Gibson SG 3 Sc Part 1

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Leandro Penna: Sounds very nice! Really smooth

CRE8TION2INFINITY: sounds like a thin Gibson.. ..not what I was expecting

Marco Zucchi: Very good sound, but it doesn' t sound like a Strat

Florent Mathurin: Toujours a vendre ?

Dom Whiffen: depends if you want true single coils or p90s :L

dGladiator: a guy offered this to me for my les paul studio 60's tribute with p-90. should i accept?

Nick Kinney: sounds a little tele-ish to me? awesome!

Cedric Siegers: SG = Strat Gibson

magradygrind: All these stratogibson/gibocaster comments are getting old quick.

149MrSimo: OMG :O The Legendary Gibsoncaster XDDDD

Grehoooo: stratogibster :P

stuart walsh: the bear is knocked out by the blues.

AkimboAliTheS: @MrSvetoslavMironov MOre like Gibson SratG

John Waldock: @blockbrothers no, it seems to be a prs eg 2 or somit similar

Phil: i love sgs. i have one but i dont really like the pickups on this one... great playing btw

CodyCEngdahl: @stratocor That too!

WoWintosh: Fender made an SG and slapped a Gibson logo on the headstock.

perkalator104: (fake question) Hey can I have that 1967 sg I saw in one of your vidoes for about 73 bucks? =P (again I say, fake question)

saintgermainmusique: Il s'agit de la configuration de l'électronique d'une Gibson S1 (produite entre 1975 et 1980, équipé de 3 micros single coil bar type "Charley Christian" orienté Jazz, avec un potentiomètre volume, un de tonalité et un commutateur rotatif 5 positions, seul Gibson fabriquée avec un manche collé) monté sur le corps d'une Gibson SG. Je n'avais jamais vu ce type de SG.

NigRigShop: One of the greatest guitars I've ever played

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Gibson SG 3 sc Part 1 5 out of 5

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Gibson SG 3  sc Part 1
Gibson SG 3 sc Part 1
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