How To Diagnose A Bad Starter, Ignition, Neutral Safety Switch!

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Cecil Long: Car making grinding sound after starting

foreverwood1963: Thanks this helps me to troubleshoot my situation. My wife's car wouldn't start and it appeared to be the starter. I was just about to purchase the starter when I thought to myself Lord you haven't even bench tested it or even tested while it was still in the vehicle. I bench tested it and it ran. Tomorrow I need to make sure power is going there. I wish I could do a voltage drop, but obviously its not starting. But nevertheless I can see if my clutch switch is still functioning. Thanks again

Jason Bautista: Keep it simple. If you suspect a bad starter just jump the 87/30 pins at the fuse box for the STARTER RELAY (I use needle nose pliers) . This bypasses everything from the fuse box back to the ignition switch. No start= bad starter or bad electrical connection. This way anybody can do in less than 5 min.

Temujin Khan: So i am guessing the video is blurry because you dont want us to know you dont really dont know what you are talking about.

Chris Ferguson: This man is incredible. Thank you Sir. Lesson on primary secondary wiring.

John Stultz: Vw golf mk3 won't turn over clicks once and I bump started it and it started ran really ruff and all the Gage's flicker and go everywhere I just did the alternator, anyone?

Daniel Ortiz: Could have done a starter bench test

John leschenkoo: what the hell is ghost on in the background audio at 9:20

Damian Nunez: I have an 96 Altima that doeszt crank or start. Can anyone help?

Daniel Orellana: hi my name is Daniel does my card the problem is that it started no rent I don't know what you do I don't know what he said noting economy I want to texted you too I want to pick it up to me thank you

Hawqis1: does this apply to commercial trucks or just this car?

Mike Davis: I have a 07 ford explorer it died won't start the starter spin but no click sounds not sure if it is the solenoid but I have power lights are bright and never dim when you try to turn it over need help

Iam Moetic: 2005 corolla so I just need to take that wire out and I should know if I have power at the wire it's the starer not ignition but if none then has to be switch

Iam Moetic: I have this same issue no crank or start

rusty flores: ok hi so I have a 71 Chevy c10 pretty old and the some of the wiring is new some is. it has a new carb starter is mostly new new fuel and water pump and new radiator. so we got it started and running and I've driven to for a good 3 weeks straight and it's been just fine no problems until these morning. so I went to start it after adjusting some things on my carb and it started itself just fine but I noticed smoke coming from under my dash I imedialty turned of the truck and looked under and there was a small flame coming off the connections to the ignition switch so I looked through after I disconnected there battery and saw that two of the wires melted together from the flame so I separated them and wrapped with electrical tape expecting to fix the problem. I hooked everything back and and the truck started but he starter wanting to keep going even while the engine was running and the flame came back so I shut it off and noticed it was just the wire leading to the starter that was causing the flame the connection was extremely hot and melted the electrical tape. why is this happening please helo

William Farley: Great video, thanks for making it easy to understand.

mcbillygoat !: Sweet vid!

Jessey Valle: kind of hard to see what U R doing make videos at day light or in a well lighted place and Your carna is not in a still position.

Michael Miller: wait you called the stud the ground that's inside the starter. I'm a 4x4 mechanic. so you're saying the positive going to solenoid won't short out when the solenoid closed? since the stud is ground.

starter will ground it self through casing into motor casing. that stud going into starter is the other side of power. the solenoid keeps the circuit open. when energized it closes a round ring against the studs. closing circuit. creating cummulator spin. causing bendix to spin and engage.

Sanford James: I have a 65 chevy c10 step side. Starts up no propblem, I drive a straight route to work, with no problems, as soon as I get there and turn off the truck, it will not start, won't turn over at all. but if I wait 30 minutes or so, it will crank right up like nothing is wrong, what could this be?

How to diagnose a bad starter, ignition, neutral safety switch! 5 out of 5

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