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rbrisb24: Treat every firearm as if they were loaded....

Rich1028: the wife and I have the 23's and then we got the 27's and it wan't till after we got the 27's that I noticed the loaded round Indicator in the instruction book. ares are always loaded one in the chamber. great video!

Eric Ring: I can CLEARLY tell when a Glock is chambered or not. If the indicator protrudes, it is has a round chambered. Plain to see on my Glock 23 and 30. AND...only I load and unload it. That helps as well...;-)

skyboundpilot: Does anybody know if that there is a aftermarket extractor/chamber indicator that protrudes more? I know Wolf makes one, but I don't know if it protrudes any farther. I'm kinda knew to Glock and would like a better indicator if possible....

davva360: I agree. It is a slight difference but not enough to call it a loaded chamber indicator, not that you should ever rely on one anyway.

Alpha Caskey: In my opinion, especially if you run a glock, refrain from worrying about loaded chamber indicators, they just make funtion checks more lazy, and that's no excuse in the name of safety. I agree on simply pulling the slide back and physically ensuring you have a hot or clear gun. I dont believe any aftermarket ones are made so if you really wanted, I guess you could take it to a gunsmith or if you know positively what you're doing, weld on top of the face of the ejector and put a red finish on the sides of it to mimic the loaded chamber indicators that some ruger models have on the top of their slides. You know, the ones that some people see and think they're broken? LOL

Matty Cakes: XD 45 still got a round in the chamber lol

Ryon1556: I agree with you completely. Glock probably just put that on there so they could list it in there features list. Serves absolutely no purpose. Great job on the vids. Keep them coming!

TheFireArmGuy: @HYDE43210 Thanks buddy and Glocks are my favs too but lets get serious about what they call a loaded chamber indicator

Ballistic Bedlam: Yeah it can get chilly here in AK as well. I tend to check the firearm before I leave the house because I know the round won't fall out of the chamber while I am out. Ultimately it is the shooters responsibility to know the status of their weapon we used to get punished for pulling the trigger on a 'dead mans gun' basically pulling the trigger when a weapon wasn't ready to fire for any reason. I think the LCI is required by some states that's why glock added one as an afterthought.

357minimag: Hey, similar to the North American handgun you can see the brass in the chamber on a glock from the right side of the gun. I don't care for the loaded chamber indicator, but that is not why I bought the Glock. I bought a Glock 27 for my concealed carry weapon.

ThatDudeSirraj: Good video, I always enjoy them... even if I am almost a year late lol. I guess clock can't get everything right, that loaded indicator does not seem worth relying on to me either. Half rack/press check and keep it moving! Happy Shootin' buddy

Daniel J: It's good enough for me Firearm guy :D lol i like your videos, will be subscribing.

Ballistic Bedlam: The Gen 2 was before the indicator was installed. The Gen 3 and 4s with the loaded chamber indicator doesn't work bad at all you just have to get used to it. I have large hands but its quite comfortable for me to sweep that chamber indicator with my trigger finger which I do every time I load the pistol. The difference is tactile and easy to get used to. The NAA you show will be quite hard to use the visual indicator when something goes bump in the night.

TheFireArmGuy: @lhusby I agree and I dont really need a loaded chamber indicator but Glock shouldnt pretend that theirs really is

TheFireArmGuy: @cptjack80 I agree its hardly worth it

TheFireArmGuy: @aikido10 Just a simple rule that so many ignore - good point

TheFireArmGuy: Yes I agree with a chamber check for sure

humans4targets2: @TheFireArmGuy Per the DOJ (department of justice) in CA no handgun can be shipped into the state for sale or ownership or transfer without a loaded chamber indicator. It is also the law in MD and MA and the law for all three states started in 2006.

Daniel J: @TheFireArmGuy and I understand your point completely, if it doesn't feel right then it doesn't feel right. whatever works is the best way to go. GLOCKS! A little off subject but I can't wait till I get out of BCT so I can get that Military discount. G20 & G29 here I come :D

TheFireArmGuy: @Five00700 You make some good points bro and I agree. Sometimes they make the simplest things difficult

TheFireArmGuy: right on buddy

TheFireArmGuy: @theArmedJanitor Press check is the only way to go for me too

ae357em: I agree. I wish glock had an indicator like the xds.

TheFireArmGuy: @matt4023 I dont think Glock considers it to have one either. It may be a way to keep up with others

grantl311: I'm with you! I think they just called what they already had a "loaded chamber indicator". Like calling the dog that poops in your yard an "automatic fertilizer".

TheFireArmGuy: @MrDeleon9999 Hey my friend thanks for checking in

TheFireArmGuy: @MakingMasterClass Yeah to call that a chamber indicator is like calling a Raven P25 an AR

0U8123MTA3: IF the glock "loaded chamber indicator" extractor could have a contrasting color so that when the chamber is loaded and the extractor protrudes, white, blaze orange, neon green or something could become visible, then I could see the glock extractor as a reliable indicator. Like the XD 45 at 2:00 has a "dot" on the rear of the gun, something similar could be used on the glock extractor to make the protrusion more visible.

MRnlightmnt: oh yeah , another great video !!!

Sire Bigz: Ill go with a manual check

John Ford: Of course. I understand. I just thought that taking the magazine out without ejecting the chambered round could lead one to a false sense of security. Clearly if you follow the other rules of gun safety, nothing's going to happen. Just an observation that's all. Still, it was a very cogent, informative, and useful video. keep it up!

TheFireArmGuy: @23mrcowboys I agree bro and Glocks are my favs. That XD needs to be handled every other day or my head spins. I really dig it

TheFireArmGuy: My thoughts exactly - good comment bud - thanks

TheFireArmGuy: Now thats a comment worth considering

Fun & Family Channel: Good points. I find the XD chamber indicator to be more effective. You can feel it and see it. That really fulfills the purpose. That's just one of the thing that should be worked on Glock's make them perfect.

TheFireArmGuy: @JUKEBOXX1990 Yeah no kidding. Gun manufacturers have to go to extreme measures to sell their guns in California

TheFireArmGuy: Thanks for checking it out

TheFireArmGuy: Yes I agree

TheFireArmGuy: @grantl311 Now that was funny

JJAM: I had the same gripe on my 26 G4, until it dawned on me that it is to my benefit to not have the indicator be visible to anyone except the one holding the gun. If I were out of bullets for some reason, the person whom the gun was pointed at would never know there was nothing in the chamber, even if he was familiar with glocks. Even if a loaded chamber indicator was flashing a big red light, I still would not rely on it to determine if a round was chambered - ALWAYS visually inspect.

MRnlightmnt: Glock has another loaded chamber indicator... its called the trigger!! If you pull the trigger and the gun goes bang , it was loaded !!! I don't know why Glock doesn't put that in their manuel?( sarcasm implied) Is there a handgun with an extractor that does not move a tiny bit when going from unloaded chamber into battery??? Maybe every gun made has a "loaded chamber indicator", they just don't know it!

torgsgotboards: if you arent sure if its loaded in the heat of the moment then rack another round. quit ur bitchin. You have a table full of great guns

Grubkat: I think Glock considered that as an afterthought. They would never admit to not having an indicator. Much like they would not come right out and say they botched the recoil spring on some of the Gen 4s. Sometimes I have one in the pipe and sometimes I do not. Depends on threat levels and sometimes the holster I am using that day. Either way, the " loaded indicator" is not what I rely on.

The Shooter's Mindset: For me I don't consider the so called glock loaded chamber indicator. At all reliable? It's just not enough to tell. Not even in the NAA's. I consider a true loaded chamber indicator in the springfield XD's or xdm's. You can see it & feel it. Without confusion or second guessing yourself.

deputysheriff100: Great question. I believe it IS a loaded chamber indicator to a person who knows his gun very well. Practicing with a Glock regulary is easy to feel the ejector or to see it pushed outward. To a "newbie" in guns they will not notice it. But a person who knows the gun well is a benefit. Just like the Glock trigger, in forward set tells you it's roostered, but is there a round in the chamber. I say yes to to a knowledgeable person but no to a person who doesn;t practice often with the Glock.

GuitarLoveTV: My taurus 92-af has a red mark on the extractor when its protruding from being loaded but you really cant see the mark. However you can feel the extractor poking out slightly.

TheFireArmGuy: @mdw63 IMO the slide check is the only true way to see

TheFireArmGuy: Thanks bud

f8talh8red: the glock safety indicator is meant to be felt, not looked at. but as stated earlier, if the mags in it, its loaded. i always treat it like its loaded. therefore the loaded chamber indicator isnt really that pertinent to me.

Glock Loaded Chamber Indicator? You Decide - TheFireArmGuy 4.6 out of 5

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Glock Loaded Chamber Indicator?  You Decide - TheFireArmGuy
Glock Loaded Chamber Indicator? You Decide - TheFireArmGuy
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