Savage Model 64 Rimfire Rifle

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Steve Vigil: I agree and disagree. Also having the Savage 64 and 3 Ruger 10/22s I agree that out of the box the Savage is about as accurate as they come. However it is sad that the Savage has an ongoing problem with the magazines. If Savage or someone else would make an aftermarket magazine or some kind of larger capacity mag, that would be great.

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Luis Martinez: The magazine housing ramp on mine is about 1/4 inch below the bore of the barrel. If Savage intended to have the magazine be the ramp they have failed completely because the magazine is about 1/8 of an inch below the bore and ¼ inch away from the bore. It will not soot more than 2 rounds without jamming.

sollo28530: Great rifle. . Very acurate. And NOT PICKY ON AMMO

jon coshatt: these are on sale at Wal-Mart in northeast Oklahoma I got mine I couple days ago for $70 after tax and I love it

Face Star: it is more accurate than Ruger 10/22. I have both. But mags are 10 rounds only and it is getting dirty quickly and jam on ammo. But it is a way more accurate than ruger. So it is a fair trade

Bryson Wilkinson: 180 now

coinscoins1977: Cool video, thinking about one next month.
Thank You for your Service👍

tyler hofer: my dad gave me his. his is from the early 80s. tac driver I ld rather this then a ruger 10 22 because these feels like real rifles. my father's is a Lakefield 64b made in Ontario Canada

Lee Wargles: Can't wait to get mine.

Evette West: hey men can you use a pro mag for a Savage 62/64 model

Kaplinka: My first rifle. purchased it in January. i love it! The only drawbacks are that I can't find tech sights for him and he doesn't seem to like hollow point rounds. but he is super sweet with a scope.

Gulf Breeze: Federal or cci only...have fun

Joe De Santa Anna: This rifle is hardly excellent. I own one. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 5. I had a couple of failures to feed and some stove piping. It doesn't feel good to shoot at all. The trigger sucks. But for the price it's a very mediocre rifle.

thc weedhead: Got my crap for 50buck from a cousin

2nd Gen Ram: I bought my savage rifle same as this no problems, shoots hollow points great that's the majority of bullets I have shot through my rifle

Daegan Jones: look at the feed ramp man the magazine ramp is above the guns feed ramp. Wont work with hollows very well. i hope mine comes out to be as good as yours!

Gulf Breeze: mine works great with hollow points

Nick Vevang: if you aint got one get one, one thing i wish for the model 64 is more customization, although the wood stock variant is effin sweet. 

Gulf Breeze: atta boy. do more on it. just bought 1

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Savage Model 64 Rimfire Rifle 5 out of 5

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