Learn How To Fix A OBD2 Code P0300 Random Misfire- Find Out The Easy And Free Steps Cadillac STS

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Chuck Schlenker: Yo how U clean the mass airlfow sensor , I just bought a 05 v8, rough idle and got misfire cylinder 4 and bad cat converter, figured your systoms are spot on.

Leon Springs Boys TV: Just replaced an engine on one of these pieces of crap ...same code... Thanks


DjSmooth NY: Did that solve your p0300?

American Infidel Infidel: Good job bro

ALEX BIT: my chk engine light keeps going on and back off. went to auto zone got the code p0300 random misfire. i have 05 STS 138K. V6. after you did these steps yr chk engine light went off? Do you think i need to go ahead and change the coils and plugs?

YesUCan: That's the way to do it. Many times the dealer will just rip off your head for something that takes no time even for someone who is only slightly mechanically inclined. Good job sir.

Indigo Fisher: I have a Cadillac 2005 sts and engine light jumps on car starts stalling mechanic said it could be converters nobody is really helping but car kinda vibrates when I sit in it

Richard Holderby: I had all the same issues. The boot on the end that plugs into the tube in Plenum was bad. Turned out it was bad BUT the whole tube had busted off the plenum so it had to be completely switched out. You-pull-it cost me about $40, got the newer boot, vacuum line, plenum and the go-between of the throttle body and intake.

IIA Target Analyst: I can work on 3.1 6cylinder engines (I assisted replace intake gaskets yr 2011 what a mess antifreeze oil mix result in milkshake goop) Ur lucky dealer told you whats wrong most say nothing to avoid owner if car repair car themselves. I notice also ur handsome 😆

Abdullah KT: Yes that elbow is called Positive Crank Case Ventilation valve . Vacuum Tube connects to the intake manifold or intake system

Renzo Tovar: Hey thank you my man this video really helped me !!

midnight rider: I have 2001 eldorado. It's not uncommon for those northstars to have vacuum leaks. Pain in the ass to work on, but it will save you major $ if you can do it yourself.

deepcritik: I like your patience and relaxing mood. The background music sounds like a fishing game.

Gregory Heath: Great video! Loved the music

brad zee: Awesome video!!  You might want to look around at some youtube videos and you will find the way to read the codes on these Cadillac's right from the digital read out on the dash!!   You can also reset the ECM codes from the same place.

Anthony Grant: Great info. my brother you helped me. Thanks!

Mad Caddy Productions: Hey my sts just gave the p0300 code and it's missing at low rpms and I do hear a hissing sound , more likely to be a vacuum leak ?

Clay Morgan: Great video very clear and informative

Marvin Stokes: hi marvin again having a no start no crank problem on my 2006 stswith the push button help thanks

Learn how to fix a OBD2 code p0300 random misfire- Find out the easy and free steps Cadillac STS 5 out of 5

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Code P0300 Diagnosis And Repair
Code P0300 Diagnosis And Repair
P0300 Check Engine Light EXPLAINED - Random/Multiple Misfire
P0300 Check Engine Light EXPLAINED - Random/Multiple Misfire
Triton 4.6 5.4 and 6.8 engine misfire possible cause.
Triton 4.6 5.4 and 6.8 engine misfire possible cause.
⭐ 2004 Buick -  P0300 - Random Cylinder Misfire Detected - PART 1
⭐ 2004 Buick - P0300 - Random Cylinder Misfire Detected - PART 1
P0300 Random Misfire 2002 Cadillac DeVille DHS
P0300 Random Misfire 2002 Cadillac DeVille DHS

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