How To Do CPU Bitcoin Mining On Windows With Rpcminer

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Josiah Alderden: How much money do you usually make per transaction processed? I might do bitcoin so I kind of want to know how much you usually make. Thanks.

Lee Silvestre: Hi there,, can I use that to mine Litecoin or dogecoin?

DongJun Kim: Thanks! Helped me alot although I'm not mining as much bitcoins as you :)

Rafi Mia: rpcminir started correctly and i ran it for 2 hours but there was no update on slush's pool . what can i do now.please help me??

Rodrigo Franco: thank you so much ;) if i get rich, i will give you 10% of all my wealth ehehhehe

A Med: This way to mine realy works, ?

Nick Everhart: For some reason if I don't put the threads part in it is significantly faster

murat .skils: where can you see how much bitcoins you have

Dan Coulson: My server is on 24/7, as it hosts the domain for all users and everyones files. It has 2 x Quad Core 2.66GHz Xeon processor (8 core total) and 24GB Ram. What sort of mining can I expect to get with this?

Richard Waterman: Is this a joke? Really should be shot for suggesting that people mine Bitcoin with cpu.

Prit Savani: Hello could someone help me whenever I try this even if I simply copy his code and only change the number of threads to 2 I get an error saying "could not retrieve work from RPC server. CURL return value: ?" What do I do

Hwangstar317: Mine ran perfectly, but all of a sudden it runs for a couple seconds and crashes. Then rpcminer won't open?

anthony sumlin: so i have windows 8.1 and ive been trying to pass the address part for thecommand prompt and it says directory name invalid what should i do

Alan Daoud: Hi there :) Thanks a lot for this video it's really helpful so I've been mining this way for hours but my average khash is still 0 on slush's pool Why is that ? 

rico .warren: please donate 1Mh1LWZsWQVDCvR4AK6FHVVaXKBUQyhrx7 really need coins! anything is appreciated thank you

vince carterr: thx so much man ,what s next?

DeflexedSlab: HELP rpcminer started correctly and i ran it for 2 hours but there was no update on slush's pool 

Ridho Ahmad: What should I do next ?

Daniel Nemček: is cpu running 100% ?

Iskren Malchev: Whit AMD FX 6300 -threads=4 -workrefreshms=4000 I have 2323 to 5225 khash/s :D

brooklynzoo81: I"ll take it! Might take a life time but if you don't pay for electricity then go for it. Might as well burn out a old machine instead of throwing a old working one. Thanks

Oliver P: im mining at 3000 khash/s but it is not showing any estimated reward. Whats wrong?

Caovan Dung: Can you tell me a little Bitcoin free? I really need it, it will bring real belief is Bitcoin. I did a lot of ways that my account does not yet have Bitcoin. thank you very much! my Bitcoin wallet 1JPVPWJKL6TiY3bAK6KFkW6DFhyUp5VocV

Matthew Tull: please help me, after -username and -password what are you adding? Is it an *? I can't make this thing work. 

naga miner: please can u help me by showing how to do GPU mining. i have have a xfx 1GB Nvidia graphics card.

GunGuy0007: Do you have a step by step for mining litecoins on windows using your CPU? Please help if you can!

Gabriel Gonzalez: This works! Thanks man :D you're the best!!!!

Rowan Swanepoel: ***Run command on ALL Windows versions**** = Windows key + R .... and a fast way to jump to straight to the directories in command prompt is cd\FOLDERPATH from any directory you're currently in -) Thanks for the video

Soul Eater Reaper: hi im mining from exacly same ppl as you, i get target found, client will do 7 threads. work will be refreshed every 100ms, and it target = (bounch of numbers) still, i stop it, i take away 1-2 letters from my username and the password. it still starts mining. im like wtf is going on. and i never get it to show my rate on the before i tried this CMD prompt to mine i used my grapich card on bitcoinCZ. and it worked fine, its just that it show like half the mhash per sec as of what i got on the GUI miner. so idk what to do. i can change password and username, i still write it exacly correct. still i dont get any info on it. 

Massimo Crescenzi: run a command and using a random user and random password why the program begin hasching data?? 

Janet Ngadiuba: Thank you for this :) :)

AHMED MOHIB RIZWAN: Hello I am using windows 64bit , tried to install pooler-CpuMiner for 64bit , but it doesn't start and gives an error , I am trying to mine infinitecoins and Litecoins , I have an jpg image but not able to upload here , can anyone help or reply me to 

Dray P: Nice one. I'm getting a CURL RETURN VALUE = 52 message I'm assuming that means that there is no space on their servers to connect to.

Gary Ng: you can just pushd rather than a bunch of CD..s and CD 

peter johnson: Hi, i followed all your steps. However, i can't get past the part about "C:\>cd Users......win32bin" it keeps on stating that "The system cannot find the path specified" Help please?

Tomer Halbertal: You really helped me, please check your Messages, I sent you one ! Thanks !

CagedAlchemist: I've been using slush but it doesn't look like I'm getting any shares at all.

The420Conspiracy: can you mine other alt coin with this?

Salomon King: I have the same problem RPCMiner works fine, it's digging away on the background of my PC on average at 500/700, however refresh slush's pool.... and nothing. 

William Kurtain: I have been mining for about 2 hours and it still hasn't showed up on the Just curious how long it takes. I'm doing about 1500 khash/s. Thanks in advance!

lite coin: hello, great video! i have a question i am supper new on the litcoin . i want to min lite with gpu. can you help step by step.? thanks.

Marco Huijskes: hey howtwos11 im mining with 4 cores: 4700 khash/s my mining pool site ( says: workers not connected but also says: 7.10 MH/s Average speed in last 10 minutes rpcminer says: 2013-11-18 14:38:01 Found Hash! Sending to server: {"method":"getwork","params":["000000028419c9b7d0a4981acfc97a 3d9f96b6444de45712a237add700000003000000003fdb5e172effc10df126bc6ed687f202412a0f 80f4de5889d1a4acb5ac8ee1ce528a263a19070bfb0bd21d00000000800000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000080020000"],"id":1} Server sent: {"result":true,"error":null,"id":"1"} so is it working correctly?

howtwos101: I'm guessing it told you that on slush's pool? This is because rpcminer uses getwork, which is the old version. The new version is stratum. To fix this, just download the mining proxy from slush's website (I'll add it to the description) and run that, then in the command to run rpc miner, just change the address from api(dot)bitcoin(dot)cz to localhost, then it will mine through stratum.

jSbr0: That's what I thought, Can't get it to run on my xp machine? Not supported or do I have to do it differently

howtwos101: It's really hard to tell, I can't find any data on that processor. I'm guessing it would be around 10 MH/s, but it could be as high as 20-30 if configured properly. The best way is to test it out. There's a great chart at that I'll add to the description that shows about how many MH you should get for a unit, unfortunately it doesn't have your processor. It does have some other AMD processors that are similar, but even similar processors can have huge differences in Bitcoin mining.

howtwos101: Did you try copying and pasting the command I put in the description? If you send me a message with the command you are using, then I'll try it out on my computer and let you know if it works.

howtwos101: Just so you know, I got GPU mining working on a Mac. It had a Radeon 6750m and was mining around ~100 MH/s. I'll be making a video on it soon.

Philip Jedar: using slush's and checked, url password username are good. Time to time computer find something to hash.. But most of the time, have the error....

Anime10100: should i use the Stratum?

Kerry Butters: dual core processor

How to do CPU Bitcoin mining on Windows with rpcminer 4.9 out of 5

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