Benjamin Discovery Part 2 - AGR Episode #22

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rocky9298: part 1 ?

Caleb Christensen: the numbers are making me think that its a .177, bc everywhere else I've seen the shot count around 20-30 shots for the .22 variety

Boss Man: how far are you shooting from

Mike C: however ,whoever, & whatever ya did to that disco is amazeing. id like that mod immediately please. im an average shmuck getting 18 shots and really sick of pumping. lol this is a fluke.

DON JUANN: A single shot in the 21st. century NO THANKS.

lian thawmte: this review is helping me alot. thanks paul...
but what i don't get is that i think i've heard the information that the discovery doesn't do more than 20 shots per fill with hpa, how is it possible that u get way more than that...pliz help!

ahmonde boxley: Hi Mr Paul my name is ahmonde I am in Mississippi I like your YouTube videos if you get this can you give me a call at 601-431-4392

Daniel Estrella: Hey guys, I have quite the question and I'm hoping someone can help me! I will be purchasing a 22 caliber discovery soon and am hunting around for the optimum pellet grain to use (I intend to hunt rabbit, and like-sized small game). I realize that there is a point after which a heavier pellet does no additional good on a given power plant, so I suppose that's my first q: What is the heaviest pellet I can use on a disco while maintaining enough velocity for a clean kill (bc I was itching to try the 30 grain H&N Piledrivers or the H&N Rabbit Magnum II @ 24.90 some grain)? My 2nd question is, alternatively what is a good standard average grain pellet for the powerplant in the disco as my lighter grain or everyday pellet (as I would like to have this "standard" or lighter pellet for velocity and a much heavier albeit effective pellet)?

Charlotte Henry: This is either very misleading or something is terribly wrong with Crosman quality control. If you check the air gun boards nobody gets more than 12-18 shots from hpa per fill. I'm very disappointed because this devalues your reviews and I've always enjoyed them. I expect that you would be reviewing an untuned rifle or at least let us know that you aren't. Perhaps you can explain the discrepancy in shot count on hpa between what you got and what the rest of us get.

LouB: PDG 21 grainer was most accurate close up, 25 yards, but is starting to be unstable at 50, probably starting to slow down too much.
Most of a 500 tin of JSB EXACT JUMBOS 15.89s have gone through it and have performed admirably.Seems to like the JUMBO HEAY 18.13 too tough I have not tested them at 50.

RWS Superdome 14.5 are ok close up and untested at any distance

LouB: Some issues wioth mine out of the box, but accuracy was not one of them.

Get it all settled and I am thinking minute of squirrels ear at 50 yards.
Crosman Premier HP was not the most accurate in mine unlike most folks, but the round point just stacked up one after another.JSB exact Jumbo 15.89 is what it is delivering right now.

Ike Evens: How are you getting so many shots?  They say the Discovery's from 2014 are only getting 10-15 good shots on air.  Something doesn't add up and the video seems very misleading.  I was basing my purchasing decision on the incredible shot count but now I'm not sure.  Please do all new buyers a favor and explain how you got those incredible shot counts with a stock gun.  If something has changed with the gun please re-review or explain. 

Wildhog32: Can you use the Soda Stream CO2?

Wildhog32: That's a lot of shooting.  How long did that take?  How loud is the Discovery with High Pressure air and CO2?

andrew stevens: The benjamin marauder .22 gets 32 shots on a 3000 psi. So,how could the discover  get 50 shots on a 2000 psi fill?

ObYagTxha: where did crosman get 900fps from then?  

mqa1963: @ pyramyd air ...really ??? 40 to 50 good shot on hpa ??? noway ... i get 20 max on hpa .. thats from 2000 psi to 1000 psi.. you must be shooting a different benjamin disco than mine.. please explain .... 

rocky9298: where is part 1?

IfItDontAplyLetItFly: I'm working with the US Consumer Product Safety Commision cause of the faulty safety. They already had a Big recall of 2400 guns for some other incident.

IfItDontAplyLetItFly: Joe Roberts. Trust me when I say don't waist your hard earned money on a Hatsan. I went through hell with that cheap company. Yes they are powerful guns but thats where it ends. They gave me three junk guns in a row, #1 had bent barrel, #2 the safety made it discharge, #3 horribly inaccurate. 

Benjamin Discovery Part 2 - AGR Episode #22 5 out of 5

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