Hairfinity Alternative Maybe Better

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missindecisive23: You cant replace haifinity with hair skin in nails because hairfinity has msm which is a food edible form of sulfur. Your body needs sulfur from food broccli garlic onions asparagus all contain sulfur. Bottomline regular vitamins just have b complex vitamins haifinity has that and silica and msm.

andrika1990: And you get more in the bottle with the spring valley brand so you dont have to buy tem at the end of every month with Hairfinity you only get like sixty

andrika1990: Im hoping this is better than hairfinity or just as good cuz im considering switching....srsly. This is cheaper

anita4168: @sexymama314573 Let me know how it works, I just started my Hairfinity today but if this works I want to try it !

Rasha Aipnak: Hello, so I don't want to be rude but is that your real hair? Did hairfinity help you grow it out that long? My sisters hair is super short and she feels super insecure about it so I'm wondering if I should go with your alternative or go out and buy the hairfinity, any suggestions?

indira: Thats just rude...I#d rather buy the less expensive and be able to buy my child that second toy-because he's more important than a name. Just sayin...

nichole Burns: @TheRootsJourney Hey ive tooken biotin also but i didnt notice a change at all in my hair skin or nails and i was taking 6 pills a day which was recommended to me by my dermatologist but with these pills my nails have definitely grew a lot.. my hair has been growing also you can def see a change too i dont know if its due to the pills because hair will grow anyways but it has effected my nails for sure.. its been pretty good so far :)

teethomas35: I am doing the same thing! Just started a few days ago. Hope it works!!

TheRootsJourney: Does the hair, skin and nails been growing you? I have been taking biotin for a while.

HelloKittyRecy7: I have that vitamin but I get nauseous cuz of the smell and the size. hairfinity it much easier to swallow and it really work. ik what u mean though, its expensive but I saved up some money n got the 2 month supply.

nichole Burns: @lalam4012 Thanks and yea once it becomes routine lol

nichole Burns: Honey I do have a job and I understand that....but whats the point when I can still get it cheaper and spend money on other stuff i want other than sum pills for my hair :P

prettybrowneyescutie: thanks

nichole Burns: ok cool i def. going to check it out thanks i def will start taking them msm again lol

Cheraun Malone: Get a job! Hairfinity is not that expensive and it is awesome!!

hairfinity alternative maybe better 5 out of 5

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hairfinity alternative maybe better
hairfinity alternative maybe better
Hairfinity Alternative
Hairfinity Alternative
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