HOW TO Easily Start Your Generator (Chinese Honda Clone) After Many Months In Storage

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Bryan Kinney: Good Video and Audio..and thanks for the CC on the part where the mic dropped out..On my way to the auto parts store to get some of that spray.

brianca3: Hey I have a Titan 3750 industrial generator that I can't get started. Any ideas?

donyboy73: @Liamautomechanic i don't think they are made under licence from honda

Cody Run: donyboy. I have a ETQ Model: TG72K12 (7250 Continuous Watts) Do you show how to change the oil in one like this? Also the electric start just clicks and the battery shows fully charged on the trickle charger. thanks.

richthecardude94: nice

donyboy73: @syncmaster710n14 not familiar with diesel

mountfields: some folk shy away from "Chinese" clone engines, bought our genny 5 years ago, has been very well used and been trouble free, very pleased, ( just keep changing the oil), just because there cheap , doesn`t mean there c--p...

classicoutboards: nice

Bobby Hitt: Hey, Like your vids. very much and have learned a lot. Thanks! I have a powercraft 1000 watt. It has the same throttle set up as this gen. I think? anyway it starts on the first pull but then runs wide open for about 30 sec. and then stops. before it would run perfectly and pulsate. I when I took it out to use this time the shaft the is located inside the spring had come loose I put it back in but know I have the problem. can you help?

Garnett M.: Oh how I wish everyone would run an engine dry from fuel when storing , I`ve torn apart more carbs because of leaving old gas in it -When they can`t start it next time --And you don`t need stabilizer if you drain the system completely use the gas somewhere else new gas is always better for an engine .

1972FordF150: 5 stars !!!!!

rahs98991: I own the same generator it got to where it wouldn't start at all after buying three brand new plugs to no avail I finally bought a new E Core plug just to try my generator starts every time first pull even in 5 degree weather and even starts after it gets hot something the generator would never do after using it for awhile I always had to let it cool down before it would start again. The new E Core Plugs works wonders on stubborn motors with starting problems

syncmaster710n14: Works brilliantly on my petrol gen but I also have a Chinese diesel generator that has an electric start which is even worse for not starting after awhile, any ideas on that?

eddievalleytrailer: Do you still have this generator? I have one just like it. The problem with mine is there are 2 green wires under the gen cover (other end from the starter rope) that seem to go nowhere. Does yours have 2 green wires under the cover? Do they hook to anything or they just sitting there not connected?

eddievalleytrailer: Wow!! That would be great!! Mine broke one of the brushes in the generator. I took it apart a year ago and just now found new set for it. Now that I'm ready to finally get it going again, I don't remember those green wires or where they hook up or if they hook to anything. I really like this gen. It was powerful, quiet and reliable until the brush broke.

DeepFriedFuzzball: @syncmaster710n14 I saw your comment on here, I have on of those diesels but it's not attached to a generator and it's just pull start, but It always starts great. If you're having trouble with yours, try bleeding the injector line to make sure there's no air in it, and if that doesn't work take out the injector and do a spray test on it to make sure it's working right, sometimes they get a bit dirty and then the engine just don't wanna run...hope that helps :]

Jason Brass: theres a thing called ether for a job like this!, itll make anything run

hp11208: Dony i bought a 900 watt generator from H-F tools,it starts and shuts off

steven earnshaw: If there is a giant hole in the crankcase, oil everywhere and a bit of conrod sticking out. Why wont it start? Lol

Dominique Lapointe: Where did you get the Quaker State one Lube penetrating oil?, I can't seem to find it anywhere

donyboy73: anywhere between .003-.005

that guy: runs like a pile of crap compered to ours

thiscreepingmalaise: I did all these steps but it keeps killing after a few seconds. HELP?

Ray Iglesias: Hello Donny: I just bought me a Honda Max Generator 3650-4550 watt.It is being delivered to me and i can wait to use it for the various projects i'll be using it for. Watching your videos on YouTube, has been a huge blessing because you have taught me so much on these 4 cycle engines and how to maintain them for long term use, i just want to thank you personally for these lessons. If I ever take a trip to Canada, in the near future i look you up to say hello. Your friend Ray from Missouri.

Liamautomechanic: are they made under license from honda?????????????in china,

donyboy73: i'll check but this gen is brushless I believe

handymandave: It's the little Brass screw on the side, outwards gives it some more fuel, sometimes they are tamper proof and cover can snap off, then use tweezers if need be. You may HAVE A BLOCKED JET IN CARB.

Jihad Powell: is it loud i need something quiet

scotty1045: If your gonna store one for a while of through the winter put Stabill in it and some B12 chemtool. Do not turn the gas off and run it till it quits. That will cause the carb to dry out through the winter and you will for sure have problems getting it started. I have 3 gens we use on our farm a 3500 to 550 watt and that is what I do in the winter.

4micaman: Thanks Don. I'm trying to get my '07 powermate 2500 running after leaving fuel (untreated) in the tank and not clearing the carb before storing. Lesson learned! My thinking is the carb is just gummed up but cleaning the tank and trying to use wd40 as a starter didn't work. Manual or not, I'll pull the carb bowl and go from there.

donyboy73: yes any penetrating oil, watch the fumes from the exhaust though that u do not breathe them in

Simon's Channel: @Liamautomechanic no. tey clone Honda to sell more. because the guys that dont know that much will say ''wow! a Honda at super cheap price'' this is a trick to sell more

handymandave: Good simple guide, and all Chink ones are basically the same as this guys. Be very careful putting those back in bud, hold them up-away at first then bring them down and slip them onto the 'pip' put bolt in, any sidewards pressure can snap them off. The wires go red on left green on right or if same colour (sorry color) just try them, doesn't damage anything.

syncdram2012: Generators should not be stored for long periods of time. They need to be run at least, repeat at least once a month for 20 minutes with a load plugged in so the generator side does not loose its capablility to charge at 110v a/c. Most gen owners are not aware of this very important fact. Things de magnatize in the generator itself leaving you with only a running motor and no a/c voltage. Might want to consider this as well.

Shawn Hanrahan: I didn't have penetrating oil so I used carb cleaner spray and it worked great, thanks for this video

donyboy73: on thosesometimes it is, sometimes the valves need to be adjusted

MultiChainsaw123: yes donyboy what is the overhead valve adjustment for a chinese generator motor like the one you showed in your video 6.5 honda knock off thanks for the information

Dominique Lapointe: Hi, is there something else I could use like PB blaster penetrating catalyst, its a penetrating oil. thanks

Kevin Isam: Wow thanks i had a prob starting my moms today but the gas was on and i turned it off it has the same shut off as this guys and its all rusted so i cant see it

donyboy73: yes I have it still, I will check for you

the Unrepentant: To start a lawnmower or rototiller motor I use carb cleaner. Just a very small puff on the air filter and the motor starts on the first pull without smoke coming out of the exhaust even after sitting over the winter.

daville7: Little shot of starting fluid did the trick. Thanks

syncmaster710n14: @DeepFriedFuzzball thanks might try that next time, i have found if i heat it up a bit first it starts easily but if i don't it won't start at all.

donyboy73: @jhood7891 a bit loud yes

Horace Kilroy: Hi, Do you have a video showing the inner and outer workings of the governor on a Honda clone? I very much enjoy your videos and keep up the good work!!

donyboy73: thanks for the sub

handymandave: Some models are fitted with 12v battery charger, a few of the ones i have had have the same 2 pin plug unused just dormant, don't worry about it if working properly.

dadvoc666: a quick question, when I removed the foam it was soaked with engine oil is it normal?

donyboy73: no longer available

2cyclemix: My generator looks a little different but the carb looks exactly like yours. It surges after warming and restarts only on choke. I have been told it surges likely due to running too lean. Which screw on the carb in the video can I tighten/loosen to see if it's too lean?

Holiday: We don\t make alot, but our group do get to travel frequently. Just this year we went to Bangkok to get pictures and their holiday schedules. We are still in a growing phrase so best we can aim for is break even. I think everyone have to overcome the same type of challenge when starting something new. Don\t give up!
HOW TO Easily Start Your Generator (Chinese Honda Clone) After Many Months In Storage 4.6 out of 5

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HOW TO Easily Start  Your Generator (Chinese Honda Clone) After Many Months In Storage
HOW TO Easily Start Your Generator (Chinese Honda Clone) After Many Months In Storage
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