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Akemi Ito: I've received sabers now from Ultra Sabres (Ordering The Malice this Friday), never a problem, the product always exceeded my expectations in every way and shipping times are always real short. I've used two other companies, but for price, workmanship, durability they can't be beat. And for full contact sparring they are the only blade that I've purchased that can stand up to the abuse we throw at them.

TSEpictures: I plan on getting an Aeon V3 soon. I will have to chronicle my experience.

PyroMagnum: I feel kinda bad because 1 of my christmas presents I asked for is from Ultrasabers. But after watching this, I think I'd rather stick with TCSS from now on. Some of the pictures people took of the insides of their saber actually made me feel sick. I know my Dark Initiate V3 looks professionally built on the inside since I already looked but now I'm worried about my Dominix that's coming in. Probably the last time I deal with Ultrasabers just to play it safe. And TCSS stuff is at nicer prices!

ajs42350: The best thing about ultrasabers is they have low cost options. They have their Graflex and $180+ models, but considering for the price of one Parks saber, you can afford anywhere from 3-5 ultrasabers... that's not that bad. Plus, if you break an ultrasaber's blade, it's not a $100 replacement. You get what you pay for. If I were to spend $350 on a collectible like a Parks, it better be perfect. But ultrasabers sit at around $70-130, so replacements are affordable if needed.

gargar75: I purchased about 10 sabers from Ultrasabers. Only had a small problem with 1 of them, and they took care of it. My experiences with ultrasabers has been good. I have purchased many sabers on ebay, and literally about half of the people i purchased a saber from on ebay were very dishonest. From my personal experience, ultrasabers is one of only a few places that i purchased a saber from that did not rip me off. I have had a total of thousands of dollars taken from me by dishonest ebay sellers.

Loathomar: My girlfriend and I got two UltraSabers light-sabers for Halloween this year and we both agreed they are great. I also fight the information in some of the comments doubtful, as the guy that spend $1000 on 2 Arbiter with Sound seems to have spent a full $600 over the current retail price for those, so that seems very questionable as a review. Really, I can only speak to my one deallings for sure, and I personally really like my UltraSabers light-sabers. Look great and are fun to flight with.

James Gates: I notice most of the pics seem to be from early models and most companies tend to start out one way, and make improvements as they grow. They only make their LED modules one way now and that is very well. they have a diffuser lens and reflector inside an all aluminum housing that acts as a giant heat-sync. Also what most refer to as hot glue, is actually a silicon thermal adhesive. It is not well applied in these pictures, granted, but it is an appropriate material for thermal protection.

The Devil's Due: I recently purchase a Bellicose from them and thus far, all seems to be going fairly well except that a. instead of a black blade holder, I got a silver one. Minor complaint, I let it slide. But what I do not is the fact that they sent it and UPS gipped me majorly not only cause of shipping fees, but Ultrasabers tried to illegally get it across the border, then when I called them out on this, Emory, the guy who does the videos, was rude as all hell and mean. I shall wait for further developments

kiana301: I love how people who are told by the employees to post POSITIVE responses cuz they can't delete them on here. Who cares what the quality of these low end sabers are, their customer service is crap, border-lining on nasty and mean, they should be ashamed of their behavior. I would never ever order from them and will pass on the video to others I know. Shameful.

Christian Terry: My dark initiate fell apart on me. I know its bound to happen because Ultrasabers mass produces them to make it cheaper and I bought a really cheap one but just letting you know. Thats the only problem I have had with them though. Otherwise they do it pretty good.

MrAndstuff: i agree with what you saying one thing i dident hear about on hear was them never responding when you ask a question and the other thing is the saber smiths out there over price there sabers $1000 to $2000 dollers for 1 saber is insane and i cant build a saber so this really puts me in a stuggel i really dont know were to turn can some one tell me were to go and what to do cuz im stuck

Wubsay: im buying 12 lol

superllamaking: I have dropped mine and smacked it on the hardest of surfaces which left it in the same condition I bought it in... Perfect. They make the most durable lightsabers I have ever seen. In fact, I just bought another one the other day because my friends and I are about to make a (probably really cheesy) movie :)

Christopher Ellis: did you have any problems with them?

itsweskerbitch: I like them but almost every saber is a near clone of other sabers that have been used by the main characters. It is very true that they are unoriginal.

GMitten: ive got 3 of em and they all work just fine the only problem that i had was that the batteries would sometimes become lose and the light would turn off its a really easy fix though... just taped em in

Dale Williams: i have two ultrasabers and i have had no problems withthem, i am quite pleased with the sabers.

Mihalis Loizou: hey if u read on the website forum (...Space is tight in some of these sabers and with the way we mount the soundboard for the Li-Ion setup, you are guaranteed to have access to the port regardless of the saber. The same cannot be guaranteed for Standard 4 AAA setup. Those battery packs are big and take up a lot of space and we might have to use some serious cram-fu to get everything to fit, which means access to the USB port is not guaranteed with the Standard setup...)

Joshua Garcia: I have 4 stunts and NO problems at all. I've had my CG Liberator for like 2 years now and still works like on day 1, then a Dominix V2 LE in BR for a year, still works good. Then I got 2 Grab bags, had them for maybe a month now and still works good. Getting tired of people saying Ultra Sabers has bad products when in fact they don't. I'm going to be buying my first Obsidian saber soon too. Overlord in VA. ;o

kenobiplaysthebanjo: Yeah...I don't know about you but if I had a company and someone was posting bad reviews of my products on my own website, I sure as hell would be deleting them. Welcome to business 101.

UltraSabers Review, a Lightsaber Company 5 out of 5

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