BitCoin Mining FPGA Card

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pixelflow: Those would be so fun to turn into a crazy music synth.

Abrahim Sabir: don't waste time programming somthing which you don't even have the schematics of... just harvest the components and increase your inventory

horse1066: The IDT71V016 are 64Kx16 12ns rams, presumably to hold the block/hash while the AISC works on them.
Probably quite expensive at the time, now maybe £1 each
I'm confused at what the Analog Devices chips are doing there? DSP's are normally used for floating point, and AFIK there is no FP in BC mining?

Juror 8: The two chips are CPLDs, a quite restricted performance and capabilities FPGA in simple terms.The device at 2:08 is a CPLD propably dedicated for the JTAG interface, from which you can get things like monitoring some of the system performance signals etc.

RandomGameplayer: thats a pice of bitcoin mining histoy

loamall: Can I use FPGA devices to recover passwords (using brute force method)? If yes, which device to choose, and what software to use?

Theseus: FPGA Mining and bitcoins mining is about for some people to sell that kind of cards!!!

Ken Olsen: There is no way those will ever mine at 21GHs!

Borgar: the xilinx chip at 2:00 is a xc95108. a CPLD with 108 macrocells.
obsolete now according to datasheet.

Charles2531: 3:35 Not if you're attempting something massive. Then you're limited by the number of logic units.

Anddosdd: 20 GH are you sure

Luciano Mazzeo: I'm working on application, I need balance to test it, you will rewarded when is online, please subscribe to keep in touch and donate. 

My Bitcoin address : 19F9rv8uQgehDKyJDnQCNEUS3AS7PjULiw


Andraž Urevc: aaaaaa rgghhh don't touch the chips >.< You will ruin em 

Jing YAN: +兔纸 马克~ 

Petr Bouzek: I switched from mining myself to cloud mining.  You can buy mining equipment instantly and the earnings are applied to your account

Roy van Kuik: Have you tried these in linux. Maybe they work out of the box in ubuntu???

Aroop Roelofs: i know they arent CPUs :p it would be so awesome to get one and prgram it to help me with my calculations :)

Tobias Hoffmann: how can you canfigure an fpga for bitcoin mining? i mean is there any special programming machine for that or can everybody do that?

Simon Says Tech: They cannot mine at 21gh...that is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. If they could they would sell for WAY more than 99p. You might get 21mh out of them.

Aroop Roelofs: do you actally mine with it?

BitCoin Mining FPGA Card 5 out of 5

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BitCoin Mining FPGA Card
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