Borderlands 2 How To Kill Jackenstein Fast

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Dean Ince: This game is sucks with many nonsenses.

MattT2k9: Not sure what people are crying about, just did this solo uvhm no problem at all.

joe c: In other words: mod the crap out of the game to get a weapon that usually one hits everything else in the game, then you'll be able to *maybe* kill jackenstein in about a minute. That's if he doesn't one hit you with a freaking dumpster.

siesonekmk: What weapons are you using against Jackenstein?

polken54: Can someone explain to me how I just pretty much one shot him. I was doing like no damage after I took out his generators then I just threw a random sticky longbow quasar at him and he just died! Did I just hit some sort of sweet spot or what.

Tyler Machala: Can't freaking get it

Amanda Konwinski: can someone help me kill him?? ive been trying for so long add me on xbl at oO NLYD Oo

tru3m3talh3ad: I'm trying to kill this piece of crap alone on Ultimate Vault Hunter mode but he keeps shoving his massive fist squarely up my asshole.

Andrew Hooven: How is that lame and gay?

0nionz: I'm 18, dude.

0nionz: It's the interfacer, seraph shotgun

krazyk1d26: freaking*

PyroPuffCake: Try beating this boss at level 40 with no bee or legendary its impossible to beat its such a overpowered boss -.-

The Fire Rises: What were the yellow shotguns you used, they were freaking sick.

0nionz: I tell you step by step how to beat him- counts as a tutorial

Millimification: Sure, it might count as a tutorial, but the title of the video is misleading.

cadenchambers1: What weapon are u using

0nionz: inside the cabin where you spawn, the seraph vendor is to the left of the fast travel station. You can get the gun from there.

alex vranic: you fail to realize that stay frosty is his THING!

CUTuEzio: That gun doenst seem very good ( the etech)

j_ar Fall: what's is the name of the shotgun that you're using?

Macks .Tomass: I got this the first try

Yu Meigns: Got it first try. It's okay, I guess. Not really that good, even when combined with the Bee and the Evil Smasher. I guess I'll keep using my Shock Infinity, then.

IllusionistsBane: Does farming the Leviathan's treasure room using the glitch work too?

mkpr123: How about a video of where you got them shotguns?

Absolution55: Found this gun by accident on Saturday

0nionz: what are you talking about?

fikujez: That's not really a tutorial how to kill him fast. It's the only way to kill him, you're not showing any tricks on how to make it easier. BTW Jackenstein jumps back down after some time even if you don't finish off the loaders, a good thing to know if one needs to have them for second wind.

Yu Meigns: So basically the evil smasher glitch. That's a dumb name for it.

GoldBallsOfSteel: This is bullcrap. Nowhere to hide, he kills me immediately. He's impossible to kill! freak this crap!

Dutch Holland: Took me eight miserable rounds. I then turned to modding for this one. Then reverted back. Not a fan of being a god for the full game. Unlike the rest of them.

Andrew Hooven: But you also shot really fast with out gunzerking. Im not trying to be disrespectful I actually really like your videos

goldenrebirth: If the glitch works, I assume you could farm the treasure room just fine ;) Go for it!

IllusionistsBane: Dammit. The Commando should be buffed. I'm also trying to kill Jackenstein in UVHM, but I only managed to get the cylinders on its back. The loaders make me sick, and the only high-damage weapon I have is a Jakobs sniper. I should've gotten the Hawk Eye at Lv 61, huh.

0nionz: badass rank included.

Logan Passi: I got 3 in a row

Robert White: i got my first infinity pistol from his lab

TheRealNaxos: This DLC was really crap. So freaking boring and just alot of running here to there...

DeltaD36: Holy Hell this asshole is difficult to do alone on Ultimate Vault mode. crap, he's difficult to do alone.

bluver209: Nm...just found the name in the comments.

Tayler Bloor: In uvhm I couldn't kill him and I raged and destroyed my controller,I think I need anger managment

0nionz: interfacer

MacGyver THIS: Uhvm

imseiler: Now do it without the Evil Smasher glitch.

zach zeigler: I love how this dosent help me at all

2ghostz: im in the same boat. whats your steam name lets team up and kill this mofo.

TammyofJam: Actually he wouldn't capitalize "freaking". So you should have said "freaking*".

The Red Shoto: i think hes just saying he thinks using the glitch will make it better

vegard festvåg: no crap sherlock

eazzyves: ive tried and tried i cant kill jackenstein, if anyone could help my gamertag: bzerrkk

Borderlands 2 How to Kill Jackenstein Fast 4.5 out of 5

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