Free Energy Human Heat Joule Thief Hack Thermoelectric Generator Seebeck Peltier TEG Joule Thief

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Fayzal Boodhoo: from where you bought this boost converter

Sriranjan Rasakatla: Could you please tell me where to buy the thermo electric generator and the DC-DC boost converter from?

MaryXooo: to get real free games Free Energy human heat Joule thief hack Thermoelectric Generator Seebeck Peltier TEG Joule thief

Abtahee Salakeen: Does thermoelectric devices generate free energy?
Thermoelectric devices generate electricity from heat difference. It doesn't absorb heat. It just uses the flowing heat to generate energy. So is the energy generated by thermoelectric devices free energy?
What will happen if I stack 100 of these?  +GREENPOWERSCIENCE

Tony Page: Hows about making a suit full of thermal electric generators and going outside on cool nights...enough power for a flashlight?
Or.... if your house has wood heat you could mount them with thermal paste to a on one side and cold on the other..the bigger the difference the more power

Ian Wolfe: Great video very informative!  Random question forgive me if I'm off color but I was just wondering if you'll were Luciferian/Wiccan?  I'm getting good at learning stuff and was just wonder if you were in that campish area?  No judgements although I'm Xtian but I was just wondering as I'm trying to sharpen my skills as I'm meeting new and different people.  Thanks for the video, you'll are an awesome couple!  That is refreshing to see!  Take care!

Riad Ahmed: Man your woman is very hot

John Lennon: hes on drugs...lucky sob to have that wife

Melvin Huang: Hi there , may I know where can I get the booster converter that u are using to boost the voltage from the TEG ? 

USNVA: Poor Dan looks tired or run down - too many hours in the shop. They need a vacation.

Refrigerated Trailers: Great video. Maybe we will be making refrigerated trailers from these soon. Lol

TheInsainepops: Can someone please show me where he got these parts? For this its not on there website?

Jeremy Williams:  Just a thought but what if you sandwiched a T.E.G. between an instant cold pack and sodium-acetate heat pad?

Matthew Scanlon: That's awesome I got one on amazon :)

Domino60: I'm hot now

RimstarOrg: Hey Dan. This week I took apart one of the same type of water coolers as in this video. I first did the same as you, I looked behind the heat sink and saw this big thing that I thought was the Peltier module. But once I removed it, it turned out that most of that was some sort of foam insulation and the module was a small one the size of the small one you use in this video. I don't know if that's the case with yours, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

nHeroGo: Love the fuzz filter as soon as you cut to Denise. Very cute. And fun. Dan will never run out of light.

Steve Auston: Looked on the website and didn't see any info on where to order the TEG modules from, can you share or provide a vender please? Thanks in advance and thanks for sharing your awesome ideas and tutorials.

xlargetophat: these guys are the coolest

austincb90: Dan and Denise, Thanks so much for posting this video, very informative and awesome demonstartion, it seems magic! I am a student with a project, and I was wondering if you could please provide me with some helpful info? At the voltages shown in the video, seemed about 5V, what amperage do yall measure with the associated 5V reading? Im trying to see how power much power a TEG with a booster can generate, so this would be very helpful. also, what model # TEG are yall using? Thank you so much!

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Free Energy human heat Joule thief hack Thermoelectric Generator Seebeck Peltier TEG Joule thief 5 out of 5

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Free Energy human heat Joule thief hack Thermoelectric Generator Seebeck Peltier TEG Joule thief
Free Energy human heat Joule thief hack Thermoelectric Generator Seebeck Peltier TEG Joule thief

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