Game Geeks #180 Savage Worlds Deluxe By Pinnacle Entertainment

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ArchArturo: With the shaved head the goatee, you kinda look like Walter White from Breaking Bad O.o

Defenstrator: Thanks for another great review. Are you likely to do the Hero system or Burning Wheel Gold any time soon?

jonaspenningdevries1: 5:22 : Colonel Wolodswosky ( something like it) ! :)

Slipknot40k: @DangerRuss666 Guts is an optional rule now for settings like Weird Wars and Deadlands, man, it's says on the Design Notes for Guts ...

pspboy7: I looked over the Deluxe version of Savage Worlds and it's much easier to grasp than the explorers version. It's only worth the price if you really need it or don't already have the explorers book.

Nightblade44: ok, so can i buy this instead of the explorers guide, like does this cover all that the explores guide cover?

DangerRuss666: Bolt is "fixed"? What? What? And no, Deluxe is not really backwards compatible, due to certain essential rules changes, like the incap rules changes (that already happened at the end of the SWEX reprint runs) or the doing away with guts or the "fix" of Bolt and some other changes which don't come to mind atm but which i read about at the local SaWo forums i frequent.

DemonXsorcist: Thanks Mr. Wiegel, that was another great review (like always), i hope that in a very near future, we can have more reviews more quickly like the previous years. Is there a near date establish for that Exalted review video? looking forward to it. Anyway, thanks again for effort that you and you're team do each time you make this reviews. God bless you.

blenfor: @swfanakin recently? Then, Welcome!...and you're right: why not? XD

Slipknot40k: @DangerRuss666 About Bolt, the rules now are that when you want to cast 2 o 3 bolts, you roll your Spellcasting skill like full-automatic weapons fire but without the full-auto penalty and the Wild Die. So, if I fire three bolts, I roll three Spellcasting dies and 1 Wild Die. In Explorer's Guide (:P) and in the Fantasy Companion, the rules doesn't clarify this. I believe Kurt is talking about this. Sorry for my bad English.

Oren Douek: Ohhh, they streamlined Shaken and made it less severe; I love it! The rule now simply states that when you are Shaken you can perform only free actions. That actually means that now while Shaken you can move normally (in the Explorer's Edition you could move only at half speed and wouldn't be able to perform any other action). This also solves some questions I had about how Shaken and being Wounded at the same time affects your Pace. Seems like a great update!

Biopunked: Since I ve never run SW I have a quick question for you guys: Which system would you prefer for a high fantasy world, SW or Legend? Do you think Savage World does spellcasting etc better? Cheers

MMODoubter: Yep. It is a guilty pleasure of mine.

BenitoIncognito: Sign me up for Wizards! Somebody make this happen!!!

ftrain65: Can wait to buy the book.

Zimbastian: Meh

blenfor: Please! A review of Suzerain!

Nathan Reed: With the errata already out, I would say wait for the Smaller (explorer) Sized version (where the errata should hopefully be included) - hopefully out in the next 6 months. That or get only the PDF version as some of the Errata is already there, but there is still enough to make question paying $30 (vs. a cheaper PDF or waiting for the cheaper Explorer size).

Avatarofhendrix: Wow, I'm currently running a 50 Fathoms, Necessary Evil and probably going to start a Deadlands game pretty soon. I'm glad to see that a lot of the rules I made up to be fair (Spirit roll on Fear effects unless it's a strictly horror setting and Shaken characters may act if they roll a raise) were implemented into the deluxe edition.

Pedro Barrenechea: have you picked up the new Arcanis Role Playing Game? Looks real good.. you would review it...

Oren Douek: What Kurt didn't mention is that his copy is a printed PDF. The actual printed book comes out later this month and is hardcover, which is another reason to have it over the paperback Explorer's Edition. The new power point-less magic rules sound similar to those in Hellfrost.

smartrocker14: You should mention that Pinnacle is releasing the Deluxe version additions as a series of pdfs for people who have the Explorer's edition but don't want to invest in a new core book.

CyrillKR: @vernsi Then it won't be FATAL.

MrCaptainPants: Thanks for the savage worlds love! It doesn't get enough attention, so I'm always happy to see someone talking about it.

Frank Voigt: "Bolt is fixed?" Was it brocken and how did they do it?

Wolf Dog Moon: I just picked the Deluxe Explorers guide. The store only had one copy. Its really neat. I have a lot of cool ideas to try out with my kids.

vernsi: Looks cool.. I know you said you would not review FATAL but would you review it if with Savage World rules?

xoneram: a Wizards rpg game! Dude! you are a genius, thanks you :D

MMODoubter: Wizards versus tanks? HELL YEAH! I played a mage in WoW, and really enjoyed the battlegrounds where I could fight against the siege vehicles. Pretty damned cool.

DangerRuss666: The name is Explorer's Edition, Kurt. You even get it wrong although you've got a screenshot of the cover?!? Deluxe Edition sucks, because it does NOT clean up age-old issues, it freaks over damage rules related to area attacks, they even throw in no-brainer-crap like Shield Bash! What's even worse, it does away with Guts, which is a staple of all(!) Weird War settings! Instead of staying true to its former design goal(s) "trim the fat" it instead goes the exact other way!

HumanityInsaity: i got this book a few days ago, and it really helped me understand the rules better, it can also help my gaming group start the game with the archetypes to work with. (They've generally played with d20 systems.) Also, something that seems stupid but i nice touch anyway, they added pictures to the bestiary section. and more one sheet adventures make this an awesome game.

Broyale26: I wish Savage Worlds would license Sex In The City for an RPG. Me and group have been dying to get into that universe.

Radek G.: 5:35 - Event Horizon - Agree! Very good, underrated, movie.

Frank Voigt: @MaxxTheMerciless Well you don't double the damage but increase it to 3d6 and you can shot a maximun of 3 not 6. I see what you mean though because combined it deals a lot of damage. I actually got SW Deluxe today. You cannot combine Multiple shot and Extra damage anymore.

Andre Canivet: I've been actually thinking I'd bite the bullet and pick this up (and I can't even blame it all on Kurt!). I've picked up some Savage supplements over time for interest's sake, but I've never owned the core book, so maybe SWD is the way to go to get into the system a little. Also, nice Wizards reference! Although I can't say I enjoyed Event Horizon... It's like a bad Hell Raiser in space. Creepy, yes. But cheesy & way over the top, too. (well, at least IMO).

edheldude: @decovedder Not going to happen any time soon due to the wonky licensing issues that made Mongoose lose its license. There's a new setting book called Beasts & Barbarians which might help you create your own Hyborian age setting. It's more Marvel than REH but it seems ok anyway.

MMODoubter: The thing I see that impresses right off the bat is the binding, which allows the book to lay flat. That is a big deal for me.

kiddowido: Thanks for continuing to do these great reviews!

swfanakin: After watching the first 178 episodes in a row I now feel twitchy waiting for new I need them...What magic have you cast upon this series Kurt?! lol. I love it. Keep it up, man.

Louis Bamberger: Awesome. Getting this right now.

BenitoIncognito: Savage Wizards! Weehawk, Elinore, RIDE!!! Awesome...

The Verbal Release: It looks like these videos are being a released a bit more frequently now, which is great. Keep it up :).

unquietsoul: Sounds like I need to get a copy... thanks for the review.

MaxWylde: @hoboyho While I don't know yet what they did to Bolt, it is broken because you can dish out a hell of a lot of damage in one volley. Spending up to 6 PP, you can shoot either 6 bolts that do 2d6 each to as many different targets as you want, or shoot three, doubling each one's damage for 4d6 each. That's a lot more than most ranged weapons are capable of. I think they tried to combine too much into one spell. Maybe they broke it up a bit.

blenfor: @swfanakin the 178 episodes in a row? really?... :O

John Kimmins: i have watched so many of these cool reviews and the classic one too. but i have now noticed something.. i think you sound like Jeff Bridges

Pariah1974: @CathodeRay00 You can get the Explorers Edition for $10 and there's free adventures on the website. That's the best way to dip your toe in IMO.

Andre Valle: I want a Conan RPG for Savage Worlds!

blenfor: @DangerRuss666 If you don't like SWD, do as Kurt say: use the SWEX. It's up to you, really.

Samwise Seven RPG: Give in to entropy!!! :) hehe.

Game Geeks #180 Savage Worlds Deluxe by Pinnacle Entertainment 4.9 out of 5

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