Xperia Ion (LT28at/i/h) ICS Update With Root (Locked Bootloader)

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Ricardo Alonso Alvarez Enriquez: 20/026/2014 16:26:01 - INFO - <- This level is successfully initialized
20/026/2014 16:26:01 - INFO - Flashtool Version built on 2012-09-17 22:32:25
20/026/2014 16:26:01 - INFO - You can drag and drop ftf files here to start flashing them
20/026/2014 16:26:08 - INFO - Device disconnected
20/027/2014 16:27:00 - INFO - Selected LT28h_6.2.B.0.211_Generic.ftf
20/027/2014 16:27:00 - INFO - Preparing files for flashing
20/028/2014 16:28:12 - INFO - Please connect your device into flashmode.
20/028/2014 16:28:27 - INFO - Opening device for R/W
20/028/2014 16:28:27 - INFO - Start Flashing
20/028/2014 16:28:27 - INFO - Processing loader
20/028/2014 16:28:27 - INFO - Checking header
20/028/2014 16:28:27 - INFO - Ending flash session
20/028/2014 16:28:27 - ERROR -
20/028/2014 16:28:27 - ERROR - Error flashing. Aborted
20/028/2014 16:28:27 - ERROR - Drivers need to be installed for connected device.
20/028/2014 16:28:27 - ERROR - You can find them in the drivers folder of Flashtool.

I don't know why this is happening?!! :C
Because I've already installed the drivers and the phone cannot stay in flashmode,
the green light just appear a few seconds and then the phone boot normally

aran mahmud: how can i root my xperia ion LT28H version 4.1.2 plz tell me

Jeremy Phan: The Universal Rooting Tool should already support it. Flash, run the tool.

Mayank Kumar: Can I Update my xperia Ion at&t locked bootloader jell bean with this method ?

Jeremy Phan: It's already in the description and links.

Roger D'mello: are you going to post a video about how can we update the lt28at to jelly bean by flashing an international firmware like a lt28h or lt28i with ICS and then we can use Sony PC companion/update service to update it to jelly bean, cause you break it down really well:-)

Jeremy Phan: Build #. Every region/carrier/build has a specific #, including generics. If Build ABCD has a Jelly Bean update then installing Build ABCD's ICS version will get updated. You can look up your SI # in the *#*#SERVICE#*#* menu.

Roger D'mello: whats SI build?

Jeremy Phan: Only if that generic build has an update to JB available (SI build). The JB FTF has been posted. Description's updated.

Roger D'mello: Hey Jeremy, i have a sony xperia ion lt28at with a locked bootloader running ICS and is rooted using your question is i still havent got the JB update, so can i flash a generic firmware lt28i onto my phone using the xperia flashtool and then is it possible that i get the update?

Jeremy Phan: If the first link doesn't work, you have to use recovery, as stated in the description. You have to downgrade to ICS and flash through recovery.

Saul Fdz: Hi...i have a sony xperia ion LTE (LT28at) on AT&T with ICS 4.0.4 (6.1.C.1.111) with LOCKED BOOTLOADER!! How root my phone??

Jeremy Phan: 1. Wait for it to be released. 2. Download the FTF. 3. Flash your phone using FlashTool.

Chandrasekhar Jena: how can w e install latest JB . still waiting for firware from sony. but wanted to flash without ATTfirmware not sure whether they will release. please suggest or will you include any new video?

Jeremy Phan: What do you need? The processes are all the same and interchangeable.

Jeremy Phan: Can't be done. Needs to go to a service center.

CheezDaBarber: What can I do once the phone is hard locked (too many wrong unlock tries) ... I have right network unlock code from At&t, but phone is past attempted tries. How do I unlock to enter proper network unlock ...?

brian so: Hey again I know this is off topic but do you have videos for the xperia tl? Was supposed to go ion but they don't carry them anymore

Jeremy Phan: Flashing software onto your phone doesn't void the warranty. Only when you unlock the bootloader... which can't be done for carrier-branded phones.

brian so: hi i am looking to upgrade to the ion. i was wondering will this void my warranty? in case my phone gets messed up

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Xperia Ion (LT28at/i/h) ICS Update with Root (Locked Bootloader) 5 out of 5

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Xperia Ion (LT28at/i/h) ICS Update with Root (Locked Bootloader)
Xperia Ion (LT28at/i/h) ICS Update with Root (Locked Bootloader)
Xperia Ion (LT28at/i/h) ICS Update with Root (Locked Bootloader)
Xperia Ion (LT28at/i/h) ICS Update with Root (Locked Bootloader)
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