Gibson SG 3 Sc Part 1

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Morgan Brown: I have this guitar, and love it. Yes, it makes some strat-type sounds, but it does much more too, and certainly doesn't play like a Fender. That all-mahogany set-neck construction does still make for some definite Gibson-ness, if you know what I mean...

guns1rose: tele

Sipke van der Meulen: Playing well does more to that 'wondering' part then gear ;)

Guitarooster52: Are you kidding? LOL I've downloaded 3 of his albums from iTunes. I really love his music. This guy just loves guitars and if you do you'll love his music.

CodyCEngdahl: @stratocor That too!

GregsGuitars: go to the indie rock channels....

Victor Linge: i have this guitar but it's brown/orange

CodyCEngdahl: I love it! It's a strat for gibson lovers!

Maurizio Arceri: Great Play !!

dragonmas: @GregsGuitars "CHUMP"Joe.... says it all really.

quafman: Thinking about getting convinced me, awesome playing.:)

John Waldock: @blockbrothers no, it seems to be a prs eg 2 or somit similar

RocknLester2011: Sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andr3wbr1an: i love your blues.. have you ever thought of releasing instrumental blues tracks?

fuck off, youtube: All these stratogibson/gibocaster comments are getting old quick.

Cedric Siegers: SG = Strat Gibson

sw35071: Frank Marino has to be the first rock god to use one of these awsome sg's and his was absolutely the best..baddest.. and most note screamin sg that ever parked under a mans fingers!! and if you don't think so, check out mahogany rush japan 1978..his may not be the first..but I ain't seen one that comes close!! Total custom vintage killer guitar!!! the best!

Dom Whiffen: depends if you want true single coils or p90s :L

Marco Zucchi: Very good sound, but it doesn' t sound like a Strat

Grehoooo: stratogibster :P

149MrSimo: OMG :O The Legendary Gibsoncaster XDDDD

qwerty32826: Nice it But that's not a genuine Gibson -and belive me, I know Seems like a nice (chinese copy) Gibson SG, in the hands of a great blues guitarist

Florent Mathurin: Toujours a vendre ?

88Divine: Nice guitar and awesome sound!

BackingTracks: Groovy :)

Phlemberg: I'd call it a SGcaster

saintgermainmusique: Il s'agit de la configuration de l'électronique d'une Gibson S1 (produite entre 1975 et 1980, équipé de 3 micros single coil bar type "Charley Christian" orienté Jazz, avec un potentiomètre volume, un de tonalité et un commutateur rotatif 5 positions, seul Gibson fabriquée avec un manche collé) monté sur le corps d'une Gibson SG. Je n'avais jamais vu ce type de SG.

Glockenator: One of the greatest guitars I've ever played

WoWintosh: Fender made an SG and slapped a Gibson logo on the headstock.

Vitor Fernandes: I love SG's and this one in particular is amazing. Not so beautiful, but with a very different sound. I like guitars that nobody has... Makes the crowd wondering about the guitarist equipment.

perkalator104: (fake question) Hey can I have that 1967 sg I saw in one of your vidoes for about 73 bucks? =P (again I say, fake question)

AkimboAliTheS: @MrSvetoslavMironov MOre like Gibson SratG

Thatswhopunk: sounds a little tele-ish to me? awesome!

stratocor: @CodyCEngdahl or gibson for strat lovers:DDD

dave1081: Hi Gregor, mal wieder ein sehr schönes Demo. Finde ich super, dass du diese individuelle Art, Gitarren vorzustellen, beibehälst. Das macht immer wieder Spaß. Zur Gibson: Ich als begeisteter Blues-Hawk-Spieler freue mich immer über Gibson-Modelle, die nicht Les paul oder klassisch SG sind, nicht weil ich die klassischen nicht mag, sondern weil die außergewöhnlichen Überraschungen bieten. Diese SG ist klasse!! Grüße

stuart walsh: the bear is knocked out by the blues.

ronley123: he'll play what he wants to.

Philipp Cross: i love sgs. i have one but i dont really like the pickups on this one... great playing btw

CRE8TION2INFINITY: sounds like a thin Gibson.. ..not what I was expecting

inchskater: das ist irgendwie extrem cool

lonestar7703: I know that it's all opinion; but is there a better sounding amp than a Fender Deluxe Reverb from the sixties? I don't think so.

dGladiator: a guy offered this to me for my les paul studio 60's tribute with p-90. should i accept?

MrEgr0: Very nice playing, very nice guitar, i want buy new electrical guitar ( solo ), i`d like classic rock and blues, who better in your opinion - SG or Fender Strat. ?

blockbrothers: is that a coodercaster in the background with goldfoils?

Gibson SG 3 sc Part 1 4.8 out of 5

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