Electric Energy From Wife's Arm Free Hack Thermoelectric Generator Seebeck Peltier TEG Joule Thief

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USNVA: Poor Dan looks tired or run down - too many hours in the shop. They need a vacation.

Jeremy Williams: Just a thought but what if you sandwiched a T.E.G. between an instant cold pack and sodium-acetate heat pad?

Matthew Scanlon: That's awesome I got one on amazon :) http://www.amazon.com/s/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=kipkvide-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=390957&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Athermoelectric%20peltier&field-keywords=thermoelectric%20peltier&url=search-alias%3Daps%3EThermoelectric%20Peltier%20Generator%3C/a%3E%3Cimg%20src= 

Refrigerated Trailers: Great video. Maybe we will be making refrigerated trailers from these soon. Lol

TheInsainepops: Can someone please show me where he got these parts? For this its not on there website?

nHeroGo: Love the fuzz filter as soon as you cut to Denise. Very cute. And fun. Dan will never run out of light.

MessengerofYahweh: You two are priceless! I just love watching you two's channel! And by the way i sure hope God will match me with a wife that is as lovely as yours is!

Dennis McMullen: If I bury it deep enough under ground the heat from the earth should take care one side, however I still need to come up with just as an efficient way to cool it. I also need to do this without the device becoming one ambient temperature. An ideas on how to efficiently to solve this problem ?

mV33rs: The peltier cooler I had worked the same as the thermo electric generator if you make one side extremely cold and other side extremely hot

Najey Rifai: BTW, how efficient are these things?

evol6: I envy you guys....

anotherblonde: Love your vids - you should do marriage guidance as an offshoot, as you two seem so happy and well matched - we could learn more than science from you.

DogbiteOW: You guys are really great. Love your videos.

Yvounet2: Hi Dan, We tried few month ago to mount on both side of a recycled peltier module heat sink from old computer. Then we poured water from a mountain source (quite cold arround 8degC) on one side to keep it cool, and the other heat sink painted in black on the other side of the peltier module was "lighten" with a small parabola reflector. Worked fine. Still unfinished yet but will be used a small electricity generator to charge a 12V battery. Keep up the good work ! Yves,

marshall min: or use joule thief as the converter

Egor Ponamarchuk: You're the hottest couple in the world. Enjoying your videos. Greatings from Russia&Ukraine. Thanks.

jaborla: Megan Fox can put an end to the energy crisis.

GAMBITBZ: I cold solder then in my car exaust...

Surendhar Karla: pls explain about boost converter

MrMeat42: Hmmm so say I sew pants out of copper wire - I could power a burning laser with my pants, right? :P

GREENPOWERSCIENCE: need sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz

Wavefront101: Nm, I think I found the converter. The part name is "ELC-W0422-1" Unipolar Boost Converter Circuit" from custom thermoelectric. Runs as low as 80mV to .8 volts.

MrMeat42: Nope. it works. The science of semiconductors is mysterious, and may seem like witchcraft. But all the rules of conservation of energy are at work here


Lisandro Garcia: In reality they are both esentually the same device, they both use bismuth telluride semi conductors, diodes to be exact. Love the devices though, i have a whole pack of them, use them in my research.

anderwan: There's a camp stove with TEG to power a fan to make the burning clean and hot, which ALSO provides powered USB!! v=KnfV_3LM5l8

Timothy Tim: Hi Dan&Denise , have you checked out a You Tube video from a British gentleman named Barumman titled "Stirling Cycle" Thermomechanical Generator. If a block of 4 or 8 of these could be combined and put on a wood pellet stove or furnace maybe it could charge up a deep cycle battery. Dan&Denise maybe you can find a way to hook a few of these TEGS on a car's exhaust manifold or cooling system to produce electrical power to run a hydrogen generator.

Livin' In Alaska - Learning to Live Off-Grid: Is it possible to get a large enough generator attached to a woodstove that would charge a 12v battery bank when solar is limited in the Alaskan winter months?

mV33rs: Oh, what if you put one of those between a processor and the heat sink in a computer. Would you be able to make your laptop run more efficient by recycling the heat?

rldunavant: hey dan, any chance you can do a videos about wood gas or maybe homemade ethanol one day?

sparkster7744: Hello guys. Have you tried on working with magnets? To make a permanent magnet motor?

anderwan: I'm guessing Dan's hand didn't light up the light because hands are generally cooler than arms. When you're overheated and radiating heat, arms and hands might be the same, so I guess the room was comfortable for Dan.

ze62948: will it melt at,lets say 2000Fº?

conicEllipse: It's so nice to see Denise again. It's been a while. I especially love the Bloopers. It looks like you two have a blast making the videos. Thanks for the introduction to this technology. It may be something I'm going to experiment with. I'd like to know more about the DC to DC booster you're using. The ones I have a very big.

gubbben123: We got a corn stove and u could put the generator outside on the exhaust and generate electricity to power the corn stove even during a black out

monstercameron: i luv how they get along!

specallez: Where did you get that TEG from ?

NLStitch: Could a TEG charge a 12V car battery if i hook some up to a woodburner?

TheLonelyImmortal: 7:31 Denise is so cool :)

NotWatching666999: Why cant I line my exhaust pipe with TEG's and use the voltage generated for the cars system and running a smaller alternator to free up some HP?

lakecrab: Great Man-cave backdrop.

lectricgenius: how much amperage do these things produce-- do u have any idea? im guessing its just like a thermocouple and its amperage is pretty much negligible

scot fletcher: love your videos , maybe you could check this out. "Easy to make free energy, perpetual motion machine using monopole magnet. "

John Holmes: Dan, you should have been a science teacher with all your cool experiments. Thanks for including Denise, she seems like a fun person.

morbit w: YOU 2 ARE GENIUSES!! this is cool. . I subscribed

Erich Fahrenholz: Dan, long time viewer, just curious--that joule thief circuit you are using...is it custom built or did you acquire it from somewhere? The reason I ask is that's incredible. You could wear this on your body and save up energy to say, charge a cell phone or provide a bright light in the dark.

Klasniedryg: cant you put them under the sun, and generate energy from the sun heat? or have some catalyst that heats up inbetween?

alexszukala: What are the stats on that TEG used in the video?

MrCoalmin: shave your head - it'll look good. oh yeah great vid! (don't mean to be shallow) (just am)

P4nikStudios: so if you put that to a cell phone battery and put it in our pocket all day it would be charging your cellphone?

Electric Energy from wife's arm free hack Thermoelectric Generator Seebeck Peltier TEG Joule thief 4.9 out of 5

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Electric Energy from wife's arm  free hack Thermoelectric Generator Seebeck Peltier TEG Joule thief
Electric Energy from wife's arm free hack Thermoelectric Generator Seebeck Peltier TEG Joule thief
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