Bersa BP9CC Vs S&W M&P Shield: Size & Feature Comparison

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MIO PHX: I held the Shield in my hand and expected it to feel better than it did. The grip has an awkward shape and the trigger is just okay. Smith and Wesson didn't refine this gun the way it should have. The Bersa has better egonomics and a much better trigger and it cost less. I just saw it on line for $295.00. But the deal breaker for me is the lock, the magazine disconnect and the $42.50 magazines. They need to get a clue. Even H&K made their magazines more affordable for the single stack 9mm.

ZFlyingVLover: awe-some review. You guys do a very professional and comprehensive look and comparison on gun and that takes alot of planning for each vid. Kudos

Jeff Martin: Bersa has steel slide not SS

Jeff Martin: Bersa slide is not stainless..Shield is SS

Jose Alfonso: Great review - I have a MP Shield 9mm, 3.4" barrel and I love it. Dont go anywhere without it. I was considering the Bersa BP9CC, just as a 2nd at-home quick access gun, but that trigger and no safety scares the hell out of me; too risky at the moment, or even for CC unit. However, I've heard nothing but praises for the Bersa, for the entire line including the .380 caliber units. Again, it is a personal choise, but both units shine in my book.

l3arrett82: my wife handled a crap ton of small guns and the bp9cc is the only 1 she liked. she tried the shield the thunders the 42 the 26 the sr9c yada yada yada. my wife has really really tiny hands and the bp9cc fit her best so therefore she was able to handle it manage it and deal with the recoil and muzzle flip better than all the others.

Jonathon Blackburn: ALL pistols should be carried in a holster of some kind, this one has a light trigger but its no exception.

average john: I bought a S&W sigma about 10 years ago, it ruined S&W for me. Ill buy their revolvers but my sigma was garbage! traded it for a 12 ga.

brycewise: All things being equal (price, availability of parts) which would you choose based on how well it shoots and reliability?

R Duffel: I have both, the Bersa is the better shooter hands down, everyone I let fire the Bersa seem to be very impressed.
I have yet to find a person that owns or has owned a Bersa of any model claim to have any malfunctions not one but there have been a few with Shield issues, luckily I have had none, there both good guns but the Bersa wins out when firing!

brycewise: how hard is it to find mags or replacement parts for the bp9cc?

Dwight: I have both the Bersa BP9CC and the S&W Shield 9mm. I very much wanted the Shield to be the better gun. It's American made after all. But, the BP9CC shoots better and is more accurate. Plain and simple.

Michael Adams: The Bersa is + P rated. All Bersa's are. 

jake legg: I had to make that choice today.
The Bersa BP9CC won for me.
Has acc rail.
Can be used ambi out of the box.
Sweet trigger
My only complaints
mag disconnect safety
It is slightly slick feeling

Lilnasty 2988: I think that bersa is a kick ass looking gun just wish I could hold one in my hand. Have never seen one here in VA, damn shame!!!!

fishfuxors: I have a Bersa BP9CC, it's a PEACH!

Dennis Gutknecht, Jr: Except it isn't taller with the extended mag, which is what I would use in the shield as I can't stand 2 finger grips. Also, it is not noticeably thicker, and is in fact lighter. So no, I don't think they missed the boat, at least not in this regard. Its actually the light trigger and no safety that gives me pause more than anything else.

Dennis Gutknecht, Jr: I just held one at the store the other day, and being a man with large hands I thought the grip was very comfortable. No fingers hanging off at all. So a petite woman should have no issues, maybe even finding the grip slightly large. Hope this helps :)

ChrisCorle01: well considering the Shield has a recall on it now ide say the bersa is the better choice!

Mikell Whitehead: i know this video is about a year old but i was wondering if you could tell me if it would be possible to shoot +P hollowpoints out of either one of these, and no im not going to use them for target practice, id just have those type in the gun when im carrying or at home, cus i really want one of these but dont wanna have to let go of half my ammo stash cus they cant fire +P

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Bersa BP9CC vs S&W M&P Shield: Size & Feature Comparison 5 out of 5

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