Yamaha PSR E433

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drummerxx1: liked that melody at 5:20

andrei260902: 4:38 Awesosme

Clovisvaldo Marques Baleeiro: what is the difference between it and a psr s650?

José Sosa: does it have weighted keys? if you hit harder does it sound harder too?

EdPOD: For a beginner, starter, buy this one or EZ-220 with the lights? (young kids of 3 and 5…) 

David Kelly: The question is.............can you play the Airwolf main theme on this ? :P Great review!!

KKEP ISABELA: HOW MUCH? and WHERE to Buy in the Philippines?... I really want to buy this one...

Guillermo T.: which of these two instruments has real sounds (Tone) the e443 or PSR S650? PLEASE ANSWER ME! pd: sorry for my bad english

marcino02323: the best :)

V. Grigore: happy owner!


BrianGeorgeIbach: Bravo! A good demonstration of this instrument.

Jerome Eliezer: @Guillermo T. Yamaha PSR s650 Has 10x better features than e433. e433 sounds cheap, but s650 has 10x better quality styles and voices. I would suggest you to go for s650 :)

Agus Rahmanudin: Very very good demo...like it

FarCry2InAction: Hi! How can i record with it? in good quality.. like this vid, for original songs? :)

darylsmith29: Which is better the ypg235 or psrE433

Dennis Fuentes: Bravo!!! You're so good and very cool :)

Lawrence Velasquez: KKEP ISABELA.. Sa Yupangco Bldg. Makati... Near Mapua makati.. 

taga beatbeat: can I make my own beats out of this??

GAYJOURNALISM: same sound as 20 years ago.. nothing new.

EdPOD: What's that song at 3:04min (piano and strings) & the song after that? (Electric piano)...?

solarstream4: some nice,voices

solarstream4: nice Dj,patterns in these...

ziomalssss: super

santiA7X1: This is exactly like the psr-e413 but with more stuff and better right?

Leobert Jarina: Hey Luther, thank you so much for this video. I am planning to buy one soon but I wonder what is the difference between keyboard with built-in speaker and without speaker? Is e433 can be use in any type of band? Which one is more comfortable? Thanks again.

Oscar Guerrero: Can I create and edit midi files in this keyboard??

Advokaisokun: hi! can i transfer sounds from my pc to the keyboard,via usb or something like that?

Luther Music: Yes you may. My rating is in the video. Yes you may.

Luther Music: Yes Allan. It is a great keyboard to start with.

RickyStach: So I can plug this keyboard into my computer and I can play notes in Fl Studio 10 or Ableton off of the keyboard?

Luis Lopez: 4:42 whats the name for that kit?

Luis Lopez: este teclado es una virria aparte de que suena fatal tiene sonidos cabra fuaaaaa no vale 300 vale 200

hangebicom: These "sweet" and "cool" sounds, are originating from TYROS 1/PSR 8000 (a bit simplified, though) and are present in E413/E423 also.

Blitzspeer: Wow ! I can remember when a work station of this capability was $1,700-$2,000; my how times have changed.

Marcelo Soria: yes, the octaves can be changed

Pradish Bijukchhe: does it supports midi?

SantiTellesURU: gracias!

Luther Music: Hi Diana, it can't unfortunately.

KMNKeyboardVault: I have a PSR-S950 I love it to death WOW!!! im going to get a PSR-E433 because its more of a battery version and still has some of the same sounds of the top of the line models. the PSR-E443 is a good model to take around to small places

djfreebey: i been looking at the Yamaha: PSR-E423 Digital Keyboard and Yamaha PSR-E433 to start playing looking playing the piano organ and violin wich one sound bettter or do thay same

villevn: Great review, thanks!

asolisto: Great review

Schmidlapp84: Can you tell me the purpose of recording to a track if it doesn't loop or are you supposed to record each track for the full lenght of the song you are making? I find it pretty useless that you can't make your own patterns because the Eurotrance pattern is getting pretty old.

ElectronicKeyboard: Other than these few quirks, I am absolutely in love with this amazing keyboard, with its beautiful realistic sounds and stunning styles, way more than you can dream of, and it's so easy to use and control, no other manufacturer beats Yamaha with ease of use, they're all way too complicated. here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to\17TYTpI

Luther Music: Thanks for the input. Will definitely add this into our review next time.

Saranath Viduranga: mm...its psr E433

Pieruzek Roman: I've one and like very much this powerfull cheap synth ( I had a Tytos 3 and was very surprised of it )

Thisura Yapa: yes!

Talip Can Kahraman: hi there , is this a good choose for melodic death metal ?

Yamaha PSR E433 4.9 out of 5

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Yamaha PSR E433
Yamaha PSR E433
Синтезатор Yamaha PSR E433. Инструкция и обзор. Полная версия
Синтезатор Yamaha PSR E433. Инструкция и обзор. Полная версия
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YAMAHA PSR E433 - multitrack recording
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Yamaha PSR E433 Overdrive Guitar Demo

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