BitCoin Mining FPGA Card

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RandomGameplayer: thats a pice of bitcoin mining histoy

loamall: Can I use FPGA devices to recover passwords (using brute force method)? If yes, which device to choose, and what software to use?

Jing YAN: +兔纸 马克~ 

Andraž Urevc: aaaaaa rgghhh don't touch the chips >.< You will ruin em 

Ken Olsen: There is no way those will ever mine at 21GHs!

Roy van Kuik: Have you tried these in linux. Maybe they work out of the box in ubuntu???

Charles2531: 3:35 Not if you're attempting something massive. Then you're limited by the number of logic units.

Borgar: the xilinx chip at 2:00 is a xc95108. a CPLD with 108 macrocells. obsolete now according to datasheet.

Luciano Mazzeo: I'm working on application, I need balance to test it, you will rewarded when is online, please subscribe to keep in touch and donate. My Bitcoin address : 19F9rv8uQgehDKyJDnQCNEUS3AS7PjULiw Thanks

mitropoulosilias: FPGA Mining and bitcoins mining is about for some people to sell that kind of cards!!!

Anddosdd: 20 GH are you sure

Petr Bouzek: I switched from mining myself to cloud mining. You can buy mining equipment instantly and the earnings are applied to your account

activeproandrey: They are pretty cheap, get a development board, i am sure it will help you to learn it, try this one:

MinecraftMan7778: yeah.

Adam Risberg: Mining bitcoins now after the bubble has burst is to no use.

CarlsTechShed: FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. It's basically a card you can re-program to perform pretty much any kind of application. You could use it for Video, Audio, Encryption, Decryption, or pretty much anything else.

Chinoman10: I must be looking at the wrong places!! I can't find ANYTHING that can do 1 or more GH for less than 500€... I mean... I can't find anything that I can buy and get it right now (in less than a month)... I could buy the 5GH Jalapeno, but for what? To get it "as soon" as December? No thanks!

wavepattern: Martin anyone can dribble on with delusions That never qualifies as a real answer YOU HAVE NOT ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS IN THE AFFIRMATIVE You have outlined a multiple step program which ONLY works with very very very isolated people. Incidentally the #1 exchange was closed down by govt when THEY decided L-O-S-E-R

activeproandrey: Yes, but it will be only operation-specific. These are FPGA's, not processors, remember.

ValugaTheLord: Damn mate, I would love to have them cards in my hands to fiddle around with em and would be real good tool to teach my self some assembly, you lucky git for having them cards for that price.

Łukasz Lewicki: it is not the truth, it will not earn for itself in month because of mining difficulty change.

Kyle Herbig: Amazing find! On the drivers, if you can't find the drivers easily, I'm sure that you can contact a programer who knows C++ and he can develop a new driver for you. :)

Aroop Roelofs: do you actally mine with it?

MinecraftMan7778: nope.

romkyns: That looks _almost_ like an SMA connector, which are used a lot for RF stuff.

CarlsTechShed: Thanks Moldy Kock. Some people only think about what something can do, rather than the technology and design that goes into making them. I have been repairing PCs and PCBs since I was about 9 years old. Lakshmere on the other hand probably would never have heard of FPGAs had it not been for this video :-)

nutcrakerz: How would I be able to mine Litecoins with these cards?

dave harper: all i heard was, 'blah blah blah, i'm a dirty slut.' tl,dr

Aroop Roelofs: i know they arent CPUs :p it would be so awesome to get one and prgram it to help me with my calculations :)

pokemontoxicrpg: Could i ask if they could really do 21Ghash/s why would some one sell them for 99p ?

Zed The Hylian: You earn bitcoins and exchange them for money, all managed through the bitcoin program. You're a freaking mental patient. Please go back to the asylum.

Voodoo Hack: Don't lie they are ~200$ each!

CarlsTechShed: I would much rather spend my money placing a bet that Butterfly Labs will go bust before a single unit gets shipped. Anonymous payments means they will take your money and run

takitakair: whats the name and model of the card??

Marian Gherca: md5 bruteforce!

Eduardo M: Let's suppose you have a kinda powerfull rig... I seen Smartshop, clothes shops, etc... that accept bitcoins... You set it up and join a pool, etc... in about a week (leave PC working during the night) you can get the money for that desired shirt or whatever by half the price... At the end you calculate how much electricity you wasted and you notice that it barely covers half the price of the shirt's price... You profit, you can leave mining after that. And u profited.

CarlsTechShed: I'm pretty sure that the Section 75 protection would only protect me if PayPal went bust between transferring the money from the credit card to the Paypal account, and paying for the item because the contract is with PayPal, not the seller. Also, PayPal's user agreement states that you would be in breech of their terms and conditions if you open a dispute with your card company for a payment to them. PayPal are b*stards when it comes to refunds for something which is not part of their policy.

Allan Cristhian Kath Kipfer: why would u sell it if u can earn money with btc?

Nike Arround: bit-miner(.)com

Vatapau Randevu: Facebook Hacker2.8

CarlsTechShed: Yes, this was the same auction. To be honest, I put about £40 on them just as a curiosity purchase and the bid was in the mid-£20's one morning and I was in IKEA that afternoon when I got an email to say I had won them so I checked to see how much I had won them for.... 99p! I was amazed! I never intended to "do" anything with them except maybe experiment with them if I could find the drivers. I can't see why they couldn't be reconfigured. After all, that's what FPGAs are designed for!

Tesfa Berhanu: part number?

neuronstorm: 21Ghash does sound ridiculously high.. I suspect that to get anywhere near the theoretical maximum for these chips you'd need to have each one attached to a decent heatsink - as bitcoin mining will be driving them hard. Unfortunately - drivers aside - it's probably quite a complicated task to get a bitcoin-mining bitstream for them too. These cards are likely to be rare and not in the hands of bitcoin mining software developers so there isn't likely to be an existing bitstream ready to run.

Martin Rickard: Haha, the fact that i've actually answered your questions when you thought that no one would be able to, you've just managed to epically fail Thanks and goodbye

CarlsTechShed: To be perfectly honest, I know very little about BitCoin. I only knew these had BitCoin potential when a friend mentioned he was buying an FPGA BitCoin mining rig and I mentioned about these FPGA cards I had. He had a look at them, checked the part numbers on the FPGAs and came back with a calculated potential of 21 Ghash/s across all 16 FPGAs based on the number of gates and the speed. Yes, these are rare cards. They were mainly used in lab equipment and universities about 12 years ago.

RavenPrecept: There are problems with Bitcoin but those are not it. People who get into Bitcoin will get others into it. I will accept payment in Bitcoin for example and it's an easy thing to set up a wallet.

MinecraftMan7778: ... the things i read... painful.

CarlsTechShed: Actually, I've spent £4.00 on the card and already made £9.56 in AdSense revenue from this video so it hasn't been for nothing ;-)

CryptoCoin Channel: They cannot mine at 21gh...that is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. If they could they would sell for WAY more than 99p. You might get 21mh out of them.

DCNOS18: Um i think your stupid.

BitCoin Mining FPGA Card 3.9 out of 5

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BitCoin Mining FPGA Card
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