Om Kleem

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Michel Rojas: buenasooooooooo

Andres varas: good bless of all you!!!!regards from spain

Kavin Rocky: good point

MASTEKEITH: whats the difference with chanting kleem... or om kleem...if i had a choice only to do one or the other...which one would u recommend and it more powerful to chant it....listen to it...or write it down???...

Yorubaz: Thanks..and blessings.

Gary Pal: i want female friends but i dont want to lose my virginity

RAY D: @NY11 hi everyone..well how it worked for me was i got reunited with lost friends ..also it was so unusual people started talking to me in malls where ever i went people seemed more nicer ...also i met my love who is my wife now ...this all happened within 3 months..take care hope this works for you all...:)

Sandra Tapia: @NkosiSikeleliAfrica cómo lo practicas, soy nueva en esto y deseo atraer a mi pareja ideal

Georgia Robles: Hate when men do that,if you don't like the woman just say so and don't cheat,karma will punish you in any way,believe me

LL LL: @NY11 Ok, what does it mean "it works" ?

bhasker rao: is it real.........nd i wanna know that,how many times should i chat it 108times or my ability......

Signofarchangel: @BongRasta A long time ago I thought it would make me happy. Your comment was funny though.

Bhaskar Maity: yes

TamilFactor: @Crystalillusion789 what is that mantra?

taurbull: Hi. Why do you only say this mantra kleem for 108 times? Why not more, surely it would be more effective in the long run?

Eva Wright: Yes the mantra does work. It has worked for me. If you do not have faith in any mantra then NONE will work for you.

Richard Ciupek: jijijiji........

reidio69: i read somewhere that 108 is some sacred number... i dont think you have to say it 108 times

Gordan Vukmanovic: yes it can

coolselvan: can it be chanted anytime? how bout late midnite

Win32Hack: Well Dattatreya siva baba says if you don't have faith it will only work to about 20% of it's power....

gudaviah: what does this mean?

AthenaMarina2: I have the same problem often I hit thumbs up & it marks it thumbs down. And if I hit thumbs down it marks it thumbs down. Hmm?!

goldeagle419: OUM

ravenoptima: Crystalillusion......can you tell us what happened???

gilchris112: can this mantra be used to make friends with somebody?

Armando Cury Filho: Hi ! Can someone help me about the right pronunciation of it ? Is that more like "clean" or like "kleem" like in geese or cheese ? Maybe sounds funny but I am worried. Thanks for replying me.

Coco Gallo: chicas estoy haciendo un casting para un pete mándeme un mail

bhweller: my understanding is that it improves your "vibe" with people and attracts them. This includes business contacts, sales leads, friends, and lovers.

BongRasta: @Signofarchangel u chant mantras for women and money?try again...

vishal sharma: Many, many respects at the feet of Siva Baba. He is also like a guru to me. Please bless me Siva Baba Ji.

Bhaskar Maity: yes

Jaynilsinh Gohil: Just watch Dattatreaya Siva Baba's Videos on Kleem mantra. He tells that it attracts opposite sex. So, men can also be attracted.

michael Kermit: Okay what mantra do I use, im gay male soooo I want a BF NOW! What is the mantra?

jrc nkl: I thought I've been using this mantra for two weeks now but it's only been around 9 days! Despite the short amount of time, I've noticed people are more friendlier and talkative. The girls who are interested would try to keep a conversation going and they'd start it too lol. In just these 9 days, not only are people friendlier, but they are helpful! As well as my attitude, without me realizing it, has become more positive because of all these interactions. Kleeming works! Imma keep kleeming!

thagod2e: what does keelm mean and why were you dating a girl you are not into

Signofarchangel: I'm not sure if it's coincidence or a product of being consistent with the Mantra, but I learned about Kleem through Siva Baba's video's-- he said it would attract women and material prosperity as well as networking. The way I did it I tried chanelling women and material items. I've been dating this girl for the last few weeks and it turns out she's wealthy. But they say be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. I'm not into her. A few days ago I realized: Kleem!

Lammie: wow...thank you so much....

Blanqui Morales: Thankd dear

arson519: can i say it fast or does it have to be like long like humming???

gilchris112: can this be used to make someone fall in love with you?

Indu Pati: this is part of sivababa's mantra system i think, hence my question is can i watch this video instead of writing the mantra on paper, it is kind of hard to write, hurts my hand, and also hard to count it when i write, does anyone know if i can watch the video instead write it down on paper, and also can i do this mantra on beads or in my mind?

NkosiSikeleliAfrica: No solamente me ha funcionado sino que me he acercado a las personas que sintonizan conmigo (que tienen una frecuencia parecida a la mía) y se han alejado las demás, es genial

vicknez: what' the mantra for attracting men?

Jaanu Dil: How to do this mantra... By reading / chant or writing?? Pls help me and is this mantra only for guys? Can women chant this mantra also??

211PLOP112: Mantra will make you very aware if you dont like being the center of attention tho..

Indu Pati: dear liana- there are other broadcast videos that show the experiences of people with this mantra, please look for them to find your answer. Jay sri Krishna.

pintobeanpintobean: I stopped my regular meditation many months ago. I saw a horrible change because of it. I am back to meditating/chanting mantras and I hope things go as well as they did before.

RAY D: i swear to this this mantra really really joke ..

EvolutionIXRR: i m lost...what should I chant? "KLEEM" or "OM KLEEM"???

Om Kleem 4.8 out of 5

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