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David M.: That is too much work and plus the arithmetic is timed. Don't got enough time to go step by step. Math knowledge is easier than arithmetic

MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ: I've watched this video all the way through twice and I guarantee if I get it on the asvab I'm still getting it wrong lol

Stormy Hug: All good untill the end...but...it gives me(before watching you), 5:10pm.So, the difference is 20 M , corect? If we divide 120mph by 60 minutes = 2M/min ...then 20M(wich is the difference between T1 & T2...right?) divide by 2M = 10 minutes...my result is : 5h 10minutes...Who`s right...?...maybe my T2 is faster :)) Thank you in advance for your answer! I hate math, but I really like to maintain my brain working ...!

the cave dweller: can anybody tell me where the "50t" came from

Marviric Rivera: how did you get the 8 hours from train 1?

Michael LaPorte: let me know if im wrong but i got 4 hours and 28min + 1 hour to get 5.28. 4 2/7 is
4 hours and 28 min not 4 hours 17 min. Am i wrong did i miss something?

asorlon1: 9 minutes to solve one arthithmatic problem?
I Would definetly Fail the asvab

heynowhey: are problems actually like this on the real asvab?

Ryan: This is a good video to learn some basic stuff but no question is gonna require you to work on it no more than 2 mins.

Jason Voorhees: I'm taking the test in a couple hours :S

Ramona CHAN: Don't like math lol they don't give u a lot to time on test for the math sections that can mess people up sometimes

Chantel Jewel Balckburn: I'm not passing that part that's just how it is so confusing

Stuck Daydreamin: Are the word problems THIS difficult? I mean Im getting better at math but I heard from a couple people that its a lot of equations and measurements. The math in this video doesn't even make sense to me.

Michelle Andrada: Math is my worst subject! especially arithmetic reasoning, I just don't know how to translate those word problems into the equation. I feel so  hopeless

flip simple: This question may be in the Arithmathic Reasoning part. Not the math knowledge, but the asvab has simpler questions than this.

Anthony whyte: ??????????????????????????????????????????/

TLowgurl92: I love math but this question is just evil! Specifically the last prt. Hope this isn't on the test


Anthony Cruz: Asvab doesnt give you this much time i think lol

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★★ ASVAB Practice Test Problems - Free ASVAB Math Review ★★ 5 out of 5

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