Trifilar Coil Jig

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Rushit Sakariya: kapitl Rajkot

dargo1183: could you send me the scimatics for this thing

Csab: Very nice build thanks!

Bill K: Cool!! This will work great for a tattoo machine coils.  I would suggest for the single coil spool to have a bottleneck plate with 2 rubber door stops to create drag. Or at the end of the all thread where the spool is mounted, or you could create drag on the shaft. With PVC pipe & a lock nut !   Bill Kearney.  :-)

NasGaming92: lol gj well thinked that calculator will do the same :D

Gort Newton: Very nice. Love the simple arrangement, and it is very effective. What do you use the trifilar windings for? Also, a spring-loaded tensioner between the lower coils (the feed coils) and the take-up spool can make the winding neater.

Matei Bogdan: it's like the gear wheeles the little one is spinning faster and the big one is spinning slower . same is the principle at bycycle the report is 1 turn at the foot wheel and 5 turns at the drive wheel. To pedal slow and go faster. Excuse my bad english!

electrofly23: for a counter I used a digital pedometer from the dollar store - I wired in a reed switch and put a small magnet on the motor shaft. For speed control I used a footswitch from a sewing machine - it works like a gas pedal from off to full speed - no need to use a dimmer.

rockethead555: Hello!, good design . . i was coming up with something similar but never thought about the three coils mounted in a circle like that. . haha smart trick. Anyway talking about number of turns for a given Inductance and a given wire length for a predetermined "dc resistance", i see it would be hard to determine with the twisted wires approach say for a bifilar or trifilar because that design uses more feet of wire versus straight turns of wire.. so how would you calculate the L for this ? thanks

Helmy Yehia: good clip

Ben Silva: this is pretty freaking awesome

codygillespie: @KaleemNiz Both diameters are fixed on the same shaft. 360 degrees of rotation on both diameters per turn equals one turn per rotation on both. Think about it ; )

Sutthi Rungsrirattanawong: Try using smaller hole less then 1cm on the feeding side & increasing distance between winding spool & the feeding spool further apart (50cm++) once the first layer is done nicely, by controlling the right speed the following layers will be auto arrange

Sutthi Rungsrirattanawong: Nice! When i put together mine, it took me sometime to figure out what to use for counting,after squishing 1calculator & 1keyboard i ended up using a "thumb pressing" counter. together with a few bigger hole washers (place them off-center) as trigger. it can count up to pretty high RPM without miscount, and can withstand harder beating from the drill's torque.

kurdishmob: kholy crapz. ur da man.

Marneus Calgar: Very well done sir :)

77GSlinger: freaking brilliant! Thank you!

codygillespie: @JRBeaman I would agree with that if you are running the filars in series. But when using each filar individually I would say it can help ensure each wire has identical L and C characteristics. I would also agree that you could make a coil smaller without the twisting, but in practice ive found I usually end up with a rats nest when dealing with untwisted multiple wires, but sure it could be done. Ive never had any problem with short circuiting. I would say do what ever works for you.

codygillespie: @JRBeaman Well as far as function its not something that would always be required. Mainly it helps keep distributed winding capacitance even. Also for practical reasons it helps keep the coil compact and tidy.

Myron Breeding: Just finished with my coil jig winder and I sure appreciate all the info you had on your video to help me build one also. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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Trifilar Coil Jig 5 out of 5

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