WWE RAW 2008 Total Edition PC Game: Wrestlers

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Emici Brunim Da zl: eu não consigo jogar só aparece jogo controlando a cpu me ajuda ae como eu faço pra eu jogar abraços !!!

wajdan khan: vishal krishna how to download 2012 edition please tell me plzzzzzzz.

Tom Baxendale: Nice work, only I was a bit pissed when I found tag teams came out seperately e.g. Deuce 'n' Domino.

Conspiracy: whered u download it from please tell me

Vishal Krishna: This one is a waste! I played it one time and threw the game disk to the bin! But, I enjoyed playing the 2012 edition of this! that was great with steel cage matches, money in the bank, wrestlemania 28 and also there were referees really in the videos. You can also change the attire of Kane, Undertaker, Big Show and Triple H

Prince Ruban: superb and nice , 100% awesome

Senatus Cherichel: @jucas19 great now i can prove my bro is a DUMBASS

Lucas Pereira de Carvalho: @swagmaster360 It's not illegal... the RAW 2002 was the original released by WWE, and this 2008 Total Edition is a mod, with different roster and cenarios...

Senatus Cherichel: is it true that this game is illegal? need answers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

khurramjak88: where are the "DIVAS" dude....???? :p

Lucas Pereira de Carvalho: @stringer786 Try google it... i HAD 3 of them... the original (2002), the 2007 mod and the 2008 "Total Edition"... if i remember well, both 2007 and 2008 have Orton. If you've got an Orkut, you can try joining the community in the description and looking for the download links... it's in portuguese but you may ask for some help and the guys might help you... (sorry for the english... i'm brazilian, too)

Lucas Pereira de Carvalho: @stringer786 You don't need to unlock... maybe you're just playing another version of the game (the 2002 original or other mod).

Lucas Pereira de Carvalho: @lopas961 Nope...

Alexas: is there backstage and royal rumble?

videoclubman: You forgot batista!

Bob: can u tell me all the buttons please and how 2 pin ? thanks

Lucas Pereira de Carvalho: Unfortunately, it's not possible to win titles by winning Tournaments, but you can create your CAW and put him to make his way to the ring with a title.

Lucas Pereira de Carvalho: Actually, both Ultimate Impact and Total Edition 2008 are mods of the same game (RAW 2002).

Makoto Shishio: anybody knows how to add mp3 on this game??for custom character entries i need that advice.I want to use mp3 from my pc and dont know how

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WWE RAW 2008 Total Edition PC Game: Wrestlers 5 out of 5

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Raw Total Edition 2008 Pc Intro.
Raw Total Edition 2008 Pc Intro.
Make-A-Wish's Alex
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شرح طريقة تحميل لعبة WWE RAW - Total Edition  برابط واحد
شرح طريقة تحميل لعبة WWE RAW - Total Edition برابط واحد
How to Install WWF/WWE Raw PC [1080p HD]
How to Install WWF/WWE Raw PC [1080p HD]

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