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Tyler: I have a question.. my fan (Atlantic Breeze) It runs fine until I put it to oscillate. It just turns off.

Vicky Jimenez: Good advice. After seeing your video and reading your comments, I was encouraged to open my fan; I cleaned it, lubricated it, and let it on for a while. My fan is running now. Thanks!


sunnyeyes522: what type of tester you used? what is the brown cable . I fix mine just direct wiring but cant change speeds .

Shreyas Saraf: balls vid pls delete it no picture quality at all its too dark nd 2nd u dunno crap bout wiring

Dario G: 1st of all you freaked up the cord that had nothing to do with it and 2nd well the bypass is ok but it would of been good for you to have the fuse on the plug to wall bit then it's your home if it where to catch on fire

Kristi Clark: Hey I have a similar model made by Optimus 17" oscillating tower heater. I have had it about 2 months. It was working this morning but now when I try to turn it on it doesn't heat or blow out, I can't get it to rotate either and the light on the caution is on. When I try to turn it off again it beeps and goes off.

Ken D: Thanks Scotty. Saved me some troubleshooting time. Mine blew out when I hooked it up to an inverter connected to a car battery. I guess the circuitry didn't like the irregular waveform. I soldered a couple short pieces of stiff wire in place of the fuse and wrapped a thin piece of solder around them which hopefully will protect the circuit board if a surge occurs. Otherwise I'll replace the entire circuit board with a simple on/off toggle switch ;-)

YourFace: lasko wind curve platinum tower fan with ionizer

I took it apart to clean it i've done it before but this time i after i put it back together about a minute after i turned it on it turned off. It only turns on when speed is on 3,when you turn it down to 2 from 3 it feels like speed 1.If you turn it from 3 to 1 the fan blade stops. If you turn it from 3 to 1 or 2 to 1 the fan blade stops spinning, but if the blade does not fully stop yet and u turn it from 1 to 3 or 1 to 2 it keeps spinning. everything seems to be fine with it accept the fan blade spinning when or how fast its supposed to. What the heck is wrong with it?

P.S. i took top off motor it is very clean i used a little wd-20 in it and where the fan blade goes into and yes when its on 1 and the blade is not spinning the motor gets hot.

D. Hansel: Thanks... I have an older Lasko fan that just quit. I replaced the 110vac plug and that didn't fix it so I started taking that thing apart.
The first one is the hardest but as time went on I finally got in to the circuit board which was located in the top 'control head'.
There was the fuse. I jumped it and the fan started so I just found a small piece of wire and bridged the fuse. Those fuses are not made to be replaced. I don't know what the size of fuse it was.
After blowing the fan out with my air compressor I started putting everything back together. 
Now Lasko does hide screws under their label covers. 
One more thing... I did go and buy a new fan from Home Depot. I found out that the old remote does work with their new fans. I guess if you have technology that works why change it !

Thanks for the video !

Last Panda: I don't understand what you said you did to the circuit board.

stillfries F: hay do you know how to take off the front of a Honeywell tower fan? But not the backside of the fan which has the air filter I just want to know how to get the front off. please help if you can, thank you. 

zero2zero4: i have a tower fan.. it can turn on.. however it takes a lot of try because it would shut down immediately the moment i turn it on.. once in a while it would stay on. is there something i can do? or by pass the board and use some analog stuff instead? digital control sux.

scottyfixit: Back when they were built to last. Now days, it seems like people throw away working stuff because they don't like the color or style, not because it works or not.

Joshua Graham: They just dont make fans like they used to. Besides, If you look on ebay or craigslist, or go to the antique mall, rummage, garage or yard sale or a flea market, you can find and buy a nice antique vintage fan. Or get an industrial fan. Anyway, I have used antique fans and had no trouble with them whatsoever.

scottyfixit: Lasko's support line wasn't helpful. I wouldn't recommend them, but they are everywhere it seems and I'm sure they get rebranded under other names too.

DreadfulControversy: Twitter or FB?

scottyfixit: One possible scenario, if your motor has a thermal cut off switch, it will run until it gets too hot and shut off to save the motor from burning up. That usually happens when the motor is trying to overcome increased friction, possibly from lack of lubrication. If your fan is computer controlled, there could also be an issue with the computer.

Frank Deal: Hi Scotty, We have problems with ours as well. When we turn it on, it will run for half an hour and everything shutoff. I have to unplug it and plug it in to get to work. Again, it will shutoff in a short time. Any idea what may cause this? . Frank

Shurupadi: Hum I could what him all day hum!!

fan fix 5 out of 5

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