Homemade Rotary Soil / Compost Screen

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Kurt Elsner: This thing is friggin' GENIUS

Michael Griffis: How about the specs on the motor.

Scott Breneman: Looks great! What type of belt are you using to spin the trommel?

TamaMuruhya: Hello. I am Japanese. My name is hirohide sakuma. In order to make a rotary soil sieve, I have referred to your video. A lot of industrial waste comes out from my garden, so I accused those who sell land. Therefore, I want to show this video to the prosecution. I appreciate your cooperation.

Adriano Cognome: Good morning, I wanted to have a list of the material used to build this screen. I would like to build one myself as well. If someone has some sort of design with the material I need, I would really enjoy it. Thanks a lot to everyone. I live in Italy

Lord Uragia: I need to build this for my school and I've had zero experience with stuff like this

Jose Rodriguez: Super coolllllllllll.

James Salerno: I like your brace. I love how you put that dust guard on.  One question: How did you size it to fit the drum & casters properly. Any advice is helpful. Thanks.

Stephen Robb: Did you ever make a "scoop loader" so you can use the tractor with it? I would like to see an image of it if you did. Thanks!

Saud H: Good project i like it .. thanks from Saudi Arabia

Tools & More DIY: Wao.... great project... specially the capacity to have different drums for other applications ... how may I contact you? Where are you located?, just subscribed 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻, best to you.

Jordan Bronson: Great Idea !!! Put this on Wheels a bit bigger than your Garden Bed... Slide that down as you go, that way it's filled on its own. Next year, use the same concept and use it to Clean all the stuff in your Garden Bed aka, roots, grass etc..., so that way you don't have to clean or pick by hand. I see a Multi-Usage if you just added the Wheels :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ONIT: need pulley wheels on each end where the friction is. just put the grooves of the wheel on the edge of the rim

gargois1: This is pretty damn cool

Rick Burda: i have one for sale, see houston Craigslist. has adjustability and move ability.

Surfview: What a great accomplishment! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Tooterr102 E.: You sound like you are out of wind, dang did she work so hard that you are out of wind. She is definitely a keeper. Lol

frosty992001: Thank you for the video. It is just what I need to clean the gravel for my aquaponics system. :)

Mark Saggese: Nice design.

Alb Alps: Put some oil please!

Homemade rotary soil / compost screen 5 out of 5

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Homemade rotary soil / compost screen
Homemade rotary soil / compost screen
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