Auto Painting With Corel Painter X

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Steven Wiencek: Turn the volume down on the music and up on your voice. Still shaking days later from this experience.

lee comstock: iFingerPaint. Okay I made that up.

lee comstock: Oh you're just holding on to your conservative old values! ;)

M White: My Palm tree pic started out fine.. I did all you said too.. but when I hit Start Auto Painting.. it seemed to work for a few seconds.. made a few swipes and then quit.. leaving little splotches of where it worked.. and the rest undone. I hit start again and the same splotchy areas just increased and agian stopped after the same few swipes.

Ian Alvord: It's not always for showing off. Sometimes there is a purpose behind it. What's retarded is when people use auto painting and then lie saying that they made it themselves.

Mark Baiz: the quality sucks!

Hanun sreedhar: magnificento..

Ruth Butler: very nice! Inspiring.

kistajk: Thanks, very helpful!

Jackie Newton: Thanks for that very interesting, I really liked the effects earlier can you stop the auto paint and just use the background? Jackie

Pop Sing: i like it very nice

bellabanda08: i love the song! garbage! wuhooo! :) thanks for the demonstration! I'm trying it now. :)


Adam Radatz: the auto paint function is to allow for an easy and fun way for everyday people with no drawing or painting skill a way to add some kind of artistic look to pictures they own. corel draw is a great paint program, and i use it a lot in my work. and its not just an auto painting tool. it allows for a genuine painting feel. and is used by many professional digital artists. please dont assume its just something that paints for you, its much much more. Jackatmac was just demonstrating one feature.

dagoelius: painting? sorry this is photo manipulation.

KimmehKinky: @Hamashimura Agreed. [: Even if the end result you drew doesn't look perfect, at least you're learning and developing some drawing skills.

IvanAkimovDesign: btww what softwhere did u record the vidio with

IvanAkimovDesign: seems like u dont paint.. the program paints for you.. seems a bit cheep in my oppinion.. cool as all hell.. but cheep

ElTorero: that's trueeeee thanx for helping :)

ElTorero: great video and thanx so much for helping , but each time i make the auto painting tool it stops and i have to click it several times is that normal ????

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Auto Painting with Corel Painter X 5 out of 5

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Auto Painting with Corel Painter X
Auto Painting with Corel Painter X
Auto Painting with Corel Painter X
Auto Painting with Corel Painter X
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