Nutnfancy SHOT Show: Smith And Wesson!

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pinkiewerewolf: I want a 325 Thunder Ranch (because I don't want to start stocking another round) but I'm gonna have to sell three Glocks to get close to the cost.

Brandon Shanesy: Is that the same dude that shot in the Magpul Dynamics video? What a job he has

The Wolf Gaming Brothers: very nice... want a piston upper for my AR lower.... would be a nice option to train with....

Phauxtoe: I dont know why, but i thought Veri was Nutin's Wife! sorry!

andrademeza: making me wanna do the robot...

suferwill808: Exactly! The guy's voice was pissing me off so much!

suferwill808: Anybody else find the representative's voice and attitude really freaking annoying?

Zac Williams: I think that is the S&W 638 Bodyguard that Nutn also reviewed watch?v=VIjwytB3iZQ. If not then it is certainly a S&W J frame revolver of some type, maybe a 642.

Topher Rabadash: 26:05 Those are some unfortunate serial numbers =/

personwhoeatssteak: Oh god that music.

Ryan Leventhal: When you click on this video that white and silver revolver you see when you click on it does anyone know what it is called

NolanMGI: AWESOME video. Love S&W. They got a bad rep. in the semi-auto pistol area with the SD series and some others BUT try an M&P and you'll want to buy it. Bought an M&P40 a year ago and no regrets. I'm undecided on a .38. For the price and purpose of carry I'm really digging the Bodyguard 38.

Zeb Dawson: the guy explaining the revolvers is a prime example of a professional, not once did he put a full grip on those weapons like he's going shooting right then and there, that first guy was horrible...

Zeb Dawson: i don't really like the guy from smith... he's in like this warrior stance the whole time, like he's in a training video or as if he's practicing right then. i've never seen a professional at shot show act like that, they always calmly pick the weapon up, explain it and rarely hold it like they're gonna use it. this guy just seems unprofessional to me. dude, it's shot show, chill out and stand down. trying to show off for the camera is not a good look for a exec sales rep. love the vids nutn

Ben Galvin: Do you think that there is any point doing a review of the LCR 38 at some time?

RightWingCon81: Never mind, nutn covered it.

RightWingCon81: Anyone know how safe it is to carry without the stupid saftey?

Zach Foltz: I wouldn't mind a Walther P99 with the P22's external hammer and a DA/SA trigger.

Zach Foltz: Love that ambi cylinder release on the Bodyuard .38

unlitdarkness6: SHOTSHOW 2013 NUTN!! Really love that you can take us where some of us can't go. Thanks Man!

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Nutnfancy SHOT Show: Smith and Wesson! 5 out of 5

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