Behringer XENYX 802 Mixer Setup

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NoyPhiReviews 0131: Hi can you help me?

Rick Hamer: I just used this unit a week ago for a wedding gig, not that i have that much experience using it and it was right out of the box so no time to figure it out! The microphone i used we could not really get any volume out of it, and now i see what you just showed , TURN IT UP IN THAT LINE OF SWITCHES, i feel like an idiot now lol lol But just learned something , thanks much for the video.

Ricky Santillas: Cool

Dave White: mine arrived today from amazon 28 march 2017 and the power light would not go gree, nor would the 48V switch turn OFF

Sanjay Agnesh: meramobile no 9576739800

Sanjay Agnesh: behringer with sound card kanha se kharida ja sakata h plz hume guide kare ye kou se softwere me run karta h

Kunil Tailor: how is your dj controller connected, which input on the mixer is it plugged into?

Ilya Zhitomirskiy: Hello there! I plugged in my Yamaha CM-500 headset into my Behringer XENYX Q802USB mixer, plugged the mixer into the computer, and tried speaking into the microphone. For some odd reason, my speech into my headphones is slower than the rate at which I am actually saying it. How do I fix this error? Thank you very much!

EehKayBee: Is it possible to mute the mic with this mixer, if not, how can I mute it (AT2020 (I don't want to have to use any sort of program))

Anıl Elmastaşı: Hello. Thank you for this video it is really good and than I have a question. What is your soundcard or audio interface I am really curious about it I watched video but I couldn't see :)

Walid Benallel: hi, 1 question
the instrumental enter with my voice when o record, Why???

Rodolfo Baliga: how can i buy a cheap, good quality mixer with a good bass & treble output. thanks and more power to anyone who can answer this query.

Classik Unity: thanks

Djkemydan Comando force: can u set it n use the numark to use for your gain n control all gain

RIFFA KING: thank you

Walter Smith: ive been trying to get my behringer802 working for our podcast, this is the clearest setup video i found. thanks.

Bogdan Serban: Can you tell me if the FX send is mono or stereo? I can't understand from the user manual. I need to send a stereo out to a tape machine, which goes straight back to the sound card, but then I need two other outputs, one for the monitors and one for the bigger speakers, and two stereo inputs, from the main PC and from the laptop/phone/turntable etc.

David Friddy: How can I setup the FX funk. on the Q802 USB?

Arturo Gomez Libra: I GOT A BIG QUESTION

cj18: newbie here: since this is not USBversion , what type of cable do you connect this to your Laptop/Pc with? 
I just need it to connect my xlr mic, beyer headphones and speakers via jack to this , will I be able to?

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Behringer XENYX 802 Mixer Setup 5 out of 5

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Behringer XENYX 802 Mixer Setup
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