Yamaha PSR E433

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Phamke: so what's the difference of this electronic keyboard to a synthesizer keyboard?

Marcio Gomez: Hello, Im have this model, but when I want to record on my PC, the sound is too bad and degree, have you any idea why happen this? Thanks

AndrewMC: 2:57 what a beautiful chord progression man!

ElectricJohnny: Was recording this in stereo too much trouble? rolls eyes

Luis Lopez: power kit es la bateria de tyros2

Luis Lopez: igual que el e453

Caroline Kimberly Sarmiento: how much is the yamaha e433?

MineDoodler: 3:39 Which song is that?

Nigel Bartlett: Check out the funky drummer ;-)

Christopher Trinidad: Very nice and affordable keyboard

rio agung: what is the name of all music titles , you instructions on PSR-E 433
piano tone before Kenny G and so on , it seems very nice . I love his music song

Claudio Romera: Thank you, very much...

Roberto Davila Salinas: please tell me how did Might sound capture is that impresses me the quality

Johnny J: Very good demo thanks

Frank Holmgaard Andersen: PSR-E433 vs PSR-E443  whats the diff between the two  keyboards  ?

Passion Creativity: Could you please do a video where you doing a song with that funky organ you used at 0:39, its was so funky !

Antonio Alonzo: Best review on this keyboard or any keyboard for that matter. Tells you the features that matters and helps you to make intelligent decision of which one to buy and why and why not. Great Guys, THANKS...

Jocen tecladista: my dream is to play with one that

Jocen tecladista: good boy!..i´ll buy one.

victoria smith: I bought this... I like it- beautiful sound.  But the recording capability is frustratingly limited and the midi transfer is pretty bad... a real poor rendition of my recorded masterpiece.

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Yamaha PSR E433 5 out of 5

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Yamaha PSR E 433. Features review and demo.
Yamaha PSR E 433. Features review and demo.
Yamaha PSR-E433 Demonstration
Yamaha PSR-E433 Demonstration
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Yamaha PSR E443 Demo & Review
Yamaha PSR E433
Yamaha PSR E433
Yamaha PSR E 433. Features review.
Yamaha PSR E 433. Features review.

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