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D. Hansel: Thanks... I have an older Lasko fan that just quit. I replaced the 110vac plug and that didn't fix it so I started taking that thing apart. The first one is the hardest but as time went on I finally got in to the circuit board which was located in the top 'control head'. There was the fuse. I jumped it and the fan started so I just found a small piece of wire and bridged the fuse. Those fuses are not made to be replaced. I don't know what the size of fuse it was. After blowing the fan out with my air compressor I started putting everything back together. Now Lasko does hide screws under their label covers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``` One more thing... I did go and buy a new fan from Home Depot. I found out that the old remote does work with their new fans. I guess if you have technology that works why change it ! Thanks for the video !

Last Panda: I don't understand what you said you did to the circuit board. 

stillfries: hay do you know how to take off the front of a Honeywell tower fan? But not the backside of the fan which has the air filter I just want to know how to get the front off. please help if you can, thank you. 

zero2zero4: i have a tower fan.. it can turn on.. however it takes a lot of try because it would shut down immediately the moment i turn it on.. once in a while it would stay on. is there something i can do? or by pass the board and use some analog stuff instead? digital control sux.

Joseph Wolchak: my electric room fan won't turn until 5-10 minutes after I turn it on. What can I do to fix it ?

scottyfixit: Does it make a hum when you turn it on? May just need oil.... 2 slots usually on the top of the motor. Is it an electronically controlled fan? Hope you get it going!

Shurupadi: Hum I could what him all day hum!!

DreadfulControversy: Twitter or FB?

Leylasmom1: What does that mean? We're having the same problem, it powers on but blows no air.

scottyfixit: @JOEWOLCHAK1 a bad switch wouldn't be consistant of 10-15 minutes.... likely the motor is trying, but can't turn (oil or start capacitor), but when the motor gets hot, the oil/grease becomes less resistant, or capacitor builds up just enough charge to give the motor that extra oomph to start spinning.... some other factors that could play a part would be a worn cord at a spot that flexes a lot (at the plug) or wire between base and motor... but the 10-15 minutes usually wouldn't be consistant.

Lokidoki: The video quality is so bad I can't even see what he's doing here. Whats the point?

samgam: I have this same fan, I went on break for a week and accidentally left it on. When I returned it was still working. I unplugged it to vacuum and when I plugged it back in it would turn on, and rotate, but no air pumps out! Can anyone help???

chris soetarman: thanks Scotty, just fixed my lasko fan getting the hint from you.

scottyfixit: WD-40 is bad for bearings.... I only recently learned this. WD-40 is meant for many things, but long term bearing use is not one of them. It turns sticky after a while. Sewing machine oil or light weight motor oil usually does the trick. Sometimes on the older fans they have a tiny cutout slow to introduce oil just above the bearings, otherwise the try to find a way to get oil in the vent hole to find its way into the bearing through the vent holes... can be a bit tricky.

Frank Deal: Hi Scotty, We have problems with ours as well. When we turn it on, it will run for half an hour and everything shutoff. I have to unplug it and plug it in to get to work. Again, it will shutoff in a short time. Any idea what may cause this? . Frank

scottyfixit: @ilovechefwilliam I wouldn't say that... but everyone has a specialty, and fixing stuff is usually easy for me.

ssrobelot: I opened my Lasko 48" tower fan. It doesn't appear to have any changeable interior parts. The fan is getting power as it beeps when I turn it on and the oscillating function works. Just no fan air.

scottyfixit: You Rock! Nice work!

scottyfixit: It's possible that the coil windings went open circuit. You could open and check the leads to the motor, but I fear it's a working circuit, isolating the motor.

Steve Robinson: My fan stopped working. It Is a box fan It is very dirty. does it need to be clean or need oil.

scottyfixit: One possible scenario, if your motor has a thermal cut off switch, it will run until it gets too hot and shut off to save the motor from burning up. That usually happens when the motor is trying to overcome increased friction, possibly from lack of lubrication. If your fan is computer controlled, there could also be an issue with the computer.

Jennylene Smith-Drayton: No hum, no power coming to the fan. I checked the switch and cord with a multimeter and they are both good. I am looking for a fuse but am unable to find it. But the fan has no power and it foes not turn on. It is a nice looking fan and I really want it to work. Found it at the street. Any suggestions? Thanks

scottyfixit: My best bet.... the motor windings when open.

scottyfixit: @Myselfwannabe89: I guess it all depends on how it failed. Does it hum when you turn it on? It doesn't necessarily have to hum the battle hymn of the republic, but any slight hum shows signs of life. Next, when it's off and unplugged, can you turn the blades freely or does it resist any? Cleaning usually never hurts - I'd blow compressed air into the motor and use soap and water to clean the blades. If you have a camera and a computer handy, upload and link video in the reply.....

scottyfixit: Hmm.... does the motor hum at all? If you're lucky, it just needs some oil. If the motor got too hot, motor could have a burnt winding. If it's like mine with some electronics inside, then it might an issue getting electricity to the motor. Lasko treated me poorly - not my favorite company at the moment.

emma Beckham: im havin a problem w my tower fan n i believe it might b the fuse in the control panel,is it possible to replace that fuse? or take it in to b fixed?

scottyfixit: @samgam: Same thing happened to this fan a year later. Motor went open circuit. Lasco has poor quality control, even on phone support with it was originally under warranty, the american dude was just flat out unprofessional.

Joseph Wolchak: Thanks for your comments/suggestion, Scooty. As to your ?? The blades are tight when I try to spin it by hand. I do have WD40. Can you describe where I should spray / oil ? ?

scottyfixit: By open, as in open circuit, that suggest the copper windings in the motor got too hot for the design and broke the circuit, much like a very thin floss could to a candle flame. Most motors are designed to use the least amount of materials necessary to achieve low production costs and be super energy efficient as compared to an overbuilt motor. A motor that's on but not rotating can transfer that energy into a spinning shaft, forcing transformation to internal heat, as not designed for.

scottyfixit: @wander900 this one was fairly straight forward... not all fans are like it, but it has screws in the back, and once out the case separates right down the middle....

the2009ladye: i agree and ohk i will check it out thanks :)

scottyfixit: Lasko's support line wasn't helpful. I wouldn't recommend them, but they are everywhere it seems and I'm sure they get rebranded under other names too.

scottyfixit: Back when they were built to last. Now days, it seems like people throw away working stuff because they don't like the color or style, not because it works or not.

scottyfixit: @JOEWOLCHAK1: Those fans are pretty straight forward.... You've got a switch, start capacitor, and motor in the path of the electrical current.... when you turn it on, does it hum slightly? If you turn it on and spin the blades by hand, does it take off then? Could be a start capacitor on its way out. When it's off, do the blades of the fan spin freely or do they seem a bit tight? Could need oil if tight. If you jiggle the switch, can you make it move for a bit? could be a bad switch too, but

scottyfixit: A mechanical timer, I presume? How long have you had it? I'm not familiar with that brand, nor is google returning any results on the brand name or model number. You can get an add on in-line timer that allows you to plug the fan into and for it to cut power to the fan after preset time.... if you're up for a quick fix....

l4luc: hey scotty, sup? I have a prinston HF-T291 tower fan which stopped workingsome days ago. I'm pretty sure it's nothing about the fuses, since it stopped working when I programmed it to stop in 1h, like I do every night. it's not like the one in the video. the speeds work with buttons, but the timer doesn't. it's like the timers in the classical microwave. I think it broke while i was setting it. however there's a black box that won't let me separate the top and fix it. what can i do? thanks a lot

Joseph Wolchak: This is Joe again Scotty, I can't hear any hum at first when I turn the fan on. At first, last season, if I spun it by hand, it would start spinning and keep on spinning. But now, it won't start spinning when I spin it by hand, and the blades are tight, not loose. Could you describe what the capacitor looks like, and where I can get /replace it ?

Joseph Wolchak: my electric room fan won't turn until 5-10 minutes after I turn it on.

scottyfixit: @JOEWOLCHAK1 weird.... hmm.... What kind of fan? A short video might help.

Jennylene Smith-Drayton: Hello. Loved your video. Have a fan that I want to fix, but it is a normal standing fan. Not sure what to do when I reach the core. Any suggestions? Jennylene

Joshua Graham: They just dont make fans like they used to. Besides, If you look on ebay or craigslist, or go to the antique mall, rummage, garage or yard sale or a flea market, you can find and buy a nice antique vintage fan. Or get an industrial fan. Anyway, I have used antique fans and had no trouble with them whatsoever.

scottyfixit: I believe those are soldered in.... basically making them not user replaceable. They designed most of them to be thrown away when something goes wrong, but ff you're not afraid of the soldering iron... it can be done pretty easily. Most repair shops will charge you more half the cost of the replacement, which often renders it not worth fixing, so you'll have to weigh those options. Good luck!


scottyfixit: If the blades are tight..... it's likely an issue with oil on the bearings.

scottyfixit: @JOEWOLCHAK1 also.... if it has any kind of electronic controller like mine (a basic everyday fan usually wouldn't) then is could be something in the electronics.... maybe lower than normal dc volts at the computer controller, sometimes from weak radial leaded capacitors from either cheap manufacturing or a small surges from the house - outside A/C units, some refrigerators, etc. sometimes contribute to small surges when they kick on. based on your information, that's where I'd start. -Scott

Joseph Wolchak: I got an electric room fan from Walmart. What else do you need to know, Scotty ? It's a plain, common, ordinary everyday, 3 speed, oscillating room fan. It won't turn when I turn it on, even with a hard push. But if I let it on for 10-15 minutes, it'll start sometimes. It's only 2 yrs old. How do I get it to work again ?

ssrobelot: Dear Scotty,

wander900: Very interesting video & good info on the electronics & testing for continuity. But do you have another video on how to take the fan apart & put it back together- or the highlights? My Fellini tower fan from Walmarts of 3 years ago is only used for a few weeks a year, sparingly, but it's developed a shrieking and gurgling sound on the low setting it's usually set on. I can't see an entry point to this fan, and wondering if taking it off its base would damage it. Tower fans are such a mystery!

fan fix 4.3 out of 5

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