have ever seen. In fact, I just bought another one the other day because my friends and I are about to make a (probably really cheesy) movie :)

Ben Jalovick: Well if you want something done correctly do it yourself. That's why TCSS exists :) why do you think the jedi build their own lightsabers? but I will say that I ordered a liberator staff and I was and still am pleased with it. though the LED is hotglued onto a nut it holds just fine but my only real complaint is the battery pack. After extensive dueling the battery pack broke and I have to use tape to keep it together along with some foam to keep it from giggling in the hilt any more.

metroidball: So any update on this? I'd like to know how the cutting edge case did in court and what was resolved. It would also be nice if you guys could look into some of their newer products to see if quality is still lacking. Also, does anyone here know any other place that sells sabers in this price range? (And ships worldwide) I sorta want one that I can fight with that does not break. But those companies that I found that sell are VERY expensive! :V

HonestSaberReviews: Thank you all for your constructive comments. Many of you have touched on how you have not had quality issues, or minimal ones that are "expected" since Ultrasabers produces so many. It is my intention to make people aware of the possibility they could get a damaged saber, as you say, they make so many. If you have had something fixed, I am glad for you. That does not however, excuse the flagrant thievery of sound-fonts, nor excuse how they treat people who review their products negatively.

ajs42350: The best thing about ultrasabers is they have low cost options. They have their Graflex and $180+ models, but considering for the price of one Parks saber, you can afford anywhere from 3-5 ultrasabers... that's not that bad. Plus, if you break an ultrasaber's blade, it's not a $100 replacement. You get what you pay for. If I were to spend $350 on a collectible like a Parks, it better be perfect. But ultrasabers sit at around $70-130, so replacements are affordable if needed.

Dale Williams: i have two ultrasabers and i have had no problems withthem, i am quite pleased with the sabers.

AASPORTSANDTHINGS: HAHAHAHA you guys are funny. if you were serious the first thing you would bring up is your dissapointment and what happened and some reason for being upset. all i see is everyone posting how much they paid its all about money. you pay less than 150 for a saber you get what you paid for try buying a car and say this isnt what i paid for and watch them laugh at you. you pay for everything in this world you want quality shell the money out for it otherwise dont complain

micahmatt: @ShepherdNeo Never will buy from them again. Bought 3 lightsabers and all of them were broken. 400 bucks wasted.

evilottojr: I have 5 Ultrasabers back from the days they used to use PVC. I've had a few problems, mainly involving fragile battery packs and the PVC broke on my saberstaff at one point, but nothing happened I couldn't fix. I'd say they're a decent option for the price. If you need a saber fast, you don't have weeks for machining, and don't have the money for a super-high-end sabersmith, US isn't bad. Are they the best? No. But they're the cheapest, and you get what you pay for. I'd buy from them again.

legozombie9000: low price, nice look, great colors, and durable...who gives a crap about internals. go with ultrasabers

animalmother519: im one of those peps who got banned and kicked from forum and youtube chann for standing up for nova and plecter ultra sabers are ladys

UltraSabers Review, a Lightsaber Company 2.8 out of 5

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