Xperia Ion (LT28at/i/h) ICS Update With Root (Locked Bootloader)

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aran mahmud: how can i root my xperia ion LT28H version 4.1.2 plz tell me´╗┐

Chi Kwong Chan: Thank you

tong koong: how to root 6.1.E.3.7 ?

Saleem Bakir-Bey: Flashtool listed showed only the flash program for x10...NOT Xperia Ion. How do I install LTH28 program into flashtool?

Saleem Bakir-Bey: Now my xperia won't stay in the flashmode long enough for the process? It goes from green to red light in about 30 seconds into flashing? Please help! How much would you reasonably charge for step by step instruction by skype or phone? Let me know,thanks!

Jeremy Phan: You can flash any firmware onto any phone, as stated.

Daniel Marco Cabral: stuck at 28/056/2012 17:56:48 - INFO - ( - Processing amss_fs_2.sin

Justin Fan: i have an Xperia ion on ICS when i bought my do i root it?

TheSupersouth: I've downloaded pc companion and sony driver updates what else should I have downloaded?

Nick Sippel: I tried the new updated version for AT&T (LT28at) and it worked! Thanks for the videos ^_^

Jeremy Phan: Weird. Could have sworn the FlashTool was included in the mirror, original thread and other places. I've added it again.

Saul Fdz: Hi...i have a sony xperia ion LTE (LT28at) on AT&T with ICS 4.0.4 (6.1.C.1.111) with LOCKED BOOTLOADER!! How root my phone??

Jeremy Phan: What won't work? You can flash any firmware onto the phone. What's happening? Which firmware are you trying to flash? Need more info...

clay marcus: If u have the 4.0.4 ics xperia ion from the update just connect and flash like from the video with step2.bat

Sai Phone Myat Lwin: Hi dude I am stucked at rooting the ICS ... Firstly i followed the steps rooting package i found diffculty in cmd step1 ( it said link fail file exist ) . flashing ICS is ok .. but the second step suck all failed what's wrong ....

Andres Sanchez: Hi, Can I flash a lt28i rom in lt20h device? Thanks

Jeremy Phan: I'll annotate the video with some text to show that step 1 isn't an error.

Sid Diec: yea me too


Jeremy Phan: READ THE DESCRIPTION. Please.

Jeremy Phan: Download link for what? There are multiple files and applications used in this tutorial. You'll have to be more specific...

Jeremy Phan: Flash Gingerbread on it and go through the process. The links have firmwares for all versions... or did you not pay attention to the video or read the description?

Aiiidawg: is this international or att version?

Quailallstar1: Thanks for the reply. Looked up their tool and they don't list the LT28H in their database. They only show the LT28at & LT28i; what's the difference between all these three models?

Saleem Bakir-Bey: Hmmmm...therefore this method does NOT work for phones like mine that came with 2.3.7????

Jeremy Phan: As stated and shown, you had to be on v2.3.x. What error message? In the video, there isn't one. All it says is: Please plug the device in... Rename /data/local/tmp ... Trying to create /data symlink... Press any key to continue... Which of those is an error? But glad it's all worked out. Root is key.

Anthony Pyrtle: im a lil confused on how to download the cusom roms n how to do clockworkmod recovery n all that i need help

craig cosue: update your Xperia ion to the new xperia ics then connect to pc then just run step2.bat . thumbs up so people can see

Justin Fan: lt28h doesnt have gb...go check it out

brian so: hi i am looking to upgrade to the ion. i was wondering will this void my warranty? in case my phone gets messed up

HuntedSoul O: Your video is always helpful. Thankx man :)

Roger D'mello: whats SI build?

Jeremy Phan: 1. Why not? 2. Read the description.

peter gene golingo: My friend this now 4.0.4 firmware do I need update it and states in my phone info my device is updated tnx

CheezDaBarber: What can I do once the phone is hard locked (too many wrong unlock tries) ... I have right network unlock code from At&t, but phone is past attempted tries. How do I unlock to enter proper network unlock ...?

Jeremy Phan: Sorry, no. I no longer have the Ion. It's already been sold.

Shawn Felix: It constantly runs then stops with error mesg every time. Can you or someone please help? The locked bootloader sucks but to have no root... OMG I feel Im guessing there is something going on with the command prompt or.... I get error msg stating path not found etc.

DJsteven39: root 6.1.E.3.7 please

Shawn Felix: Ok, success :o) I went back and flashed the original AT&T branded GB. Made sure I had all the files neede... ran step 1... flashed ICS... ran step 2... flashed to get my 4G back etc. I think whats happening is that after step 1 it should be pointed out that the error msg seen at the end of running step 1 (command prompt msg) is normal. This throws off some of us. Anyway, great work and thank you.

Jeremy Phan: Flashing software onto your phone doesn't void the warranty. Only when you unlock the bootloader... which can't be done for carrier-branded phones.

Jeremy Phan: Jelly Bean isn't even out for any Xperia device.

Kevin Shahidi: Will this work on Ice cream sandwich 4.0.4?

Jeremy Phan: So... what? It doesn't matter since any firmware can be flashed onto any devices... as well as any baseband. So it doesn't matter which GB you use to start the root process.

xhiqic: I Have a Ion LT28h ,4.0.4 ICS Build Number = 6.1.E.1.20. Factory Unlocked. Can i root ??

Kevin Shahidi: And I'm on wind so I don't LTE so do I still have to flash it?

Jeremy Phan: Sorry, but I don't understand. If you're already on 4.0.4, you can use the new root method. First link in the description.

ending26: download link is just a crappy fileshareing BS site that whatever u do tells u u can't dl more than one file

John Costa: I just might have to give this a shot after watching 3 or 4 more times;-)

Jeremy Phan: Flash Gingerbread on it.

rebecablacksucks: When i try to flash it to downgrade it, it will not work. any help?

Xperia Ion (LT28at/i/h) ICS Update with Root (Locked Bootloader) 4.8 out of 5

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Xperia Ion (LT28at/i/h) ICS Update with Root (Locked Bootloader)
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