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Tyler Hulan: the loaded chamber indicator was so that it could be sold in California back in the day. gen 2 guns were not marketed as having loaded chamber indicators. That is why you cannot feel it on your gen 2.

Marco Gonzales: Food for thought though, law enforcement officers use the glock. If they're in a gun fight and checking a corner after firing rounds, they have to make sure there is one in the chamber. Then they can do a tactical reload or whatever the case may be.

Sheriff Brown: im always RED so i dont have these problems.

obbzerver: People read Braille which doesn't stick out as far as that Glock indicator. If you're in a dark environment are you going to be able to see a round through a small slit as well as you can feel that Glock indicator?

Marcela Hernandez: Wish Glock did their indicators like the M&P shield has it

Ian Maffett: I think it meets its description but not much beats an old school slide check. I really must say, that .45 has a very nice feature for this, however. Not only the very clear dot in the rear of the slide but the extractor being right in the sights is pretty unmistakable. Thanks for the video.

harryfatcat: Always have a round in the chamber and there will be no question.

Travis Kretz: Your comment was, "in the heat of the moment I don't think I have enough finger dexterity..." But then you say, "I'd rather just do a slide press prior to carrying..." So what is it, are you going to check your firearm in the heat of the moment, or prior to carrying? Cause I'm pretty sure you'd have enough finger dexterity to check the indicator prior to carrying. If you don't trust it that's fine, just say you don't like it! Don't try and discredit Glock's smart design by making up unrealistic stupid scenarios about doing chamber checks in "THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT"! Apples to Oranges!!!

rbrisb24: Treat every firearm as if they were loaded....

MSG 1972: I can CLEARLY tell when a Glock is chambered or not.  If the indicator protrudes, it is has a round chambered.  Plain to see on my Glock 23 and 30. AND...only I load and unload it. That helps as well...;-)

Rich1028: the wife and I have the 23's and then we got the 27's
and it wan't till after we got the 27's that I noticed the loaded round Indicator in the instruction book.
ares are always loaded one in the chamber.
great video!

davva360: I agree.  It is a slight difference but not enough to call it a loaded chamber indicator, not that you should ever rely on one anyway.

A-A-Ron117: In my opinion, especially if you run a glock, refrain from worrying about loaded chamber indicators, they just make funtion checks more lazy, and that's no excuse in the name of safety. I agree on simply pulling the slide back and physically ensuring you have a hot or clear gun. I dont believe any aftermarket ones are made so if you really wanted, I guess you could take it to a gunsmith or if you know positively what you're doing, weld on top of the face of the ejector and put a red finish on the sides of it to mimic the loaded chamber indicators that some ruger models have on the top of their slides. You know, the ones that some people see and think they're broken? LOL

skyboundpilot: Does anybody know if that there is a aftermarket extractor/chamber indicator that protrudes more? I know Wolf makes one, but I don't know if it protrudes any farther. I'm kinda knew to Glock and would like a better indicator if possible....

Matty Cakes: XD 45 still got a round in the chamber lol

GuitarLoveTV: Oh and yes i agree i wldnt rely on a lil bitty nub poking up either. Mine barely sticks out too.

GuitarLoveTV: My taurus 92-af has a red mark on the extractor when its protruding from being loaded but you really cant see the mark. However you can feel the extractor poking out slightly.

GuitarLoveTV: Protrudes*

GuitarLoveTV: I honestly dont use my loaded chamber indicator. I mean its a very nice feature or for in the dark if yours protudes like mine. Considering you should treat all guns as loaded, with mine being loaded almost at all times i dont rely on any indicator other than my finger in the barrel and knowing theres no mag. Again tho its a nice feature to be able to feel it in the dark so you dont have to work the action on your gun.

TheFireArmGuy: I just checked out the Sig MK25 and its pretty sweet. The Navy Seals use it so who am I to knock it. I love Sigs anyways. Originally I thought the LCI was like Springfields & Rugers where a bar sticks up between the sights. I dont find that to be a big deal one way or another

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